Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Truth by City Councilor Steve Camara

Friday, 2/27/09 @ 3:30pm on WSAR 1480am

In the interest of TRUTH, I ask you to tune in on Friday, 2/27/09 @ 3:30pm on WSAR 1480am when I will be a guest of Mike Herren's Talk Show. Some of you know me well and others hardly at all. I want you to know me better. As I consider my political future and as I recognize that my possible candidacy for higher office is perceived by some to be a threat to the status quo, I want to assure you that I am willing and able to move forward and do what I can to change the political climate of our City to allow it to move in a direction that will be better for all who live, work and visit here.

Mike Herren announced on Wednesday that he had "Breaking News" which turned out to be that he "uncovered" "public information" that exposes my "hypocrisy" concerning 64 Durfee Street, The Durfee College of Technology Building, which is in the process of being sold to Peabody Properties for a development that most, if not all, of us opposed. The short of it is that Mike Herren has discovered that I own residential property which houses people and some of these people are "subsidized". I have stated that three (3) of my twenty-seven (27) Downtown (Pine and Purchase Street) apartments [approximately ten percent (10%)] have Section 8 certificates. Mike claims I have many more people with "subsidies". Moreover, Mike claims that because I received CDA loans and grants to reconstruct/rehabilitate/restore two (2) of my houses (286-292 Pine Street and 214-216 Purchase Street) that these loans constitute "subsidized tenancies".

This is the beginning of what will be continuing attacks on my character and integrity to assure I will not be a candidate for higher office. It is an attempt to silence my advocacy for the kind of development that will create a better Downtown and Lower Highlands neighborhood. My properties provide decent and affordable housing for people of varying income levels, integrated into the neighborhood rather than "warehoused" in a single building.

The facts are simple. Since 1979, I have purchased five (5) properties and I have spent a whole lot of money buying and reconstructing these properties to improve the character and integrity of a neighborhood that was on the verge of both physical and social decay. Earlier this decade, I spent approximately one million dollars ($1,000,000) to buy and reconstruct two (2) of my houses, creating nine (9) units, three (3) of which are handicapped-accessible and all of which are de-leaded and asbestos-free. Also, I was required to provide a sprinkler system, a fire-prevention requirement of the building and fire codes for multi-family houses of four (4) or more units (286-292 Pine Street is a six (6) unit building). Approximately six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000) was a CDA low-interest (3 or 4%) loan with a small grant [approx. seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000)] for creating handicapped-accessible housing and de-leading the units. This money is available to any property owner who can demonstrate that the investment will enhance the neighborhood in which the property is located. The balance, approximately four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000.00), came from other personal sources, mostly equity accounts from my other properties.

Clearly, this million dollar investment is significant for a six-family house and a three-family house; however, I chose to undertake this for several reasons including my desire to "bring back" these houses from the verge of decay and to protect the investment I had made in my other houses that are abutters to and surround these two (2) houses. Assuredly, if I sold these two (2) houses I doubt that I would recoup my purchase price and reconstruction investment at this time. However, I know that I share with other investors of historical properties the desire and the satisfaction of "saving" a piece of history and the hope that someday there will be a return on the investment.

If you want more information, please feel free to question me. If you do listen to the program and are inclined to call (the "talk show" number is 508-673-1480) and your participation is appreciated.

Mike Herren is presenting the effort we put into the 64 Durfee Street issue as a means to attack personally The Fiolas, Alan Amaral, John Almeida, Nick Christ, Dave Raymondo and the integrity of the "power structure" of Fall River. My focus is to develop a new "power structure" that is both democratic and visionary.

Finally, while I understand that some of you feel that the WSAR talk shows should be ignored, I know that all forms of media and other forms of outreach must be used in order to advance support from the public for both causes and candidacies.

Steve Camara


Anonymous said...

