Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Night In Fall River

Last night, somewhere in between the time the police were arresting people at Flaunt (fight with an assault and battery on a bouncer) and arresting at least five people over at Club Xcape (home of the "ceo's and hoes party" and the venue at which the infamous JJ's hot dog fight began), a friend of mine called the police to report street racing and a theft of city property in his neighborhood. 25 minutes later the activity stopped and the racers disbursed, he called back to tell the police not to bother because the racers left. He was then told, "I'm sorry but with the shortages, there is nothing we can do."

This is by no means a commentary on the job the police are doing; they are doing an incredible job with what is being thrown at them. However, it is UNACCEPTABLE to report a crime and hear 'sorry but we can't help you.' We have already had one murder this month, possibly two, depending on the status of the Club International victim, and Correia refuses to bring back police. Cut your effing driver. Just do it. Cut your PR person, because she clearly hasn't been successful for you, cut the pay rates of the 68 city hall employees not subject to collective bargaining......

Furthermore, we need to crack down on the bars/clubs/whatever, that are constant crime scenes. Pull their liquor licenses, make them get police details (although club xcape did have one last night), cut their hours, or whatever you can do to stop this. After the second shooting outside the Regatta there were about 15 officers stationed around the building. Are we going to wait for a second or a third shooting at Club International before we do anything?

Hopefully Bob Correia was able to sleep through all the noise of crime and violence in his city last night. He needed his beauty sleep so he would be rejuvenated for his announcement this morning that he intends to run for mayor again because he hasn't wreaked enough havoc on the city, nor padded his pension enough, in his one term.

**Thank you to the police who are working twice as hard now and who, due to shortages, probably have to respond to some calls alone now, without backup, putting their lives in further danger.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if we stopped handing out free liquor licenses the remaining patrolmen could cope with the shortages. How many bars does a city of 90,000 need? They allowed all the new bars off of Bedford to open. But guess what, the same tired, boozy drugged up crowd that drink and fight at the old city bars now fight at the new places. Stupid.

Anonymous said...

was there ne thing in the Sterile Snooze about these events...oops, they don't do news

Anonymous said...

Interesting there is already trouble in restaurant row.

Anonymous said...

anin 18:17 I stopped advertising my business in the Herald News because it is no longer a quality publication and isn't worth the didn't hurt my business, either

Anonymous said...

All these recent attacks on the Herald in the blogs aimed at ads. How transparent. Why don't you start your own blog coward.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is more than willing to accept any revenue from a license that may increase renting a local silly punk with business downtown. The same self promotion happenend in Brockton not too long ago. Look at the stats before and after. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Ode to Da Mayuh

By: Pundit2009

Not long ago, we elected a Mayor
A professional politician, named Bob Correia
30 years on the hill, he’d be good it was said
But 30 years on the Hill, merely went to his head

Renovate my office, the bathroom's a mess
I deserve better, than all of the rest
I know how to lead, I wrote legislation
I bowed to the speaker, without hesitation

A New Year rung in, with Da Mayuh anointed
His first official act, was the hacks he appointed
Out with TV’s, you will work, pay attention
Submit a resignation, I’ll rule on retention

Get rid of that guy, who works on the fourth floor
We need new direction, I need not say more
My friend from Virginia, needs a nice job
You’re not going to work here, if you’re not friends of Bob

You will follow the dress code, was the new rule of thumb
Watch out for the new guy, he might grab your bum
I never did talk with him, his behavior is crass
We’ll say it’s his health, resign Captain Grabbass

Pride Citywide, was the word of the day
We must find something, or someone to pay
But the finances were tough, the budget a pain
I have an idea, place a fee on the rain

Patronage jobs, is what makes Fall River tick
Get on the horn Jeff, put a call into Nick
Education is key, to our future here
Doctor or not, he’s not one I fear

I’ll appoint my own judge, and we’ll have a hearing
Atty. Frank will ask question, on finance and learning
We’ll have our own court, the Judge will be Clarkin
We’ll say what we want, we’ll do all the talkin’

