Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Quick Adam Chapdelaine Comment

I realize I am about a week late on this comment but I feel it is still pertinent.

The Herald News article from last week discussing Councilor Lund's residency included this statement regarding the Board of Elections Chairman's speculation as to who was responsible for the Lund YouTube video,
"Chapdelaine said he had provided similar information, including Lund’s written voting records, to two men he said came into the elections office last week. Chapdelaine said he believed they were firefighters."

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 66 section 10 provides the statutory guidelines for public records requests, such as Mike Lund's voting records. The MA Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the Custodian of records has no power to inquire of applicants as to use which they intend to make of information to be obtained or motives which prompted them in seeking it.

My thought is that, since it is illegal for the custodian of records to inquire about the intended use, Adam Chapdelaine is walking a fine line by publicly indicating in the Herald News who (he thinks) obtained the records and how the records were used.


FRC said...

Well, I wasn't there but I don't think Mr. Chapdealine (Chappy) inquired if they were fire fighters and why they were asking for the voting record.

Plus, I've made several public records requests and probably almost always I am asked why do I want the information. I know they're not supposed to ask me, but I think its hard to resist. Also, some have asked me why I wanted the documents because they were being helpful and wanted to make sure I was getting the documents I actually intended to receive.

I wouldn't give "Chappy" any grief over this.

Anonymous said...

"Chappy" didn't ask the 3 gentlement who they were. Fact of the matter is, none of the 3 were wearing any identifiable shirt that would indicate they were members of the fire department.

I guess they just "looked" like firefighters.

There is a rumor (for now)going around that "Chappy" participated in a text message campaign to sway people into not signing the petition, but that remains a rumor unless someone comes forward with some solid information.

The message read the following "As your friend, I respectfully ask that you not sign the petition being circulated by the firefighters... Bob". Again...just a rumor...I haven't seen any solid evidence of this.

shamrock said...

I didn't mean to imply that Chappy asked the men who they were or why they wanted the records. If he had actually asked the men, I don't think I would be as perturbed by his fingerpointing in the Herald News. My thoughts were just that there is a very fine line between that type of illegal inquiry and what Chappy actually did -commenting to the Herald News about who he thought the men were and what they requested of him.

It seems to me that the purpose of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is to allow the requester of public records to do so, somewhat anonymously, and without fear of retaliation. Chappy's comments to the Herald News, in my opinion, are in contradiction of the spirit of that law.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I too thought it was odd that he said "firefighters".

You're on point with your observations.

I was a little disarmed by how nice "Chappy" is, but the reality is that he is a partisan, working in a non-partisan office.

I found a picture of little "Chappy" on Joan Menard's website.

He's the one on the right. Nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Someone from meditech now works at city hall!!!!

heres the article of that someone who works at city hall. shes the wife of the elections chief

Anonymous said...

No collusion there another sen menard hire. Way to promote job
opportunities in Fall River.

Meditech hired 60 pple from surrounding areas. and Menards
daughter is involved in it as
exec director.

See a pattern here???

I heard the email rumor too- wish we could get someone that received the email to send the text and just delete their name!!!

Give everyone a job before the mayor gets ousted .

Anonymous said...


He may be gone from the state house but there is plenty of material in fall river:

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WJ Bloggah said...

Shamrock, what's up with these wack ads? Are you changing you name to Spamrock?

shamrock said...

I know right?! I have to add the fuzzy word puzzle verification now.

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