Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My New Favorite Person

From "My Friend Ian" who I am pretty sure I will be starting a fan club for or at least bidding on his living room on ebay.


Anonymous said...

What a hoot! We should be arranging to give this guy an office at Gov't Center, to observe and comment on all its "inner workings" and disfunction (I'm being kind here).

Ian would have made an excellent choice for City Administrator. Too bad he didn't work for Senator Joanie!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, did Ian just violate the law? i.e Secretly recording someone. He couldn't have just violated state wiretap laws or could he?????

Anonymous said...

Before we start a fan club for this intrepid reporter, let's take a look at what he's done. First of all, there's an edit in his tape. He mouths the name of the department he is contacting. I think it's the police, but the audio is cut (watch closely, you'll notice) so you can't really tell what he is saying. He then says that because agencies other than the guy he's speaking to have "programs" as he calls them to protect seniors and children, then the police are saying "screw the kids, screw the elderly." False premise, wrong conclusion and bad reporting. I'm not a cop, nor am I disabled, but this guy needs to do more homework and learn about who has juriddiction over what issues and problems. Abuse of kids and elders is a crime and the cops arrest plenty of people who do these things. Because they don't have "programs" to "check on " these pople doesn't make them negligent. But I guess he got his YouTube moment and is very pleased with himself.

Anonymous said...

Well, when you call the Police line they say "Fall River Police Your being recorded"

So, I'm pretty sure they know they are being recorded, and if they can do it why can't he?

Anonymous said...

When they answer......considering no one answered the non emergency number tonight when I called to report that my car had been hit.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I think the people that were with Phelps were arrested based on the pictures taken of him smoking a bong- hmm I guess Ian didn't do anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

All rhetoric, no facts.

There are no extra "shifts" for this program developed and voted on by the disability commission. If Ian has any beef with this program, he should take it up with them, not the police department. The money created from the fines goes to the Commission or the registry. By law, meter maids are not allowed to ask for HP information.

If Ian is really serious about elder abuse and children rights, he should get involved with the state agencies trained to do so. Don't mock the system. Change it.

info said...


Just wanted to say thanks for posting this video on your blog! Now it's time for me to respond to some of you - starting at the top...

ANONYMOUS 1 - Thanks for the positive comment!

ANONYMOUS 2 - I can make a phone call and record it if i'd like

ANONYMOUS 3 - I am not a reporter and don't want to be one. I simply blog about how I see the world for anyone that would like to listen. Yes I called the non-emergency police line.. the video was edited NOT to change the content, but to remove my messups (too many uuumms, a cough, etc...). The screw the kids line came from my mouth, not the police. I also understand what you are saying about other departments doing the job of protecting kids and elders BUT don't you think 56 hours a week would be better spent checking up on them as opposed to checking parking spots? I do. And the comment for me getting my YOUTUBE moment - I have many videos on YOUTUBE and each one I am very proud of. On another note a new video will be released today that you probably won't like.

ANONYMOUS 4 - You are correct!

ANONYMOUS 5 - That really sucks!

ANONYMOUS 6 - that is a crazy story isn't it? I guess if you are a celebrity you are above the law!

ANONYMOUS 7 - I really don't care about the programs in Fall River. It doesn't matter to me how inefficient it is... my point in the video was about PRIORITIES and how government (not just Fall River) "urinates" money away in irrelevant things fueling the downward trend in the economy.

By the way I am 'serious' about helping people... my girlfriend and I use 10% of our income to help other people I have proof, see

ON A SIDE NOTE - it's funny that everybody here is ANONYMOUS, why are people afraid to voice their opinion AND let people know who it is?

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for responding.

The problem with putting your name out there in Fall River is a culture of retaliation. The Mayor of our city is a vindictive asshole. He would come after anyone who opposes him. So we prefer to be anonymous.

Expect Us.

info said...

Hi Anonymous # 8 - it really sucks that you can't speak your mind without the fear of retaliation... I do feel bad for you if what you are saying is true about your Mayor - things shouldn't be like that.

I've met the mayor of my city (Scott Lang) a few times, he seems like a good guy, however I don't follow politics/government much - I'd make too many videos and the FBI would be at my door!

shamrock said...

Thanks for your input Ian. Your videos and commentary are great; and you are now on my blog roll so I can easily access your site.