Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mayor McCheese

The following is my reaction to the Mayor's Letter to the Editor


Anonymous said...

The resemblance is uncanny... but I don't see the combover...

Anonymous said...

Want some fries with that shake, or is it "spin".

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the blame is attempted to be passed now that we are in an election year. I heard everyone blamed for changes that were made. I never once heard Mayor Correia state that citizens opinions matter to him at all. He touts the call for the audit as the reason it was done. Yet he doesn't hold the same true to all the petitions signed by citizens against the change to the Fire Chief. I guess everything we want needs to be put on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Countdown to Vote LEFTY INTO Office
288 days 14 hours 0 minutes and 56 seconds

Lefty said...


Bob has seen your blog post and has issued the following statement:

Tom Paine said...

First, I must say this was a nicely written piece done by Bernie Sullivan, ooopps, I mean Bob Correia.

Mr. Correia still does not get it. Many times his words either do not produce action or his actions are the opposite of his words. For example:

He states that he could not attend the LNG meeting and that he sent in written testimony. At least 200 hundred people attended that meeting and those who did speak many of them submitted testimony. If he could not be there he could have sent his LNG Liason, or was it that she could not go because she was too busy driving him from his home to the school committee meeting, getting his coffee and then later dring him back home? Why not send one of the many city attorneys???

And when it came to LNG, talk about weaving a web of deciept! You, who told the citizens that the Governor had vetoed your bill when in reality the Governor had taken a scapel to the bill, removed the bad bill you had attached your language to and then sent your LNG language back to the House saying send this back to me and I will pass it. YOU DID NOTHING!

He states that the renaming of the schools was done in the correct manner. He sprung it upon the school committee, told them it had to be done right away due to some nonsense about the plaque needing to be done quickly. (Does Bob think we forget this stuff??)

The fire chief position is now under the mayor. In reality it was under the mayor before. There is a fire commission chosen by the mayor that decides on the top 3 candidates. But Bob wants 100% control. He wants to make sure that the position is under his very heavy thumb! Now the choice is no longer by merit, but now it is the will of the mayor.

He states that the audit brought information to light. Yes, he is correct, there were some problems. But he forgets to mention how he jumped on MISINFORMATION that came out in the audit. He made it sound like that money from the FR Housing Authority was missing when in fact it was not.

He states that the city accountant, Sahady, had been making recomendations. Do not even go there Bob!! Those Sahady recomendations were brought to light months before during the election by Eric Poulin. You said nothing at the time. As a matter of fact during the campaign for mayor when the city budget was being worked on you stated that you did not know enough to comment, while others such as Poulin did make comments.

Fischer! You ran a one sided courtroom hearing to take Fischer out. You used an educational fund as proof. You made it sound like illegal activities had taken place. If that was true, why did the citizens of Fall River pay Mr. Fischer $100,000!!?? If the activities were illegal, he should have been fired without pay. And what has happened to the investigation at Sutter's office?

You fail to mention in Bernie's opinion, oooppps, I mean your opinion, about the time you told the school committee that you will decide how the committee meetings will be handled. Sometimes by tradition, sometimes by Roberts Rules. YOU DECIDE!

How about the time when a Union Rep from the teacher's union was speaking and many in the crowd stood up for a silent protest. SILENT!! You told them to sit. Do you know there is a thing called the 1st amendment?

No Bob, we will not listen to your words anymore. We will watch your actions, for they have been speaking volumes!