Monday, July 7, 2008

Seel Kontest

Thank you to Fall River-tastic reader 'upandout' who added this comment to my blog regarding the incorrect spelling of Mayor Correia's new "Pride City Wide" motto:

"Pride "City Wide" is apparently not related to spelling.

I believe Citywide is correct, unless they are referring to the width of the city's residents (above average obesity levels). In that case, "City Wide" is appropriate, but hardly anything to be proud of.

Noticed this just before the inauguration, but because my family and some friends support the mayor (I certainly do not), and because I have a slightly evil side, I didn't tell them. I've just been giggling since January, but couldn't stand it anymore, so I broke my silence here :)"

I am disappointed that I didn't notice the error before, but I guess I was entranced by the general lameness of the motto. I verified citywide in the Merriam-Webster dictionary,
citywide One entry found. citywide
Main Entry: city·wide
Function: adjective
including or involving all parts of a city
Thanks to the creativity of 'upandout,' we don't need to change our errantly spelled motto, we can just adopt his new seal design to go along with it.

Does anyone else have a creative seal design & motto for Fall River? If I get enough suggestions I will post them and offer a poll to vote - the winner will receive a very special prize (details to come)....! If you have a seal or motto suggestion, email it to me at


Lefty said...

This iz absolootle hillareus it reale made my da!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the squash !!