Saturday, June 21, 2008

Green Futures Action Alert

Sat 6/21/08 9:03 AM

The Allied Waste (formerly BFI) dump in Fall River towers over Bristol County and is within 1/8 mile of the watershed of the water supply for Fall River and portions of neighboring towns. The coming year's city budget has two items of serious environmental concern. To save money ...amounting to only a few cents per household item would resume dumping sewage sludge/ash at the dump and the other would reduce the monitoring of test wells that are located between the dump and the water supply.

The Fall River City Council will be meeting on the city budget this Monday, June 23, 5 p.m. at Government Center, Main Street, Fall River. To resume dumping sewage sludge/ash and cutting back on well monitoring would be a giant step backyard and could lead to environmental disaster.

Please call the following councilors and politely request the continuation of quarterly test well monitoring and elimination of any consideration to dump sewage sludge/ash at the Allied Waste dump facility. Do it now, before you forget ...and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to call also. Thank you.

Councilor Steve Camara - (508) 675-8683
Councilor Pat Casey - (508) 320-9569
Councilor Ray Hague - (508) 673-0043
Councilor Tom Kozak - (508) 677-2123
Councilor Mike Lund - (508) 618-7547
Councilor Leo Pelletier - (508) 678-0209
Councilor Linda Pereira - (508) 678-3506
Councilor Cathy Ann Viveiros - (508) 674-5000
Council President Joe Camara - (508) 674-4361


General said...

I am deeply concerned about the reduction in testing. That was all set up a few years ago by Councilors Hague, Gustafson, Pearson and Hart. Those 4 did a lot of work on the landfill and even proved that some test wells actually have spikes when it comes to chemical contamination.

As one of them about it.

shamrock said...

I didn't live here when they were all on the council together but I am familiar with Councilor Gustafson's record and it would be great to get him back on the council.

FRC said...

More sludge + less testing = recipe for disaster.

I don't know how any City Councilor can support this budget based on that alone.