Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Bad Judgment from Judge Moses

Judge Richard Moses ruled against the home rule injunction petition filed by Robert "Chipper" Camara, Eric Poulin, and Dan Robillard. The decision by Judge Moses is disappointing but it seems that most of his decisions are disappointing.

Do you remember Judge Moses? Maybe not....but do you remember this guy?

coey_saunderssex_offender_273Corey Deen Saunders, a convicted Level 3 sex offender, had just been released from prison in 2007 by Judge Moses, over the objections of the district attorney and three psychologists who argued that he posed a serious threat to children and should be kept in custody indefinitely, when he raped a 6-year-old boy in the New Bedford Public Library.

Do you remember this guy:

David Flavell was convicted of assault with intent to rape.David Flavell, another level 3 sex offender (for assault with intent to rape and three counts of open and gross lewdness), was found not to be sexually dangerous by Superior Court Judge Richard T. Moses shortly before he was arrested for annoying and accosting a person sexually and disorderly conduct after allegedly stalking a woman inside a Braintree bookstore bathroom.

How about him?

Kenneth Stone was released from prison in June 2007 when Judge Moses found him not to be sexually dangerous even after two qualified examiners testified that he was sexually dangerous. Sadly in February of 2008, shortly after Judge Moses determined he was not sexually dangerous, Stone was charged with the rape of a Taunton man and witness intimidation.

In light of Judge Moses's above cited decisions, Taunton police Chief Raymond O'Berg said, "This particular judge was asked to make a judgment call, and he's been wrong three times."


Anonymous said...

Nice so is this just a bad judgement or is he also a friend
of the mayor ?

shamrock said...

Judge Moses clearly bought into the city's "this law (referendum) is old so it shouldn't apply" argument.

The U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1787 - does that invalidate it?