Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year 2009

Someone dropped the ball yesterday at city hall and for once the Mayor was no where in sight. Mayor Correia's presence was felt, however, when revelers in the single digit temperatures tried to get into to city hall to await the 2009 ball drop beginning at 10:30pm and listen to the DJ, who was announced on the city website press release, and were welcomed by locked doors. (**Also a distinct lack of trolley at the festivities despite Correia's committment to provide trolley service between the evening's venues).

Despite his anticipated arrival and listing on the service program, Correia was also noticeably absent from the annual New Year's Eve ecumenical service offered by the First Baptist Church and attended by many, including the Bishop of the Diocese of Fall River.

Congrats to the local community activists who joined together to organize this event. This was tangible evidence of the power of the people. Most impressive was the fact that this event was organized in a matter of weeks and at a minimal budget. Thank you to all those who participated. You are the ones that make Fall River great. Despite Correia getting his name on "Back to Main Street: New Year's Eve in the Neighborhood" press releases his participation and pledged contributions to the event were lacking.

And finally.....Correia said he was cancelling First Night because of the hungry and homeless in Fall River. Did the hungry and homeless ever get the $30,000 that is usually used for First Night?


2009 said...


Should Bob Correia be forgot,
And never brought to mind ?
Should Bob Correia be forgot,
And left be-hind ?

For all he has tried, my dear,
For all he has lied,
We’re happy that o-eight has gone,
Here’s to two-o-nine !

And surely you will not be shocked !
Unless that you are blind !
For the tricks he has in store this year,
Will leave you crying !

For all he has tried, my dear,
For all he has lied,
We’re happy that o-eight has gone,
Here’s to two-o-nine !

puck said...

2009, you are hilarious! Shamrock, glad you all had fun at the festivities in spite of the Ol' Grinch.

Tom Paine said...

Bob did say he would donate $1,000 to the Christmas event if I remember correctly.

My question still is this:

Did he really donate $1,000 or did he take it out of his campaign finance? There is a big difference. One is out of his own pocket, and the other is out of the pockets of his supporters.

Anonymous said...

That will have to be reported to the ocpf and public info,

I can't believe after having his name attached to the event he didn't show up???

Were the trolleys cancelled because of the snow?

Anonymous said...

A former mayor was on main st though.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Bob's dropped the ball...
But he'll blame Ken Pacheco, just like he always blames someone else.

Anonymous said...

Don't recall seeing any donations to that referenced charity, but did see a lot of dough going to Michael P. Shea and associates for campaign advice. Look at the address(Hingham), musta been mikey's personal home.( google earth)
Guess the local area doesn't have any capable political sharpies!! A B C

Anonymous said...

The reports seem to end with the 2007 mayoral campaign. However,
the mayor has still been accepting political contributions throughout 2008- when does that have to be reported???

Anonymous said...

Since Bob is not running for a state office, he only has to report locally. He was still a rep in 2007 so he would have had to report for the state at the time.

They only report occasionally. I know it is due right before the primary, and right before the November election. There may be other reportings, but I am not sure. You will have to request these from the City Hall.

Good luck not getting on a list.

Anonymous said...

Technically, you can get public records without giving your name. Generally the name and telephone number is asked so that the Clerk's office ow whatever department can call you when the records request is ready to be picked up. However, they can't require you to give up your name.

You can simply arrange the cost of the copies and when it is expected to be completed and then come back at the scheduled time with the $$$.

Chappy said...

"I think they looked like Fire Fighters..."

Tom Paine said...

During a non-election year I believe Bob only has to report once, and that is due sometime around now. During an election year there are 3 reporting dates.

Anonymous said...

Dress up like a police officer, Kozak thinks one of the bloggers is in the police dept.

puck said...

It's the $30,000 from the city's coffers earmarked for First Night that Shamrock is questioning here, though, not the supposed $1,000 personal/campaign fund money Bob promised to donate to the Christmas event.

I believe Bob—great humanitarian that he is—said he cancelled First Night because he felt it wouldn't be right to spend $30K on the celebration in light of the increased number of homeless and hungry in the city.

So, where did the $30K go? To a shelter, to a soup kitchen???

It's a great question!

Anonymous said...

There was a city christmas celebration and don't they usually do a senior christmas party??

You knew when he said they needed to save that money because the economy was going to get worse ( before it got better!) and he was going to raise money for the homeless etc. The only ones I have seen raising money is Citizens for Citizens, and many churches . I have heard the mayor on the radio saying we should all donate to these charities.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that money in the community developemtn fund that puts on these city events? Check their budget.

