Monday, June 29, 2009

Italy 6/29: LNG "Inferno"

A freight train derailed in the middle of a small Italian town and two cars filled with liquefied natural gas exploded, setting off an inferno that killed at least six people and injured more than 30, officials said Tuesday.

Video of the explosion

About 300 emergency workers are trying to stop the blaze spreading to other train wagons. Specialist personnel used to tackling chemical fires are being dispatched from across the country.


Tom Paine said...

This must be a fake because we have been told by Grasso, Gherig, and Shearer that this stuff is safe.

Even Leo Pelletier has told us we do not have to worry.

It is a shame that the Italians would go to such lengths to stage this lie.

johnybfallriver said...

I think I see a strip club in the backround?

Anonymous said...

is that the braga bridge?