Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ethically Challenged

City Council Pres. Joe Camara and VP Linda Pereira have violated the code of ethics with their behavior. They should have been arrested for interfering with a police officer. If any real danger existed, DSS would have been called. Call the Ethics Commission, don't let them drop this. Contact, Executive Director Karen Nober @ 617-371-9500. It's harder to ignore a crowd than just one person. FRPD filed a complaint, let's back them up.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Graft, a game the whole family can play

Did anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of money Joan Menard spent on "Computer Work"? $7,045 in 11.5 months. On average that is over $600 a month paid to one Mr. Sean Preble. How many computers could she possibly have?
2009 - $7,045 (why the increase? )
2008 - $1,000
2007 - $2,500

Shenanigans with campaign expenditures are not surprising for a politician who uses her campaign donations to pay for her nearly $1,000 a month Cadillac. So it should come as no surprise that Menard's expensive "computer work" is done by her son-in-law, married to her daughter, Jennifer Menard. They even own a house together in Fall River, listed on the Fall River property website.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Governor's Council Article

Great article on the Governor's Council. Not surprisingly, Carole Fiola has the worst attendance record for her approximately $30,000/year part part part time position.

Meet your Massachusetts Governor's Council
Clown committee

By CHRIS FARAONE January 14, 2009 Boston Phoenix

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Laughing at Mayor Bob's List of Accomplishments

Bob's Purported Accomplishments:
1) Completion of independent audit by the State Auditor’s office and Financial Management Review by the Department of Revenue
The audit did nothing for us but waste our money on telling us things that the perceptive politician would already know
2) The city now has a new back-up system and the firewall in place providing an adequate level of security for the city’s vital data
INCREDIBLE! Bob made the city computers as safe as my laptop! Congratulations on installing Avast!
3) Unveiling of FREE initiative
I believe he means the unveiling of PLANS for the FREE initiative. I would be much more impressed with ANY steps towards implementation.
4) The creation of the Restaurant Loop
Aren't there only one and a half new restaurants (Bella and Sky)?
5) The Fall River Children’s Christmas Parade
The Christmas Parade is a long standing Fall River event. Bob, allegedly, donated some of his uneeded campaign warchest to the event and that is an accomplishment?
6) Maintenance of core city services amidst worst economy in past 80 years
7) Launching of automated trash and single stream recycling pilot program to over 3,000 houses Did Bob add this to be funny? Some yard waste hasn't been picked up in 2 months, recycling hasn't been picked up in weeks...this is a joke right?
8) Creation of Fall River government channel

I would respect Bob a bit more if he could actually recognize failure.