Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another weekend "event" I neglected to mention

When: Saturday 10am-1pm
Where: The Dump aka Mt. Trashmore aka Mt. Viveiros

In "an effort to improve the quality of life of all Fall River residents" the Office of Mayor Bob Correia is hosting a free event at the dump this weekend, and yes delicious refreshments will be served.

Bring the Mayor your hazardous waste at the dump on Saturday for free!

"Residents must remain in their car while the landfill's attendant removes the items directly from vehicles." (At which point the hazardous materials will be disposed of by pouring them into the water supply)


Anonymous said...

I hear they have also hired 7000 newly trained biotech workers to help out.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder where our state reps are during the budget crisis?

An Act relative to pigeons in motion pictures

Summary: Regulates that all pigeons that are used in motion pictures here in Massachusetts must be licensed and banded within the Commonwealth.

shamrock said...

omg you are kidding me!

Anonymous said...

Watch out rodrigues, I can see your buddy bob trying to take credit for this magnificent achievement.

Anonymous said...

That has to be up there with bob having the squash as the state vegetable!!

Anonymous said...

I found that looking for the new legislation rodrigues and bob are supposedly supporting in regards to municipal health insurance .

Can't seem to find anything on that though.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY a politician looking out for the best interest of the pigeons.

johnybfallriver said...

WHy bother most of the city is renters or freeloaders living in apartments and they put everything in the trash, or outside, how many people in Fall RIver Really care about the enviroment?? If you did you would not live in Fall River you would live in a town which really recycled everything.

Anonymous said...

Well at least our legislators are doing something, we so rarely hear from them. Thanks guys for looking out for the pigeons!