Saturday, July 19, 2008

Robert Correia: Responsible for Bringing More Criminals to Fall River


Not recommended for expecting mothers, people with heart conditions, small children, people who frighten easily, and those with easily triggered incontinence.

Remember when mayoral candidate, Bob Correia, boasted about being the one-man machine behind securing the $70 million in funding to bring the new courthouse to Fall River? If not, click here (I expect this link not to work in the near future but I saved a copy of the page in anticipation - I will update when the courthouse info disappears from his campaign site - Let me know if the court funding info disappears).

So why isn't Bob bragging about his accomplishment now that it has been brought to light that his courthouse will primarily house criminal cases as reported in this article by SouthCoastToday.

As I see it, in his mere 6 months in office, Bob has already decreased safety budgets and increased the criminal element.....YAY!!! Go BOB!!!


General said...

Originally the courthouse was supposed to cost $41 mil, then $46mil, then $50's, then it went back to the $40's

Shamrock, you put down $71mil. I have seen articles saying $80mil +

And yes, this guy was supposed to INCREASE the amount of cops out there.

As Ricky said to Lucy, "Wha happen?"

Anonymous said...

As to the new courthouse housing only criminal cases that isn't quite correct. District Court which is moving from Rock St. handles a large number of civil cases. The movement of cases only involves Superior Court.

shamrock said...

I was basing my number on Bob's campaign site that claimed he brought $70 million to the project.

But hooray for bob because if it is costing $80 million, that will allow Bob's spin doctors to place the blame on the person that is responsible for the extra $10 million in funding.

shamrock said...

Anonymous -
Thank you for the info, I adjusted my post....there seems to be a case of the "misinformations" going around.

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well, the mayor is qouted on wsar saying he will seek

Start the anti re-election campaign~

It Said said...

And just who is running against Bob? Who would dare?

The Karems would crush them..not sure about the Herald News, since they may very well be out of the newspaper business by the time the next election rolls around..

I'm curious to see if Bob follows the example of the former Fall River Fire Chief in 2011, takes whatever sick leave he has, and calls it a day..

Not before a big blow out at the Venus, complete with one more Grand March..

Just going to be real interesting to watch who becomes Council President in 2011..because my money is somebody being Acting Mayor before Labor Day of that year..