Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beautiful Pavement

I will preface this blog post by saying that, despite my upcoming criticism, I am very appreciative that Councilor Pelletier called attention to the pothole problem in Fall River. I don't always agree with him but he definitely listens to and advocates for his constituents.

I have been witness to this sight many times and perhaps the explanation is an urban legend but I have always heard that shoes hanging from utility wires indicate that there is a drug dealer nearby.

It seems that the Fall River equivalent to shoes on a utility wire indicating that a drug dealer lives nearby, are the streets in Fall River without potholes indicating that a city councilor is living nearby.

Using the addresses the councilors provided for the last election (insert Lund joke here) I sought out to investigate --

Of the 9 councilors - only one had a pothole

The NICEST pothole free pavement (&traffic controls) of them all!! TOM KOZAK

Please note - NO Potholes! Other fun facts *Kozak recently got new sidewalks on his street - with matching new walkway up to his house (it would be very interesting to see if he could provide a receipt for his walkway construction) *Kozak had crosswalks installed to his house crossing Madison St. *Kozak insisted on a 4 way stop sign at his intersection of Langley and Madison - when the traffic dept. informed him of the waiting list for traffic controls he accepted the existing 2 way stop signs but procured further signs to warn of the 2 way stop as a consolation prize.

Please also note the deliniation between his newly paved street and Madison St. (also very nice but not freshly paved because no city councilor lives there).

NEXT -Pat Casey's street = no potholes

Linda Pereira's street = No potholes

Leo's Street = No potholes

Lund and Cathy Ann Viveiros's (Fall River) street = no potholes

Ray Hague's street = no potholes

Joe Camara's street = No potholes

Finally a councilor with potholes! Steve Camara's street

In conclusion - if you want to live on a nicely paved street in Fall River - you may want to move in next to a city councilor.


Anonymous said...

I think it's very important that our City Councilors have smooth, easy-to-navigate pavement. After all, what if they had a city emergency to attend to and had to race to city hall on short notice for a meeting...say, on a Friday afternoon, for example...and they couldn't make it because their axles broke when they hit the potholes? This could put the city in grave danger and compromise our very safety and security. Oh, no, wait...that's what six of them did when they got to the meeting to cast their fire chief votes. Hmmm. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

there are no potholes on my street and i don't live near a city councilor

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 -You must be the mayor than!!
Although he owns many houses so it may take shamrock some time to get
all the pictures together and it wouldn't matter his high paid driver just drops him off at his door. Don't forget Alan Silva's street wouldn't want his beamer to get damaged.

shamrock said...

Anonymous #2
I was being tongue and cheek when I implied that the ONLY way to avoid neighborhood potholes would be to live near a councilor - because I also think you can avoid potholes by living near their family members.

Anonymous said...

I live on Whipple St., near the intersection of Whipple & Berkley St. There's a huge pothole right in the middle of the street. Every time they fix it temporarily, the next's there. I believe that's how my car got side-swiped months before, someone trying to avoid the pothole.