Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yes we all make mistakes, but Councilor Casey really worries me.

From WSAR interview with Hurricane 1/6/09


Anonymous said...

You oould follow this up with a video clip from saturday night live and the liar episodes.

Tom Paine said...

Ms. Casey is a nice person, but as far as an elected official it is like comparing a 7 year old little leaguer being asked to play centerfield at Yankee stadium. But whose fault is it? It is our fault.

Someone once told me that he votes for a city councilor in this way. He looks at their qualifications and votes for them as if he was choosing 9 members of a board of directors for a $200 million corporation.

The question is this: How many of our 9 councilors could be a board of director member of a well run $200 million corporation?

Anonymous said...

That is hard on the ears. It is horrifying to think how we as a community must be perceived listening to dumb and dumber.

Anonymous said...

How is our community perceived? Put a Fall River address on your resume and see how tough it is to get an interview.