Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jobs for Fall River Inc.

The Fall River Redevelopment Authority opted to award the (predetermined) contract for the sale of 64 Durfee Street to Peabody Properties so that Fall River may further develop its #1 growth industry, low income housing.

After the hasty award, to a company that contributes to the political campaigns of the local powers that be(Bob Correia and Carole Fiola to name a few), I thought that either way, at least this project would result in some jobs for locals; after all, the actual incorporated name of FROED is "Jobs for Fall River."

I read Ken Fiola's recommendations for the award to Peabody and he touted the benefits of the Peabody award including job creation. I assumed that job creation meant "Jobs for Fall River."

I drove before 64 Durfee this week and saw a group of people protesting. They were local out-of-work constuction workers. They are concerned with Peabody's track record of hiring out of state, non-union workers, many from as far as Texas, for minimum wage and no health insurance benefits.

This was the flyer the out-of-work locals were handing out:

What the heck is the matter with FROED/RDA aka "Jobs for Fall River." They have shown no interest in creating jobs for Fall River. This situation reminds me of the time Ken Fiola errantly rewrote TIF (tax break) agreements to remove the 'jobs for fall river' requirement AFTER the city council had issued final approval on the tax break agreements. Ken Fiola/FROED/RDA/Jobs for Fall River removed the language the city council agreed upon requiring company practices for the hiring of Fall River residents and construction job preference for MA union workers.

While I respect the union flyer's request that we contact the RDA (FROED/FIOLA) and request that they require Peabody to hire local workers, FROED/RDA/FIOLA'S track record is evidence that they won't oblige.


johnybfallriver said...

Well when I was growing up I was always todl, "Do don't want a job, you want a career". And I agree with it, open up a gas station and give the owner tax credits for 30 part time jobs that does not count for anything FR needs careers not career centers! Having a few jobs while a building is fixed up is not a big deal the jobs are tradesman probaly from all over MA, and when the work is done so is the job.

Tom Paine said...

FROED's track record is dismal at best. I remember when they lost over a million $$$, yes million $$$ in UDAG money. This was revolving loans that local businesses would pay back over time. FROED got involved with the Carousel along the waterfront, and to get bank loans Fiola and company put up the UDAG money as colateral. There was promises that the carousel would be a huge success, and of course it never happened.

Then when things went bust we lost the million!! Sweet ehhh??

Anonymous said...

and umass saved them by renting the cherry and webb building fiola went ahead and bought.

reality check said...

I wonder how many companies that got TIF agreements are still operating. johnnyb is correct, TIF's are for a quality business that is unique to the city, not gas stations and Dunkin Donuts. It appears in Fall River TIF's are not given out for the creation of jobs, but more for the return in political donations.

Anonymous said...

How about when they asked all the FR school children to contribute $1 to the Carousel? Anybody remember that trick?