Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dear Herald News:

Thank you for today's edition. It is fantastic.


Anonymous said...

No---it is Fall River-tastic!!!!! We're "calling a spade a spade," ---tastic! Please, Herald News, keep up the good work!!!!! Otherwise, the City will continue to go down the toilet. And, it can't get much worse. It's only up from here.
We're on the verge of a renaissance, HN: please continue to be a part of it. The truth will set us all free.

shamrock said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

PS.....Make no mistake----the renaissance is being led by blogggers and commenters to blogs and HN articles. But they are your friend, HN....

Anonymous said...

Dear Herald News: The bloggers and commenters are actually augmenting your personnel roster expenses, free of salary and fringe benefits costs. Run with it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know about this oomment on the HN:

mcgovernownsshovest47 minutes ago
Report AbuseMayor::::::::first the Monument disgrace! now another favor for Mcgoverns.
a NO PARKING FROM HERE TO CORNER. sign just added on a public road ,to stop people parking close to Mcgoverns home ,,,,driveway. is a driveway now considered a corner?? Is this Mcgovern st.
Enough with the favors...

Anonymous said...

How about this one,by hloureiro:

C is for Cronyism. As in Joane Mateus, appointed to a nice cushy job in BCTC on the 5th floor of Gov. center, after being laid off from her job. Amazing to see what hefty political contributions will buy in this city. Take a look at
2007 Year End Political Contributions Report----Correia, Robert
Mateus, Richard, Nelson & Joane=$1250. Nevermind 2008 contributions, inaugeral balls and fundraisers.
I'm sure due diligence was done in identifying the most qualified individual for this position. If you believe that, let's meet for a drink on 'Restaurant Row,' and we can chat about how the Boss has improved education, cleaned up the city, and made it a safer place with an improved quality of life for all.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Best Herald News Edition EVER!

Anonymous said...

Richard Mateus is the CFO of Prima Care in Fall River. He got all the doctors in this practice and their families to donate maximum contributions to Correia's Campaign. No wonder his wife got a job. What are her qualifications and was the job posted? It is time for a change while we still have a chance.

puck said...

Great edition, HN. My favorite article is your list of Mayor Do-Nothing's approximately 47 promises--some of them multi-faceted. From what I can tell, he has sorta kept the one about low-interest loans for businesses. At least that will help them offset the extra money he's sucking out of them via the runoff fee.

Bob, do you know what a promise is??? All you ever speak about now is your "hope." As in, I "hope" the state gives us money. I "hope" things get better. I "hope" my combover doesn't blow away in the wind and people see that I am a phony all around.

And how about the comment he made in response to the increasing jobless rate a few months ago? Tough talkin' Bob, who was gonna use his immense power to bring mega jobs to FR had the audacity to say, "All I can do is create a climate" to attract jobs. Note to Bob: there may be a tooth fairy, there may even be a combover fairy, but there is NO JOB FAIRY! You actually have to take action to bring companies here

What happened to the rough ridin', gun totin' Deputy Dawg that promised to gallop into Dodge and show us all what a real cowboy can do? Hey, Big Bad Bob, do you even remember "leadership that gets things done"? Silly me. I thought you meant "leadership that gets things done" for EVERYBODY in FR, not just for your lackeys and friends.

Wake up, Cowboy, the election is coming. And guess what? We CAN “quit you.”

Anonymous said...

Any idea what that commentor is talking about the two parking spaces in fronot of mcgoverns house now?

Anonymous said...

First Miller monument Disgrace!! Now a No parking from here to corner sign in front of Mcgoverns home,( public street). How many favours is the mayor going to do for Mcgoverns. I cant stop people from Cristines dance school from parking in front of my house. (R.I. drivers). Wanted to rent out 2 parking spaces in front of my house. Mayor stated cant be done public st. Oyea does that apply to Mcgovern home.?????????? My tax dollars went to the that monument disgrace, Veterans are not important i guess. I saw all the work that went into that monument placement, 4 limos town workers doing sidewalk to it now well pay for the cleanup and the new placement on Mcgovern St.(Shove st)

shamrock said...

I got the impression from that comment that the person commenting was trying to rent out city street parking spaces. If that is the case, I got a good laugh.

I will check out the signs this week though.

Anonymous said...

sounds like they need a few parking meters in front of the business near his house.

Just wondering if pat casey tried to do something else with the miller debacle since they now have until the spring, like giving mcgoverns parking spaces- you never know.

I will take a look when I drive by there too .

Anonymous said...

Call the council office and ask for the records showing when it was voted on. If they don't have it, check the ordinances to see if it is set in ordinance. You can also call the traffic department and ask if it is offically set as no parking. This should be easy to verify when and how it was approved.

Anonymous said...

218 Shove Street
Fall River, MA
Information: 508-675-0029

Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa/Mambo, Merengue, Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Hustle(Disco), Foxy(Slow Dance). Each month we will learn a new slow and fast dance with instructor Kermin Liu. Any question you can email Kermin at:

Anonymous said...

Isn't the clerk supposed to publish city council meeting minutes or agendas ?????

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Yes, they are on display in the basement at Government Center in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet, stuck in a disused lavatory, with a sign on the door saying "Beware of Leopard"

Or you could just go to the city clerk's office, or the second floor of the library where they seem to be hanging.

But online, certainly no.

Anonymous said...

It would also have to be voted on by the traffic commission if signage was put in place and then approved by the Council.

Tom Paine said...

Yes, some good articles in the Herald, but I am still extremely worried. In my travels I am still meeting a good deal of people who are resigned to the fact that Bob will have no problem getting re-elected.

