Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who (or what) is Chew?

If you haven't seen the "chew" graffiti tag in Fall River, there is a very good possibility your eyes are closed. Who is this? The graffiti is all over the place. Usually it just says "Chew" but this one was unique.

I first saw this particular "chew" on Wednesday July 22. I challenge the owner of this building at 10 Durfee Street to clean it up.

I blogged about the graffiti at this particular location in the past (all pictures except the billboard were from this location). Some anonymous commenters told me that none of it was gang graffiti. While I disagree that none of it is gang graffiti, I maintain that it is still a blight and it needs to be cleaned.

Who does the onus fall on when private property is vandalized with graffiti? Is it the property owner's responsibility to clean it up, despite the fact that they were the victims of a crime? While I don't think it is particularly fair to make the owner clean it up, who else should?

Graffiti breeds graffiti. If this particular owner had cleaned up the first few attempts, chances are the entire side of his building would not, now, be covered in graffiti.


Anonymous said...

i see this tag everywhere, it is on my work building aswell it was tagged over though with BK ?

Anonymous said...

Shamrock, since you have so much time on your hands to bitch and complain about every little thing, why don't you take your blogger ass down there and sand it off yourself? Now you are an authority on law enforcement and what deters vandalism? You must be bored as shit.

Anonymous said...

ooh a hater has something to say.

Anonymous said...

You "challenge" the owner of this building to clean it up? Who the hell are you to challenge anyone? How about letting the proper city agency (in this case the Code Enforcement Office)handle matters like this? You just stick to running all over the city playing detective and taking foolish pictures. Do you wear the big nose and thick black eyeglasses when your "out on patrol"?

Anonymous said...

We are taxpayers that pay the city employees salaries and we pay for graffiti machines that aren;t used that who WE are to challenge.

Anonymous said...

Was the graffiti machine purchased by the city intended to be used to clean up private property?

I'm pretty sure Shamrock said "I challenge "THE OWNER". Very inappropriate.

Maybe Shamrock should go knock on the owners door and "challenge" him in person, instead of from behind his keyboard.

Anonymous said...

You people miss the point here. The owners are the jackasses. They are allowing a blight on the city to continue without fixing it. They are just deadbeat absentee landlords...

In fact, if you are reading this, I'll tell you myself, you are a deadbeat, trying to suck money off of the city. You're a freaking loser... Now paint and clean your effing building jackass.

Anonymous said...

To take the picture of a victims property, post it on a website, and ridicule the victim, is way out of line.I agree with some of the other comments. This blogger is apparently getting too carried away with his own self-importance.
A total lack of responsibility, and perhaps lack of stability. Reminds me of the wanna-be-cop that rides around with a police scanner in his car.

shamrock said...

Let me preface by saying: We need to eradicate the graffiti in this city. I thought/think a lot about this issue, so please don't think I am being capricious with my discussion.

Anon 17:08 - Sorry it took me so long to respond. Contrary to your supposition, I do not have much time on my hands. I blog because it sparks important discussion, and because it raises important isues. To reiterate: I do NOT blog just because I have extra time on my hands.

I will not be trespassing on this person's property, to remove the graffiti, as it would be illegal; but, thank you for your suggestion. If the property owner sought community assistance in cleaning the graffiti, however, I would be more than happy to participate (assuming I could maintain my anonymity).

Anon 20:25
Who am I? I am a taxpaying resident of Fall River, who's city is being overrun with graffiti because complacent property owners don't clean up their portion of Fall River.

Anon 11:18 -
I disagree with your contention that my comments were inappropriate. The building in quetion has been this way for years. The city clearly isn't doing anything about it, I also doubt they could, without permission of the owner, to enter his property.

I recognize that the owners of graffitied property are the victims of a crime, and for that I am sorry. The situation, however, is analogous to my car being on the unfortunate end of a hit and run, while parked in the city. Is the city going to fix the damage to my car? NO, they are not. Should they? I would like that, but it isn't always the government's responsibility to make the victims of crimes, whole again. Stop waiting for the city to fix problems. It isn't going to happen, especially with Bob Correia in office.

Anon 11:18 -
Your attempt at mocking me for choosing to remain anonymous FAILED when you chose to remain an anonymous commenter. Consequently, I thank you for showing everyone that "anonymous" is great.

Anon 22:05 -
I am not "mocking" the victim as you errantly indicate. I am merely challenging them. Why wait for the city to fix their problems. Be self sufficient! I think that I understand your mentality, but you shouldn't always wait for that government handout.

Anon 22:05
I do like my police scanner.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the difference if the picture is posted here or we have to look at the building in person? It still has graffitti on it and is an eyesore.

johnybfallriver said...

graffiti is a direct indicator of the poeple that live in a city, less cops and more and more and more losses = more graffiti. The next step will be for someone to call it art and start paying losers to paint things, becuase they are going to paint them anyway.

Anonymous said...

03 August, 2009 11:15

The difference is that the owner of the property is a victim, not a bad guy. You have no idea his situation. Maybe he's elderly and can't sand it off. Maybe he cannot afford to pay someone. It could be a million things. The difference is that he's not a politician or a public figure, and that means he should not be targeted by mean spirited bloggers such as Shamrock.

Anonymous said...

Shamrock is right. This is a blight on our community. The Mayor has anti-graffiti ordinances that allow a fine of $100 the first day, $200 the second and $300 each day after that.

Believe me this will be followed up on this week. If it isn't cleaned up, it will likely be favoritism on the part of the Mayor. We won't stand for this, and will be forced to go to the news to show that laws are being unequally followed... Again...

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now it's the Mayor that personally patrols the streets and designates what properties to apply enforcement ?

And please site the ordinance that allows $300 per day for graffiti.

Who's going to follow up on it next week? And through what media? I'm sure the "news shows" would do an emergency broadcast to put a nitwit like you on the air.

Maybe the Mayor and Shamrock can go on patrol together some night.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:45 You are an idiot. Start making a clear argument, and I will start taking you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:59

Who's the idiot?

YOU: "We won't stand for this, and will be forced to go to the news to show that laws are being unequally followed... Again"

ME: Of course laws are being unequally followed. You asshole.
Some people follow the law, and some break it. That's the way it's always been. You are going to go to the news shows and tell them that there are people that are not following the law? That'll be a big scoop.

ME: Ok, Monday morning is "next week". The graffiti has not been cleaned up, so let us know how you are going to "follow up" on it as you promised?