Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dirty Phone Calls

I only have a cell phone so I, sadly, will probably never get one of the campaign polling phone calls for Linda Pereira that I hear are going around. I have heard from several people that they have gotten calls asking things like:

• If you found out Dave Sullivan didn’t support his own anti-LNG bill, how would you feel?
• Would you vote for Linda Pereira ?
• Would the “joke (For the joke – see Keri Rodrigues’s Blog)” Linda Pereira told, influence your vote?

Did anyone get one of these anti-Sullivan, Pro-Pereira calls? Please share!

I haven't heard anything about Pereira fundraisers, where is the money coming from (Correia/Menard)?


Anonymous said...

Shamrock, I heard this also it may have been on a blog somewhere.

shamrock said...

One source was from a consistent and reliable blog commenter and another was from my grandmother who got the racist joke call and, from what I understand, gave the poller 'the business' with their ridiculous questions because she is a Sullivan supporter.

General said...

A few friends of mine did get the call. What I found most interesting was a question about Bob Correia's favorable rating.

Why was that in there? Because he helped arrange the poll??

shamrock said...

I didn't hear the Bob part - very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get a recording of this poll and post it quick.
very interesting.

shamrock said...

I would definitely love to hear that but, just a heads up, Massachusetts is a 2-party notification state requiring both parties to be aware that the call is being be careful.