Thursday, February 25, 2010

Race to the Top

Remember a few months ago when the Fall River teacher's union was hesitant to sign on to the "Race to the Top" program for federal stimulus funds? They, understandably, did not like the terms of the program which allowed their termination if certain goals were not met. Mayor Flanagan appeared before the union to convince them of their job safety, and a certain WSAR preacher even took a break from kissing Bob Correia's ass, crediting Jim Karam for the invention of law schools, and bidding to Joan Menard adieu, to make the teachers a topic of his weekly rant.

Well....seems like the teachers were justly cautious of this program considering that, pursuant to the terms of Race to the Top, every teacher at Central Falls High School was just fired:
CNN: All Teachers Fired at Rhode Island High School

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Damn you!

Damn you Will Flanagan for making me agree with both Linda Pereira and Mike Herren in the same week!

Flanagan is doing the same things for which he (and I) criticized Bob Correia!

A job for political hack Perry Long "accused of allegations"......ridiculous
Aside from the thieving, Long doesn't even live in a Fall River neighborhood yet got the job of neighborhood outreach coordinator!

Steve Torres's contract...ridiculous
The contract shouldn't be longer than Flanagan's tenure, which will be 2 years. Further, he should NOT be allowed to practice law outside of his contract with Fall River. He should NOT get extra money to attend!

We just got sued over strip clubs and Flanagan's response is "bring it on"?!....ridiculous
Update: I need to add Brad Kilby to the list of people I am mad that I have to agree with.

Despite recent spikes in violent crime, an absent police chief, and nearly 1/3 of our police force laid off, an article in today's the
Herald News says:

He (Flanagan) seemed to reject Kilby’s claim public safety is in crisis.
“Who’s claiming we’re in crisis mode? What’s his statistics to show that?” Flanagan said.
“I’m looking forward to Brad Kilby’s campaign for mayor,” he also quipped.

Really? No crisis? That isn't what Flanagan was saying two months ago when he was trying to get elected. Residents are being robbed and injured by criminals and Flanagan's response makes light of the situation. I suppose it is better than his response to the strip club lawsuit "Bring it on."

It did not take long for the almighty power of the Fall River Mayor throne to overcome Flanagan, "Flanagan said he’d provide the council with financial information and the city administrator to answer questions. “But the council needs to recognize,” he said, “that the mayor is the appointing authority.”

Yes, the mayor is the king of all, and we need to recognize that!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tearing down a historic building to build a history museum

And so Fall River continues to allow the destruction of our history. The utter foolishness of tearing down a beautiful church on the historic register to replace it with a, no doubt vinyl and cement, history museum, is ridiculous beyond words. Does Espirito even have any kind of realistic plan for building a new structure after they tear the church down?

On 11/4/2003, the Roman Catholic Diocese granted 440 Bradford Avenue to Espirito Santo Museum Foundation Inc., c/o Fernando Garcia, for $1.00.

The deed to the property contains a reverter clause that transfers the property back to the Diocese "if the premises cease to be used as a museum within five years from the date hereof (2003), title of the premises shall revert to the grantor" OR "if the premises ceased to be used as a museum at any time, title to the premises shall revert to the grantor." Clearly 5 years have passed and there is no museum on the site.

On 3/24/2009, Bishop Coleman gave his approval to Espirito to raze the church and that is a shame. His approval was premised on the belief that Espirito had a study done which determined the church was unsuitable to house a museum. There was no mention anywhere of the building being structurally unsound in 2003 when Espirito was granted the property. Did Espirito let the church fall into a state of disrepair so that they may now tear down the historic building?

Of further curiosity is the fact that Espirito Santo Museum Foundation didn't have enough money to pay taxes on the church property: How is it that an organization which recently had a city lien placed on the property for owing nearly $11,000 in 2008 taxes, is economically capable of building a new structure? I doubt they can.

In the end I am afraid the city will have an empty lot where a beautiful, historic building once stood.