So out went Doc. Fischer, and in came Meg Brown
The system will learn, Boss Bob was in town
Layoffs and cut backs, start low on the pole
Start with DPW, we’ll get out of this hole

Get rid of the teachers, whose tenure’s not earned
Get rid of the Para's, they’re the easiest burned
Lay off the youth, the brightest, and best
Keep the old wood, and get rid of the rest

Firefighters and cops, no if, ands or but
We can blame the Union, if they won’t take a cut
Put senior people, out on the front line
They can handle the stress, they all be just fine

What about job development, where is OED?
Good thing we have training, just call BCTC
We have Work Force Development, don’t think you can hide
Maybe that’s where this City, can find its pride

BIO Tech is the answer, but not LNG
Economic Development, we’ll just wait and see
E-mail Ken, call Jim, and our alphabet soup
They must have a plan, and some jobs we can scoop

We can put kid’s to work, that will be a nice trick
But not yours or mine, how’s that for a kick
Section 8 housing, just call good old Tom
He had a tight contract, or else he’d be gone

We can uncover the River, and the water will fall
Let's hope that is it, and not City Hall
I can rename some things, in repayment of debt
Too bad that Green, was named after a vet

The Herald News kills me, their attitudes sour
The Karam's can help, we’ll get stroked every hour
They fired K Rod, and our friend Mike Moran
Step out of line, and you too might get canned

We need to do something, let’s start Restaurant Row
But if you need a good job, that’s no place to go
We lost jobs at Globe, Quaker and more
As you leave the building, don’t get hit by the door

We’ll provide you with training, for new job some day
But you won’t get the benefits, and you’ll work for less pay
We are a proud people, our work ethic is fine
Applications are plenty, get in back of the line

Two years almost over, time really does fly
This sure has been fun, like a stick in the eye
Let’s test the water, we can pay for a poll
I hope they still like me, and not think I’m old

We need to campaign, get people deployed
That shouldn’t be hard, they're all unemployed
I’ll get them all jobs, we can get this corrected
It will all be just fine , IF I CAN GET RE-ELECTED!

Anonymous said...





Down in The Riv we're keeping it real
Live on the Southcoast here's how you feel
Grades going down
crime going up
Basketball players are shooting up

L.N.G. in the river,
Strip Clubs in the park
Stay away from J.J.'s after Dark

We like Hurricanes we don't mind fellons
We think with our fists not with our mellons

Educated to grade 3, Our schools gets a D
J.C. owns politicians most definitely
I don't got a job and I like to yell
I got pit bull, gold chains and a pre paid cell

(repeat chorus)

Crime all around anytime and anyplace
Election time hot dogs and smiley face

LNG brings money but it's shipped as Ice
Like Leo says it's time to get Nice

Coolin' at Club Xcape getting kind of funky
Drinking dollar drafts that were a little skunky
This girl walked by she gave Mikey the eye
At Falunt he found out she was a guy
Called up Shamrock to put my post up
Hit me back, "Yo Kashman, what's up?"
Meditech got a TIF Hodgson's got a ship
Wayne Rego went to the Azores got a free trip

We got principles who be smoking crack
Better lock your doors or you'll get jacked
Watts and Detroit and South Central and Brockton
Fall River these days is like Straight outta Compton

Driving down The Ave in a pimped out Caravan
The Police Force is down to one man
Fire department has a bucket of water
No more China Royal to get a Fried Rice Order

Cathy Ann Viverios thinks she can run this place
And we're supposed to take that biatch with a straight face
Schools got the gangs
Gangs got the power
I got me a job making 8 bucks an hour

More Junk in Fall River then at a yard sale
First of the month welfare check in the mail
Deval saying he's thinking of us
Gonna give us a high speed bus

Anonymous said...

Too soon the people of Fall River forgot that the Mayor offered pay cuts in lieu of layoffs but the unions rejected them. How many of those police and firemen now regret choosing "no job" over the pay cuts proposed? The Mayor's deal might have been re-negotiated a couple years out, given changes in the economy, the vibe of a changing council, and the sentiment of the citizens. Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to police and firemen....I'm just saying so little is - heck, NOTHING is mentioned about the alternative option they did have before them at one time - but chose to reject.

shamrock said...