Anonymous said...

Fall River Kicks-Off the Holidays 11-26-08

Mayor Announces Holiday Events Taking Place on Saturday, December 6, 2008, Free 2-hour Metered Parking During December, and Amnesty on Overdue Parking Fees.

Fall River, MA - Flanked by city employees and members of the local non-profit, business, banking and arts communities, Mayor Robert Correia today announced the city's holiday celebration that will be taking place on Saturday, December 6 from 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

"Through the generous support of these local leaders and volunteers, the City will be celebrating the holiday traditions residents look forward to year after year such as the 24th Annual Christmas parade, children's activities at CDRec and a tree lighting ceremony at Government Center," stated Mayor Correia. "The Committee strived to maintain the traditional aspects of these events while adding new and fun surprises such as the holiday balloons and cartoon characters during the parade as well as holiday music and refreshments at Government Center. I invite all families to join us downtown and enjoy the festive sounds, smells and colors of the season."

Event sponsors include: Allied Waste, Bank of Fall River, Bank 5, Citizen's Union, David Raymondo Real Estate/Century 21, Fall River Ford, First Bristol Corporation, Herald News, LaFrance Hospitality Company, Mayor Robert Correia, PRIMACare, Quality Inn of Somerset, Ron Rusin Real Estate, Saint Anne's Credit Union, Tom Lyons, Venus de Milo Restaurant, and Webster Bank.

Mayor Correia also announced that the City will be offering free 2-hour parking at spaces with parking meters from December 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008 throughout the City. Citizens are reminded that vehicles parked longer than 2 hours will be ticketed. All other parking violations will still be enforced.

In addition, between December 8, 2008 and December 12, 2008, residents can pay any parking tickets without paying the overdue fees. By Massachusetts Medical Affairs State Law, handicapped violations will not be included in this amnesty program.

Events organized by the City: 12:30 p.m. 24th Annual Christmas Parade to begin at Kennedy Park and proceed down South Main Street to Bank Street, ending at CDRec (72 Bank Street.)

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. CDRec's Annual Christmas Celebration at CDRec (72 Bank Street.) Pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Santa's Workshop, caricaturist, cookie decorating, wagon rides, music and refreshments. Free trolley and handicapped transportation available between CDRec and Government Center between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tree Lighting Ceremony at Government Center (reviewing stand facing South Main Street.) Holiday music by local school band and chorus; refreshments, short holiday movies, and presents from Santa.

Anonymous said...

What do you think the cost was?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like the money is coming out of his campaign warchest on the city website:

"I am pleased to join with Ms. Cloutier and Mr. Donovan by personally making a donation and by making available the city trolley as well as the New Year's Eve ball that will be retrofitted for the countdown to 2009. In light of the current economic climate, I am grateful to Ms. Cloutier and Mr. Donovan for bringing together all parties interested in carrying on with the festivities," stated the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

propaganda. The money came out of his campaign funds.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading in the 2009 city budget,.

Anonymous said...

Page 16 & 17

Notable information:


To meet the standards set forth by Veteran's Services, Chapter 115 of Massachusetts General Laws.

To meet the needs of local veterans and their families who are in financial need and are eligible to receive benefits through this program.

To met our obligations in continuing to provide the presetn level of services to our veternans and to be able to meet additional obligations if/or when the need arises in the upcoming fiscal year.

Page 17 has the financial data

Neglected Graves 12,500

Anonymous said...

Bob has to file his campaign finance report by Jan. 20th. It will be interesting to see the hacks, er I mean supporters who donated to him. Anyone that donated to him while he was Mayor and after seeing what a terrible job he has been doing either has to have a few screws loose or they want something.

Anonymous said...

todays herald news comments-----

hloureiros on mayor gives himself a c (grade)--------

C is for Cronyism. As in Joane Mateus, appointed to a nice cushy job in BCTC on the 5th floor of Gov. center, after being laid off from her job. Amazing to see what hefty political contributions will buy in this city. Take a look at
2007 Year End Political Contributions Report----Correia, Robert
Mateus, Richard, Nelson & Joane=$1250. Nevermind 2008 contributions, inaugeral balls and fundraisers.
I'm sure due diligence was done in identifying the most qualified individual for this position. If you believe that, let's meet for a drink on 'Restaurant Row,' and we can chat about how the Boss has improved education, cleaned up the city, and made it a safer place with an improved quality of life for all.