Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting Rid of Rats with Alliterative Slogans

Which of the Mayor's slogans do you find more effective in controlling the rat population:

"Enforce, Eradicate, and Educate"

OR (the new one)

"Comply, Control, and Cover"

My suggestion would actually be to make sure DPW picks up trash on the days they are supposed to (not sure what happened with them this week), cite people for putting out trash early, and make sure people are using barrels...Remove, Reprimand, and Review!


Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Shamrock, you miss the point.

The original slogan was ok, but it didn't have the punch of the new slogan. Now, they have added a nifty logo that will really do in this rat problem. It's all about the logo!

New Logo

shamrock said...

I was wondering who they commissioned to put together such a fine piece of art and at what cost to the city. Maybe we should just hang those up around the city to show the rats they are unwelcome here.

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought that was the mayors new kinder gentler campaign slogan for re-election!!!

note the word "cover up"


Anonymous said...

Who cares about the slogan or the logo? At least the city is doing something about this problem that has been ignored for far too long.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Doing what? They can't even get people to clean their sidewalks of ice and snow...

Never mind keep their trash clean.

Speaking of that.. what the hell was up with the trash being picked up late all week long? I know there was snow, but it was picked up in other locations late when there was no snow.

Anonymous said...

What street, do you live near anyone connected??!!

Anonymous said...

What street, do you live near anyone connected??!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you seen the inspectors from -- I think -- Griggs and Browne? I live on Seabury St. and my neighbor got a letter from the city and the inspectors showed up telling him to clean up and that they were going to treat his property.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are starting alphabetically from Z.

W.J. Bloggah said...

Here's a better idea for a Logo to get rid of the rats: A picture of Bob Correia's face in a red circle with a line through it, like the "No Smoking" signs. It could read "No Rats in City Hall"

Anonymous said...

I still think that after 30 years in Boston having this as your biggest achievement deserves a logo as well:

Wasn't the Herald Headline

Corriea squashes rat problem??

By Mr. Correia of Fall River, petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 3175) of Cassandra Eddy for legislation to designate squash as the vegetable of the Commonwealth. State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts



Cassandra Eddy


In the Year Two Thousand and Seven.


An Act designating the squash as the official vegetable of the Commonwealth.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Chapter 2 of the General Laws is hereby amended by adding the following section:-

Section 53. The squash shall be the official vegetable of the commonwealth.

18 June, 2008 20:14

Anonymous said...

Get with the program people, the Trash wasn't picked up because, they had Ground Hog Day off, as a paid Holiday, DUH!!!!