Monday, April 27, 2009

Congressman Jim McGovern is Awesome

McGovern, other lawmakers arrested at Darfur protest


Anonymous said...

NO, he isn't. He is an idiot. Shouldn't he be attending to more important things in Washington? Perhaps getting us some funding, so we don't fall further down the crapper? Great job bozo!

Anonymous said...

McGovern rocks! Do you mean by falling further down the crapper that your hut was torched, your wife raped, and your children murdered? Shut it, dumbass.

just anonymous said...

Thumbs up Anon 19:00.

Sometimes people just don't realize how good they have it.

We may be struggling here, but our struggle is nothing compared to the people of Darfur.

Good job Congressman. I hope this works to bring the atrocities of Darfur to the minds of people who can do something about it.

Anonymous said...

He should become ambassador to Darfur. He is liberal whack job who has done nothing for our part of district. Whatever you name as accomplishments mean nothing to average person in this city. Sick of being represented by elitists who think we are beneath them. If Darfur had oil atrocities would stop

Anonymous said...

You are probably the same people that have benefited from the $$ McGovern has sent to fall river despite the current mayor/past state rep.

He continues to secure funding and fuel assistance to those that are in between jobs and actually need "transistional benefits" as oppossed to long term help for those that never work.

Anonymous said...

I have received no public funding or subsidies for anything.

What is happening in Darfur is horrible. But, I don't want my congressman running around Washington getting arrested. It makes him and us look stupid.

What did this guy do before he was a Rep? Before seeing this in the paper, I actually liked McGovern alot. This changes my view of him tremendously.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Talk about self indulgent ranting 10:44. Do you really think al herren's ex wife should go back to being his "punch"? What kind of person would promote a women being battered again? Anon 10:44 thats who (good move staying anon)

WJ Bloggah said...

Wow, even I'M not that ignorant and outlandish....and I've said some really ignorant and outlandish shit! I dare you to leave that comment on the "Sterile" News website, if you feel so strongly about her why not say this shit where she might have a chance of actually reading it....

And Al Herren's a good dude, even if his kids are whack-job degenerates. Get a clue!

Anonymous said...


I can't imagine who would condone that, obviously not the father.
Someone has some HATE for the editor and former wife of mr herren and step mother of the
herren brothers.

I think Hurricane should set them straight, or not???

Anonymous said...

good move staying anon

and your name is?