Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you don't know, make it up

On the heels of a 2 million dollar debacle in the City Collector's office, City Administrator Shawn Cadime is still horribly unknowledgeable about the systems in the Collector's office. At the last City Council meeting, Councilor Mike Lund explained a simple, safe, and efficient, method of check depositing that he uses at his own business. The method sounded like a great idea. In the following clip, Shawn Cadime explains to Mike Lund why we cannot and are not using a system like the one Lund described.

Not only did Cadime have no clue about what was going on in the Collector's office, he clearly made up a story as to why the office could not use the system Lund recommended. At a time when particular attention was need in the Collector's office, the City Administrator had no idea. I cannot say this enough....AGAIN - 2 million dollars was just found laying around the office and, it is obvious from this clip, Cadime didn't do any follow up. At least Treasurer Grab was paying attention.


MerkinMuffley said...

Interesting that now the Herald News is pushing for hiring folks from outside the usual suspects for the new positions. Like that is going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Lock Box, Lock Box, Lock Box...this IS the only intelligent way for that many payments to be recorded...use a bank, hopefully Century Bank, who handle this process for numerous communities, to immediately deposit checks and online paid bills into the City's accouny AS THEY ARE RECEIVED! THE SYSTEM THEY DISCUSSED STILL CHEWS UP EMPLOYEE TIME!

Someone from the bank comes to FR and does the coordination with Collector's staff and FR data processing and the banks programers write software to post the payments that come into their bank onto a file in the Collectors office and, upon approval by the Collector, to the accounts payable and subsidiary receipts ledgers. They are also posted against the Tax Commitment list. The information can be delivered in tape format or online over the net... Get with it's the 21st century already...the overwhelming majority of well run communities, and even the majority of badly run communities with large tax commitment totals, use Lock Box services which have a much higher rate of accuracy than any hand posting or processing system, don't require benefits, and are available 24/7...and they are CHEAP by any standard, only 20K for the Town of Brookline which has the same budget, and similar numbers on their tax commitment as does Fall's one of the reasons Brookline has a AAA credit rating while Fall River's is woefull, and destined to get much much worse once all this news gets to the Auditors. the DOR and the Credit Rating agencies.

Cadime makes it up as he goes along....what's a matter...afraid to tell the truth are unqualified and will remain so...just a nutshell of what the
lying, incompetent and devious regime of "Donkey" Flanagan is capable of, garbage.

A message from an OLD friend.

BTW...every member of the Housing Authority Board of Directors, the Mayor's Office, the City Council and the FROED Board of Director's should be made to spend a week at Maple Gardens. See how a growing number of your constituents live and HOW they are forced to live...the vast majority of them are good people trying to stay alive...maybe it would open some eyes, and get FROED off it's collective buttocks to get sopme real jobs in FR, now that we've most certainly lost the race for the casino...hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Shamrock, this is the 21st century, we have technology, use it! I also agree with the commenter above, LOCK BOX! I think it was Councilor Poulin who brought up the lock box, the city was supposed to be using one because of problems in the past and I don't think they gave him or Lund very good answers on these questions.