Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Spindle City Ballet


A Spring Fling

Silent Auction and Performance

The arts are like the blossoms on a tree, don’t let Fall River’s die, support the Spindle City Ballet

May 1, 2009 from 6:30pm- 8:30pm

In-Studio Theater

2nd floor Almeida Electric Building

288 Plymouth Ave.

Fall River, Ma. 02771

508 536-6073

Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

Items will include artwork, trips, special event tickets, health and beauty items and services and too many to list.

Come enjoy a few hours of fun and see why you should help keep Fall River’s hidden gem in bloom!

Parking is free and the building is wheel chair accessible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Borden Light Marina - Open to the Public?

Way back in the 1980's before the Lunds built Borden Light Marina, they had to get permission from the state and city to build on Fall River's waterfront. More specifically, for permission to build, the Lunds had to get a waterways license from the state. The Marina was successful in getting this license, however, it binds them to the maintenance of certain conditions, and allows the state to revoke the license if the conditions are not met.

In the waterways license agreement, the following conditions are placed on Borden Light Marina's operation:

Boat Ramps -
The Licensee shall make the boat ramp available for public use during normal business hours of marina operation for a reasonable fee. Is this being done?

Parking -
The Licensee shall maintain 25 parking spaces for the use of the general public during the period of October 15 through April 14th of each year. Said spaces shall be available from 8AM to sunset and there shall be no fee for said spaces. The licensee shall place signage indicating the availability of these spaces. The licensee shall maintain 156 parking spaces for the use of the general public on filled private and Commonwealth tidelands for the use of the general public during the period of April 15 to October 14th (excluding "special event" days as defined by the state). Said spaces shall be available from 8AM to sunset and there shall be no fee for said spaces. Is this being done?

Public Restrooms
The Licensee shall construct and maintain public restrooms in the marina office...Said restrooms shall be made available to the public during normal hours of marina operation. ??

Sewage pumpout
The Licensee shall provide a sewage pumpout system for the pumpout of sanitation on recreational boating vessels. The licensee shall actively promote the use of this system by marina patrons and other boaters. ??

Another interesting part of the agreement is this requirement, "The structures and fill authorized hereby are limited to the following uses: commercial recreational boating facilities." Does a bar on a barge qualify as a commercial recreational boating facility?

Access the Borden Light agreement HERE


Does anyone have information on the 2 all day meetings that Hess has had with the Coast Guard this past week? Rumor is that the Coast Guard may be getting ready to flip flop.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Almost fixed

I was pleasantly surprised when I drove by Miller Green this afternoon. The McGovern monument was removed (for the most part). Thank you to the family for doing the right thing. There will be a wreath laying at the site on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th at 11:30.

Now we just need to get this hunk of cement, that was the base of the monument, unearthed and removed.

Down with LNG

Hilarity from LNGROCKS

Correction on the video: Jay Cashman did contribute to the bobster
2/26/2001 Cashman, Jay
315 Dartmouth Street Boston, MA 02116 Owner
Cashman Construction Correia, Robert $500.00
search cashman here

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sprinter* is over and Spring has officially arrived

Today officially marked the first day of spring for me because I spotted the season's first Fall River youth sporting a Fall River tuxedo, the wifebeater and baggy jeans. This reminded me that the ground is now soft enough to remove a certain monument squatting on the green dedicated to the Fall River war hero who died in a Japanese prison camp during WWII, Corporal David Miller.

An organization in Fall River is planning a memorial service and wreath laying for David Miller on his green next month. Pat Casey needs to get her ass in gear and follow through with the promise she made to correct the egregious error she and Bob Correia committed when they stole David Miller Green and renamed it for a local restaurant owner.


*Sprinter is the name given to the season Pat Casey thinks comes between Winter and Spring (copyright WJ Bloggah/Westcoast transplant 2009)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fast and Furious Fall River

Is there a street racing problem in Fall River? I usually just assume people are inadvertantly driving like jackasses but the videos on You Tube seem to indicate that there is a street racing problem in Fall River. The downside to this is that these idiots are endangering lives, the upside is that they aren't afraid to videotape their crimes.

From x0bikerkid0x

This video shows some racers looking tracking a car that they think wants to race on Rt. 79

More from bebejams

Friday, April 3, 2009

Massachusetts Tourism Commercial

The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism has a fun new commercial that features sights across MA including Fenway, Chinatown, and FALL RIVER! Hopefully we can cash in on this advertisement. Click here for the commercial