I guess Alexis de Toqueville said it best:

"The people get the government they deserve."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:21 wrote:

"Richard Mateus is the CFO of Prima Care in Fall River. He got all the doctors in this practice and their families to donate maximum contributions to Correia's Campaign. No wonder his wife got a job. What are her qualifications and was the job posted? It is time for a change while we still have a chance."

Richard Mateus is the CEO of PrimaCare, and according to
the state's ( website, he lives in Somerset. I confirmed your assertion that many of the doctors contributed from this practice to the Correia campaign (2007), as well as others:
Richard Mateus, Somerset, MA; Prima Care CEO; $500.00
Almeida, Shirley, Fall River, MA;
PrimaCare Secretary; $500.00
Almeida, Americo,MD, Fall River, MA; PrimaCare Physician; $500.00
Interesting to note that the other MDs do not live in the city....
Courey, Robert, MD; PrimaCare; Cataumet,MA $500.00
McMahon, Eugene,MD; PrimaCare;
Barrington, RI
Mouded, Majed,MD; PrimaCare;
Somerset, MA
Schnure, Fredrick,MD; Primacare;
Stubbert,James,MD; PrimaCare;
Sutherland, Donald,MD PrimaCare;
Joana and Nelson Mateus ($750.) husband and wife? live in the city.

Anonymous said... Bob has Accomplished for the Citizens of his Home town - Fall River

As a State Representative, Bob has championed some of Fall River s major initiatives.

The following partial list of accomplishments is evidence of how his leadership will move Fall River forward:

Local Aid

o When he took office: $12.1 Million 23% of the City Budget

o Last year: $119 Million 57% of the City Budget


o Brought Registry of Motor Vehicles back to Fall River

o Kept Department of Revenue in Fall River 70 jobs

o $70 Million for the construction of new courthouse in Downtown Fall River

Economic Development

o $18 Million to build the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center an incubator for job development

o $28 Million for off ramps at Fall River Industrial Park with job potential for 11,000 people

o Money for roads in Industrial Park

o $80 Million in Chapter 90 funding for street and sidewalk repair

o Waterfront

$8 Million to construct the Visitors Center at Heritage State Park


$10 Million to repair Big Mamie, the Battleship Massachusetts

$2.5 Million to repair the Destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

$1.5 Million to repair and extend Boardwalk at Heritage State Park

$28 Million for the development of the waterfront

$100,000 to establish September 11 Memorial at Battleship Cove

$100,000 to promote Official State Memorials at Battleship Cove

$250,000 to establish the Iwo Jima Memorial


o Brought millions of dollars for new schools, such as Henry Lord Middle School

o $90 Million in school aid this year

o Money for buildings at Bristol Community College and UMass Dartmouth

Public Safety

o $2 Million to fight gang violence

o $900,000 for community policing

o Fought for a Gun Court in Fall River so gun-related cases can be expedited


o Passed legislation to tear down Watuppa Heights and build affordable homes


o $110 Million for Prescription Advantage so seniors can afford their medications

o Adequate flu vaccine supply for the elderly

o Passed the Equal Choice Bill allowing seniors to get services at home rather than being forced into nursing homes

o Led the fight to establish a personal care attendant quality home care workforce council with the Quality Home Care Bill

o $150,000 for Supportive Housing Services provided to people in their apartments

o Voted for the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit giving seniors with fixed incomes relief from some of the burdens that the property tax can create

Community Health Care

o Helipad for Charlton Memorial Hospital

o Lower health care costs for a broader spectrum of the states population by supporting the new Health Care Reform law

o Availability of MRI facilities locally

o Legislation creating a Cardiac Unit at Charlton Memorial Hospital

o Funding for family planning services in Fall River

Anonymous said...

anon 8:21 and 20:35:
Richard Mateus also served on the Mayor's Financial Mgt Improvements Task Force, addressing the state auditor's "report." (You know, the one with all the teeth in it.)
As far as whether Joane Mateus' job at BCTC in govt center was posted----posting means nothing.

reality check said...

Some of Bob Correia's other accomplishments for his fellow man:

Discovered penicillin
Performed first heart transplant

Invented the computer
Developed satellite technology

Designed the Space Shuttle
Built first solar panel

Broke the Watergate scandal

Brought the Statue of Liberty to the United States

Thank You Bob

Anonymous said...

You are missing one:

Andrea Simister, Richard Mateus and Assad as chairman joined holdovers Augustinho Oliveira and Alves.

Another name on there should look familiar, but I can't do everything for you people...

shamrock said...

Reality Check-


Anonymous said...

Reality Check, watch out you may be recruited as the new city press secretary!!! Glad to see you included invented the computer!

Anonymous said...

Pat Casey is claiming Cathy Anne called her on her cell phone and said you vote for kozak and you will continue my vote.

So Herald News where are the public record cell phone records for the city council??? Not that would prove what was said.

Anonymous said...

It might prove that Cathie called Pat or Pat called Cathie but it wouldn't prove what was said. I don't expect that either of them tape record their conversations.

Anonymous said...

Hague just shot down Casey's credibility that he approached
her at the Mayor's Christmas party
@ the Venus, since he wasn't even there.

Tom Paine said...

I attempted to listen to the interview between Hague and Hurricane. I had to turn it off. Every time Hague was answering the question you could tell the Hurricane was frustrated in that Hague was handling the question well.

The Hurricane made all kind of grunting and breathing noises in the background. I said to myself - that is it, time for 90.90 NPR.

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't sleep. I'm so glad I turned on my computer. There's enough fodder here for all!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Tom Paine, that's what Herren souns like all time. Gross, huh?

Anonymous said...

The Herald will be backing off Correia real soon..oh, a negative piece every so often, but nothing like what we've seen...the fix is in