Monday, July 21, 2008

Fall River stories that you may have missed while you were reading the Herald News

  1. Ric Oliveira's article in O Jornal, "Buried," discusses the politics behind the state representative race Dave Sullivan v. Pereira. He also discusses Mayor Correia's policy that everyone must rise when he enters a room.
  2. The Boston Herald's "Chief Injustice" by Dave Wedge in his column, Just double-checking. This article (2nd topic) discusses the Fall River fire chief issue and the accusation that Correia was "ramming through a measure to override Civil Service requirements to handpick his own fire chief." It isn't anything we don't already know, but I love it when Bob's foolishness reaches the Boston media radar.
  3. The Boston Herald's Holly Robichaud in, "No, thank you Mr. Speaker" comments on the short list of freshman democrats invited to a very special event being hosted by Sal DiMasi. At the top of the short list = Kevin Aguiar (although it appears that alphabetical order did play a role in his being at the top of the list). As Robichaud says in the article, "You can also figure that these freshmen Democrats will now be even more obligated to voting with Speaker DiMasi."
  4. This article, "Fall River Politician Ready for Local Office," about City Councilor Cathy Ann Viveiros in Southcoast Today is from 2004 but I just read it and found it very interesting. It discusses her arrest, her $1,000,000 lottery win, but not about her bankruptcy as blogged by Inquire Fall River.


Anonymous said...

It's time to start our own newspapeer.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Herald News means you miss MOST Fall River stories

Anonymous said...

you notice there are NO sources in Ric's piece about rising for the mayor. Not one!

just jenn said...

Anon#3... Bob, is that you?

Gee... last time I saw you (in person) was primary election day when you strutted pass me with some lady holding your umbrella for you. I was standing there soaking wet, holding my sign for one of your opponents and you looked at my sign, made a "humph" noise and moved on... I watched you walk into the polling place and watched the same woman struggle to hold both your umbrella and open the door for you. When you came out of the polling place... the same lady had to open the car door for you.

Seeing this with my own two eyes I have no doubt that Ricks piece was spot on and that you will soon have the sound system in government center playing "Hail to the Chief".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jen, that's a touching story but Oliveira's story still doesn't have one named source, one shred of proof. That's the point.