Sunday, February 22, 2009

64 Durfee Street - Audio from the RDA/FROED meeting

An audio copy of the RDA/FROED meeting from 1/21/09 recently came into my possession, unfortunately the sound quality isn't very good. The only person that comes across clearly on the audio is John Almeida and a small portion of Nick Christ.

Email me ( ) if you would like a copy of the original and I will try to get one to you as soon as I can depending on the demand. Maybe you have louder speakers than me and can hear it better. There are some great comments that are kind of discernible by Steve Camara, Jeff Carpenter, Ray Hague, and a very fierce Cathy Ann Viveiros giving John Almeida 'the bizness.'

A summary of the "best of" John Almeida

“Since I’m really not frankly an art buff”

“What other communities and cities and towns have had the opportunity to do, isn’t necessarily going to be happening here although some wish that it could”

“When I showed up to my first meeting of the redevelopment authority I saw on the conference table a big bag and all that was in that bag was crap; and they said put your hands in, pull some out, put it in the bag and deal with that bag one at a time”

“I don’t want to be here a long time because I don’t want to stay here a long time, cuz I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to be here a long time, maybe I’m dead wrong ‘kay? It’s not the only item on our agenda and when you look at our agenda”

“I didn’t require [RA] members to, in writing, evaluate the proposals, we had no previous discussions amongst ourselves about the proposal, we were to meet, vote, THEN discuss”

“If I gave you the impression that time is of the essence here that isn’t necessarily the case because we cannot afford to do this wrong, we cannot afford to do this wrong.”

“What else do we [RA] own that we have had for 20 years? [someone answers ‘the City Pier’] “We’re going to have Glow Ring Manufacturing developed on that site…….but I don’t mean to make light of it”


Tom Paine said...

Not good, to think Mr. Almeida is on any board in Fall River is bad enough, but for him to be on the RA board is criminal. How dare he say he does not want to be at that meeting long. His board has done nothing and then to say that again is criminal.

Just disgusting.

Sometimes I feel it is better we do not know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Ken Fiola is on HURRICANES show monday feb 23 to talk about the Durfee textile building.

Leave behind Fiola and Almeida said...

Ken Fiola has no frigging sense of ethics. He is tied up tighter than a pretzel with his association to Peabody, and someone should sue him and the RA if this deal isn't scrapped and redone from scratch if he doesn't recluse himself from participating in this matter.

As for John Almeida, excuse my language, but this asshole needs to resign. After listening to this moron, anyone that cares about this city should be angry. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU ADD TO THIS CITY, MR ALMEDIA? You don't want to look at what's happened in other cities? You want to vote first, then discuss? Do you have shit for brains?

Anonymous said...

Boot "Bag of Crap" Almeida, Scarface Dave Raymondo and Nick "I was on the committee that said the city had too much low income housing but now we don't cuz the mayor's friend wants to build some" Christ off the Redevelopment Authority! No one has any sense of integrity or ethics! While your at it check for checks in Kenny and Carole Fiola's back pockets from Peabod or maybe it was just a straight cash transaction.

Anonymous said...

The contributions are public record, the cash is under the table and harder to prove.

reality check said...

Trying to limit the damage these people can do between now and the end of the year will be a monumental task. Any sane person can see that these people are a danger to Fall River's future. We need to continue to expose every unethical, self-serving move these people make.

Anonymous said...

Friend of winn and fish

Anonymous said...

another coincidence

3/18/2002 Cashman, Jay M.
315 Dartmouth Street Boston, MA 02116 Owner
Cashman Construction Fiola, Carole $500.00
4/15/2003 Cashman, Jay
20 West Howell Street Boston, MA 02125 Owner
Suffolk Construc Fiola, Carole $500.00

Anonymous said...

Cashman and Fish both tied to wilkerson and Suffolk Construction??