No, I still remember the mayor offered the police take a 25% paycut. It is so egregious, I will be remembering that one forever.

Anonymous said...

We have some creative story tellers popping up in this election year.

Anonymous said...

Insurance consultant's past questioned
By Michael Holtzman
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted May 04, 2009 @ 07:50 PM

Fall River — It’s been at least seven years since the city’s health insurance contract has gone out to bid, and maybe considerably longer since the administration issued proposals to the Insurance Advisory Committee, officials said.

“It’s never been done,” claimed Fire Lt. Michael Coogan, IAC chairman, whose board represents municipal and school unions.

At Coogan’s request, the city’s long-time health insurance consultant, John R. Sharry, president of Group Benefit Strategies in Auburn, sought bids this year. That search resulted in a proposal from United Health Care of New England that’s about $1 million lower than long-time carrier Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Several options presented by the two carriers could cut costs considerably more on the total $50 million health insurance package of 75 percent to 25 percent shared costs for nearly 5,000 employees.

The proposals remain under consideration, although the IAC chose not to issue a recommendation last week.

This comes at a time when nearly two dozen municipalities will have joined the state’s Group Insurance Commission plan by July 1, and there’s both interest and pressure for others to join the GIC and be accountable for health costs.

Coogan questioned Sharry’s independence based on an agreed-upon a civil judgment with Attorney General Martha Coakley in 2007 that resulted in GBS paying a $30,000 fine.

The state alleged Sharry’s firm accepted commissions and deceived three Massachusetts municipal clients — Franklin, Lincoln and Northampton.

“We demonstrated that was absolutely false,” Sharry said last week.

In a letter of explanation he wrote last Monday to City Administrator Adam W. Chapdelaine, Sharry said GBS admitted to no wrongdoing and was not required to change any business practice.

He said GBS paid the attorney general’s fine to avoid further litigation, which had gone on for two years. “It would have diverted all my attention,” he said.

Sharry said he represents more than 250 municipalities, 221 in Massachusetts. He said GBS lost “no business” as a result of the allegation they broke consumer protection laws.

Coakley’s office confirmed the judgment and fine and that the charges were dropped.

Asked if he stood to receive any commissions from this year’s United Health or Blue Cross bids, Sharry said, “No commissions are involved at all. … I never, ever (received them) and never will.”

Chapdelaine said Sharry has been paid the following amounts since 2006: $30,000, $35,625, $37,500 and $33,750 – a voluntary cutback in this year’s consulting under a contract expiring Sept. 30.

Chapdelaine said Sharry lowered the 2009 fee because of the economic downtown, and employees have paid a flat $1,200 share each year.

Chapdelaine said he did not believe Sharry charged commissions that could have compromised his job, saying, “I haven’t seen anything in that regard. I’ve still yet to see anything to give me pause in regard to Jack’s integrity.”

“I have concerns about that,” Coogan said, “because of his track record. I’ve asked for the dates that it was put out to bid (before).

“… Jack’s mantra has been ‘I’ve put that out to bid three or four times in the last 15 years. I didn’t feel it’s ever been done. I’ve been pushing for RFPs (requests for proposals) for the last three years,” said Coogan, president of the city firefighters’ union. “By going out to bid, we did save money (from Blue Cross keeping its 2008 price).”

Sharry said GBS records showed no evidence of a city bid process at least since 2002. He knew that because in November 2001 his business had a devastating arson fire, he said. “I lost everything. So I have nothing in my files prior to January 2002,” Sharry said.

He claimed “three times” he oversaw health insurance bids for the city in a region where Blue Cross has dominated for decades.

While Mayor Robert Correia is only in his second year and first term in office, Edward M. Lambert Jr., the mayor for the prior 12 years, said he recalled, with qualifications, two times seeking competitive bids.

