Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting to Know Your State Auditor's Office

A. Joseph DeNucci is the State Auditor. Before his political career, he took punches to the head for a living as a professional boxer.

DeNucci's office is no stranger to controversy.

In 2007 his office staffer/executive assistant (for nearly a decade), Larry Trapasso, was charged with three counts of bribery and one count each of extortion and larceny over $250 after he allegedly took money from people in exchange for helping them get driver’s licenses reinstated or to aid them in court cases. (Worcester Telegram and Gazette)

Next up on our State Auditor office tour, meet "Arthur Gianelli, brother-in-law of imprisoned FBI agent/Whitey gangster Zip Connolly. He was indicted last winter, along with Winter Hill legbreaker Joe Yerardi, AKA Joey Y, who ran Johnny Martorano’s rackets for him while the Winter Hill hitman was on the lam between 1978 and 1995. Joey Y was just released from prison February 3, and now he's back inside. His wife, Rafia Feghi, who had a hack job working for state auditor Joe DeNucci, was also indicted. DeNucci and Joey Y are both from Newton; DeNucci said he knows the family." (Whitey's World)

This one sounds like he would be a good time at the State Auditor's office Christmas party - "Hell's Angel sentenced in assault Gets 2½ years, loses state job (Boston Globe). A member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club who had been a longtime employee of in the state auditor's office admitted yesterday to assaulting an off-duty Lynn police lieutenant in November (2005)." In a statement released after the hearing, DeNucci said Costin was a good employee.
''In his almost 12 years with the office of the state auditor, we never had a problem with him," according to the statement.


Anonymous said...

Incredible...just incredible. These politicians will never learn. They always want more power.

General said...

Why would anyone be surprised.

As far as the audit, I thought the wording was somewhat bombastic. Usually and audit is extremely dry.

As Tom Paine said over on the Herald News site, Bob Correia wants to use this to look like a savior, while in reality it is not the big mess they first portrayed it to be.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the information that is available if you look further than the local paper and radio station. Good job Shamrock I think
many people are just looking for the real story.

Anonymous said...

question: is it possible to find out the name of the actual auditors
that conducted our audit? It would be interesting to see their
stellar employee records from Denucci.

shamrock said...

I researched a little bit this morning but couldn't find out who exactly worked on the the audit (maybe I am blind). I thought about calling the auditor's office to find out but chickened out.

Anonymous said...

hmm, The only other avenue is probably in govt ctr

Anonymous said...


Zilli said...

Good words.