Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Bob Correia on Public Safety

just because we cant get someone to pickup the needles doesn't mean it affects public safety .....Bob Correia


Anonymous said...

Sterile Loser story on new restaurant in Dartmouth.

"Reed said there will be no outdoor dining area in this location, though he said its something that may be entertained by the Zoning Board in the future depending on the amount seating and impact to parking."

Should be "it's."
Should be "the amount OF seating."
"Impact TO parking?"
Three screw ups in one sentence. Way to go, Sterile!

Anonymous said...

Uneffingbelievable. Bob Correia clearly has no clue about what public safety means. I really want to have everyone with a Correia for Mayor sign on their lawn, or bumper sticker on their car, committed because they NEED HELP!

Anonymous said...

This is priceless! Any more of his gaffs caught on tape???