“We did have a couple of processes by which we solicited proposals,” Lambert said, “but we never went to the Insurance Advisory Committee and said, ‘This is a better proposal.’”

Meanwhile, City Councilor Cathy Ann Viveiros asked the city to use a cost-analysis tool by the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s private nonprofit Interlocal Insurance Association to compare city health insurance bids with the state’s GIC plan.

“My preliminary discussions with MIIA suggest that the city would likely see a decrease in premium costs with the GIC,” Viveiros wrote Human Resources Director Madeline Coelho.
“If we’re going to make a decision on whether to make any changes in health insurance,” Viveiros said, “we should have all the options.”

E-mail Michael Holtzman at

Tell us how we did. Click here to rate this story.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I find it incredibly hard to believe, knowing people who work in dispatch, that any called was literally told "sorry, with the cutbacks there is nothing we can do"

I do not believe that was what was actually said. I'm calling BS

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from Da Mayuh's Sunday Brunch
By: Pundit2009

There was still much I accomplished, There are problems I concede
Boston and the Feds won't help, so I am here to lead
I am glad I have my family, and so many who owe me dear
If it wasn't for these people, there would be nobody here

That is why I'm here today, without equivocation
I'm a candidate for re-election, and I had a nice vacation
I want to make it easier, my ideas solid and concrete
I lay all of these troubles, at someone else's feet

I have a proven record, of getting the job done
What that job description is, I haven't told a one
It is time for serious leadership, We just can't sit around
But really what else can we do, no bailouts for this town

I will hold myself accountable, by example I will lead
If you would like more of this, your vote is what I need
I will bring people together, to try a few new things
Too bad that kid got stabbed last night, all over some stupid bling

I will get my message to the people, the pavement I will pound
The people know the message, it's their vote that you will hound.
I will manage the financial crisis, our neighborhoods green and clean
How you plan to do all this, is something to be seen

As citizens we gave you the task, to the future you would lead
The future has become our past, stop leading us we plead
Pride Citywide, was the call from exactly where you stood
now pot holes, crime and filthy trash, fill our neighborhood

You held the line on taxes, something we understand
but what you give with one, you take back with the other hand
You raised all fees and increased licenses along with all permits
You even place a fee on the rain, we're taking all the hits

When things get tough it's easy, to cut the other side
but can't you simply understand, those cuts come from our hide
You seem to think we cannot see, the things that you neglect
But it's guys like you, this city will not re-elect

W.J. Bloggah said...

yo yo KA$HMAN, can i drop a freestyle for you real quick? Watch me spit it with more heat than a Ken Fiola fastball...

I'm callin out the Mayuh,
Motherfuckin Bob Correia
With his fat bulldog head
and his fake combover hair
Lemme make one thing clear
like nothin else in the city is
If you ain't down with the Karams
then you know what "Tough Titty" is
I'm the grittiest son to leave
the shores of the Quequechan
while your man on the the 6th Floor
got a brand new Quicky Scam
He laid off half the police
and half the Fire Department
but don't ask him where the
Overlay District for the Arts went
Cause them shits went to Peabody Properties
Who through various and nefarious means
they be coppin these
and they did it improperly
cause they down with Ken Fiola
So greedy him and his wife
took improper contributions
while the rest of the city's so depressed
it may as well be on Wellbutrin
And all the front lawns are putrid
with piles of rotten trash
And the DPW won't touch it
cause they ain't got the cash
But there's money for chauffers
and condos down in Florida
While Durfees got no cops
and there's riots in the corridors
I oughtta just shut my mouth
and live and let live
but name is Whack Job Bloggah
and I forever rep the Riv!

Anonymous said...

That's Pretty Good WJ

If you want to hear Ka$hMan get GANGSTA on Hurricaine check out this new explicit tune:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I find it incredibly hard to believe, knowing people who work in dispatch, that any called was literally told "sorry, with the cutbacks there is nothing we can do"

I do not believe that was what was actually said. I'm calling BS

05 May, 2009 20:03


Nope, that's pretty much exactly how it went. They can't do anything because the have 11 cops on, and they are busy busting up club fights...

