Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fall River Grill

Fall River Grill
363 2nd Street
Fall River, MA 02721

Normally I leave the restaurant reviewing to the ladies over at New England Bites but I couldn't pass this one up. The restaurants in Fall River have some amazing 'dinner for 2' deals but I think Fall River Grill wins the competition with their 2 dinners and a bottle of (tasty) wine for $19.95 Sunday-Wednesday after 5pm.

A friend recommended Fall River Grill last month but I was hesitant to try it, mostly because of its 2nd Street location. I had driven by Fall River Grill many times and assumed it was the kind of "grill" that was just a bar that served buffalo wings and jalapeno poppers. I was totally wrong.

Fall River Grill is divided in 2 with a partitioned bar and the separate, very nice, dining room. The tables had cloth napkins, linen tablecloths, candles, and the dining room was generally attractive and appetizing. It is quite a surprise for a small frontaged building on 2nd street.

(please note, the iPhone has the crappiest camera ever)

Fall River Grill offers the dinner for 2 deal Sunday through Wednesday 5pm-9pm. Meal selections include: Chicken Mozambique, Shrimp Mozambique, Portuguese Steak, Red Snapper, Fried Fish Fillets, Chopped Liver, and probably a few others I am forgetting. A huge bowl of Portuguese soup is $2.50. Soda is $1.00. They also have a regular menu with lots of options.

I have to imagine that no one knows about this place, or that it is the kind of place which needs a recommendation from a friend before trying it, because it is always empty; yet the the food is great and I don't think I have EVER before, paid $19.95 for 2 dinners and a bottle of wine!!


johnybfallriver said...

This is a portuguese restaurant the last time I checked FR had 53 of them, the food is ok don't be mis lead by the name Fall River Grill is not a place to go for a hamburger. But the prices are good.

Taurus3254JA said...

My family and I knows the family that owns the Fall River Grill. They purchased the existing Fall River Grill that was in this location and changed the menu to portuguese. The name doesn't fit the menu selection but the food and prices are great! I've been there several times and have enjoyed it everytime!

Anonymous said...

The Fall River Grill had really authentic Portuguese food and yes there are several other similar restaurants..its Fall River!! but their house steak is one of the best I've had. What separates this place from the others is the quality of the meats. They use top sirloin not the crap meat you get at other places. They also have specials like octopus, rabbit and goat (Portuguese specialties) And YES they DO have grill food. I saw cheeseburgers and chicken fingers on the friend actually had the big burger and he loved it! I had no complaints about this place and I'll definitely be back!