Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Bio Park to Green Park to Water Park in less than a year

This week last year a bio park was under construction on a 300-acre site in the city's north end. The acres were properly zoned to accommodate biotech manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, life sciences, and similarly related businesses. Several companies/organization were preparing to move into the Bio Park, plans were made, off ramps were built, and loans were awarded in anticipation of the developing Bio Park.

Fall River was told that the Bio Park was going to save them (prior to the Green Park and Casino saving them).

This week last year, an inexperienced Mayoral candidate named Will Flanagan began campaigning on a promise to bring a Green Park to Fall River instead of a Bio Park. You can read all about Flanagan's promises for a Green Park on his website here.....well you could if his promises hadn't mysteriously turned into 3 pages of blank document...which is pretty much as substantive as anything else he said during his campaign.

Luckily, the Herald News isn't into erasing campaign promises and still has this article on Flanagan's Green Park. Here is my favorite part:

“I am very concerned that the Correia administration is taking a risky gamble on biotechnology, as mayor of this city I would not gamble with our city’s economy. Green jobs are secure for today’s economy and as well as tomorrow’s economy. I will work with our various governmental agencies, our business community, and our unions to ensure that this Green Industrial Park will become reality,” Flanagan said.

(Gambling on the mind much??) Flanagan sounded so committed to a Green Park but, not surprisingly, I haven't heard a thing about it since he used it to get into office. This is probably because he broke his promise for a Green Park and is expeditiously pursuing bringing a casino (with a water park) to Fall River.

I am not necessarily opposed to the idea of any of the aforementioned projects, however, I am opposed to rushed, poorly thought out projects (casino) and false promises made to get into office. The fact that, a mere several months ago, Flanagan was absolutely confident that the Green Park was going to be the answer to Fall River's economic problems, indicates to me that the Casino plan is rushed and not well thought out, like many of his campaign promises.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that disappeared from Flanagan's website, he must have taken a page out of Bob's playbook he did the same thing.

As a matter of fact, Flanagan has made many of the same moves did even though he campaigned as change.

Thing is we were wise to Bob and this time around everything was copied before will removed it!!

Facts are a funny thing aren't they Shamrock?

Anonymous said...

Well thought out campaign promises? Flanagan didn't have them then, he doesn't have them now. But Cathy Ann didn't exactly have brilliant plans either.

Politicians with detailed, specific, well thought out plans? I think you are asking for a bit much. This is mayoral politics in Fall River, you don't see that type of thing round these parts.

Chowmein sandwiches for the elderly and throw around a few generic ideas that have no chance of succeeding or actually being implemented and voila the voters of Fall River will put you in over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Dartmouth just announced a huge "Green" development by Con Edison in their town at the New Bedford Industrial Park....it could have been at our "Green Park" but instead we will get a casino that will fizzle before it even opens.

Fire Flanagan, Fiola, and their puppetmaster Torres.