Meanwhile, everyone thinks they can just do whatever they want in this city, and guess what...

They can...

Anonymous said...

Ka$hMaN, the link didn't work, is there another one?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tell you what, I'm not planning on going to Fall River for dinner any time soon, or for drinks after dark.

I bet I'm not the only one.

Fall River is like a big hole in the ground now. You just have to shut your eyes as you drive through to get to New Bedford or Providence.

Anonymous said...

just pack up and leave i don;t thing anyone will miss you

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this row? A few random bars? So drunk people can walk from bar to bar before last call, who cares. People have been doing that on Purchase and Pine for years.

W.J. Bloggah said...

Ka$hman is the illest, and I ain't talking bout Swine Flu. Next time I come home to visit, we should hit the studio and rip them shits up! I been an MC for 10 years and I spit hot fire off the top of the dome, straight into your home!

Anon 10:24, there's no such thing as "Restaurant Row", there's just three different restaurants in completely different parts of the city that the Mayor pushed liquor licenses through for. Any concept of a "Restaurant Row" is a figment of the Mayors sad little imagination as he grasps at straws to show what he's accomplished in the past two years (in other words, nothing). The sad thing is, some people will believe any lies this man spews and wil say "Yeah, Restaurant Row is wicked awesome, two more years for Bob!"

Anonymous said...

The Kashman is on!

Anonymous said...

"Anon 10:24, there's no such thing as "Restaurant Row", there's just three different restaurants in completely different parts of the city that the Mayor pushed liquor licenses through for."

Let's see, Vintage and Sky Lounge are right next door to each other diagonally across Third St. from City Hall, Bella's is in the Academy Building right across the street from City Hall. Completely different parts of the city? For someone that has a lot to say about the city, you don't know it very well do you?

Anonymous said...

Please, a few bars and yet another mediocre portuguese restaurant that the city did not need. We need jobs (wait people excluded) that can stimulate growth and sustain families. All anybody can come up with are local bars where the single moms mingle with the local deadbeat dads? Great for the local economy.

W.J. Bloggah said...

3 bars do not a "Restaurant Row" make. If that was the case, they'd call it "Bar Blvd" or "Alcohol Alley" or something. I thought Restaurant Row was for families to go out together and have a good time. Who wants to bring their kids to hang out in the "VIP" at some singles martini bar? C'mon now, my geography might have been a little messed up, but I'm still right!

Anonymous said...

there hasn;t been a post on this
that poor man that fell off the garbage truck
the sterile has printed three different locations for the accident
we deserve a real paper

shamrock said...

I am quite certain it was Nichols Street. I heard a call come over the scanner about it, for Nichols Street. This is a tragedy.

Last summer I did a blog post about the nicely paved streets of all the city councilors (except steve camara)

Unless something has changed with Pat Casey's smooth, pothole-free street in the last 9 months, I am wondering why her street is being repaved when Nichols street was clearly in need of pothole filling/repaving.

W.J. Bloggah said...

I could've sworn once upon a time somebody said something about a pothole filling machine? I always thought that the budget cuts would wind up costing the life of a policeman or fireman, not a DPW worker.

Anonymous said...

You want to know how potholes get fixed in this city?

City puts pothole fixing vehicle to work

"Both Correia and Pacheco were asked how the first location on Stafford Road was selected after The Herald News was informed that Cory and his family at 389 Stafford Road donated nearly $1,500 to the mayor’s campaign last year.
Cory, who also has a weekly radio show, (on WSAR of course!)acknowledged those public record contributions, and said he’d had no idea his problem area was chosen. “I think it was just by chance,” he said. (Just by chance. Yeah right!)

Potholes don't get fixed on the merit system. Busiest street, biggest potholes, do they get prioritized first above all else? Nope. Once again it is who you know, who you donate to, the Mayor's buddies get theirs done first. Now that you know the system if you have a pothole on your street I suggest you throw the mayor some cash and it'll get fixed. It'll cost you about $1,500 bucks though.