Thursday, June 19, 2008

Any Ideas?

1310 Plymouth Avenue
3 Family Home
Owner - Mayor Robert Correia
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36 Winthrop Street
3 Family Home
Owner - Mayor Robert Correia
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So my question is: in this budget "CRISIS," where Mayor Correia is willing to risk my lungs and increase my risk of cancer by allowing toxic dumping at the landfill to save money, why is the new sewer and water rate structure favoring 3 family homes (see budget -pdf page 9).

Size of residential property Water Sewer/CSO Stormwater Total Change Per Quarter

1 Family
CURRENT $45 $100 $145
PROPOSED $63 $104 $167 +$22

2 Family

CURRENT $89 $200 $289

PROPOSED $121 $174 $295 +$6

3 Family

CURRENT $134 $301 $435

PROPOSED $181 $243 $424 -$11


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the citgo station he
owns on plymouth avenue and the
other properties in his families

Anonymous said...

I am completely perplexed by these CSO fees. They talk about "equity" at these meetings all the time. How equitable is it making a single family pay more than a 3 family?

Also, what about so called "runoff" that doesn't "runoff". An example of this is when one waters a garden or someone who has a septic system and the water drains into the leeching field.

shamrock said...

I completely agree with you. There is no equity in making a single family residence pay more than a three family residence that, in theory (and likely in actuality), has three times+ the runoff of a single family property.

It seemed, at first, that Bob's intention was to charge properties that were overbuilt and that didn't allow much ground absorption of water more money, however, this proposed fee system isn't consistent with that theory since 3 family homes tend to be on tiny lots with little yard area to absorb any water.