Alan Amaral, John Almedia and Nick Christ don't exactly represent the power structure of Fall River. You gotta be careful who you are swinging at Steve. The Fiolas, Dave Raymondo, the Karams, they more represent the power structure of Fall River and are symbolic of what's wrong with our city because they represent laziness in their jobs and/or greed. Your efforts to swing away wildly at all of them have turned a lot of people off Steve and you've done yourself a disservice. Your shouting match with Alan Amaral was particularly disgusting especially when you accused him of self interest when he has nothing to gain from this project. I never heard any mayor get into a shouting match with anyone on the air before just Bob Correia and now you. You hardly made yourself look like mayoral material.

Stay on the Council please, no one is afraid if you get into higher office that you are going to change the status quo in the city, we are afraid of the opposite because you've been a part of the status quo for years on the City Council and you've had your chances to change things with little to no success, what exactly do you have to show for all those years? How are you going to morph into a powerhouse for change all of a sudden?

We appreciate the small little things you've done on the Council over the years so stay there and keep doing some good, but you know that you're not a heavy lifter and not a visionary. Some have the skills to lead, you aren't one of them or you wouldn't have had a shouting match on what is already one of the most unintelligent shows on radio. It takes a lot to make that show look worse and to dumb it down more but you managed to pull it off Steve. Congrats! That flushing sound was your mayoral candidacy going down the toilet and it was by your own hand not by these bogus charges that Herren is now going to try and pin on you.

Anonymous said...

Steve Camara is a joke last time he took on a Herren Al Herren beat him with 86% of the vote..Steve you are a minor league politician.I also have another question when was the last time you had a real job and not the one at the state auditors office and not the city call either.You are living off your families money.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are Herren fan. Good, I'm a listener too, now tell Herren to grow his balls back, cuz somewhere along the way he lost them. At one point he was backing a guy like Kilby who might've brought some real change to the city but then Bob gets in. Hurricane does a good job calling Bob out on his crap for a while then all of a sudden it stops and he is carrying water for the guy and pitching softballs to him in every interview. What the hell happened in between there? Where's the Herren that realized that Correia is a piece of work? Where's the Herren that would back a young guy who might've done some different things like Kilby?

Now Kilby ain't running again he said so it looks like we gotta find someone else to back, I don't expect Herren to come out and back anyone publicly and risk his job because of the obvious Karam/Correia kissfest that is going on but he should have the guts to take on this Mayor and call him out for his crap more or jsut to keep his mouth shut on Correia which would be a lot better than constantly singing his praises. Doesn't Mike know how hated Correia is throughout Fall River and how he automatically puts himself in the hated category every time he tries to associate himself with this Mayor? Smarten up Mike! You have a brain in your head now just use it. If you get Correai on your show again pitch him some hard questions, if you can't do it then make him go on Ric Oliveira's show where at least he ain't gonna get served no popcorn.

Be Prepared said...

Steve Camara would make an amazing mayor, we should be so lucky. The powers that be are just SCARED that a Mayor Camara would not allow the graft, corruption, nepotism, and general draining of the assets of Fall River that has been going on for too long.


Anonymous said...

Steve if you become mayor will you fire all dept. heads on there first day, and cause grief to all there families. Will you make them wait two months before telling them if they still have a job then go on the Barry Richards show and arrogantly say you didn't mean to rock anyone's boat you were just being a good manager!!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve Camara = Better than Bob Correia but still terrible, we can do better....

Anonymous said...

Hurricane would kick Steve Camaras ass if they ran against each other.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a fair time doctrine with the FCC. Just wondering since Herren would be in violation if he were to run.

Sorry Steve I won't be listening
to 1480 no matter who is on.

Maybe Shamrock should play the podcast 15 times of Amaral, Fiola and Herren yelling over Camara after they asked him and Cathy Ann to call in and didn't let him speak. On-sided.

and you wonder why you have to beg or dare people to go on your show.

Anonymous said...

Oddly, that podcast never made it up. They must like to hide their mistakes.

At least the ones they know about.

Anonymous said...

That's ok it is still recorded and on my i-pod