Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear Councilors Steve Camara, Ray Hague, and Leo Pelletier:

Mayor Correia was on WSAR Monday morning. Keri Rodrigues asked him about the contract fire chief and he started to answer (seemingly reluctantly) when Happy Hec interrupted:

HEC - If we could change the topic for a minute
BOB - I'm so tired of that topic

I signed the referendum petition to keep a civil service chief and Correia's annoyance with the question was a personal affront - I was reminded that he doesn't care what I think, or about my vote.

Moving on, Bob was asked another question to which he answered, "We keep hearing about three councilors that keep having problems with things" and "six councilors have been very cooperative."

On a personal note - Thank you to the three councilors (Steve Camara, Hague, and Pelletier) who have been "uncooperative." Given the current administration that just means you are asking questions and making informed decisions.

Keep being "uncooperative!" I appreciate that you are not willing to poison my water with sludge and fly ash to further your political careers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, when was that on?? He actually
went on the Keri show, thought he only went on Barry's show, because he doesn't ask questions on topics the Mayor is tired of?

I guess we know what 3 councilors are on his long retaliation list.

General said...

This mayor is actually easy to catch in a lie. I posted an item on Fall River Community showing what he said about the Landfill in 2004 Take a look.

In addition, he really does not care what you or I think about anything. He continues to say nobody contacted him about the chief position. THE ARROGANCE!!

Thousands signed the petition, I gues they do not count!

shamrock said...

I read your comment on FRC - very interesting. I will definitely be on the look out for more contradictions like that. I always enjoy reading your comments - care to do a guest blog so we can read more from you? Let me know if you are interested shamrockblogger@gmail.om

shamrock said...

oops - shamrockblogger@gmail.com