Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Innovative Auditing Technique

City Auditor Kevin Almeida and his Magic 8 Ball in the 6/15/10 Herald News

What has Kevin asked the Magic 8 Ball?


Anonymous said...

Q: Will the city complete its audits on time?

A: Don't Count on It

Anonymous said...

He must have asked the 8 ball what will happen with this brilliant finance team after I leave? One thing the council was right about when I watched tonight, there are a whole lot of people that are lucky to have jobs considering the high level of suckage and lack of actual performance in their job.

Anonymous said...

Q: Will the School Departent let me wear flip-flops to work every day so I can use my toes to count to twenty?

A: Only if you have foot fungus!

Anonymous said...

"Mary Sahady said she would take care of me if I signed her no-bid audit contract! I thought I would land at the Housing Authority, but I'll take the School Department! What audits, DOR? Don't worry, Mary and Uncle Bob are taking care of everything!"