Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recalling Brian Bigelow

I think Brian Bigelow should resign from his elected position on the Fall River City Council. I was hoping he would come to this decision on his own, but that is alot to expect from someone whose decision making skills are so lacking that soliciting a hooker, for a $20 blow job, seemed like a good idea.

I have heard several people supporting Bigelow, and even defending his crime by saying it is a minor crime, a victimless crime, there are worse crimes to worry about, this crime should be decriminalized, etc. I cannot agree with those arguments. Bigelow committed a crime. He attempted to fund a criminal activity that operates in the shadows of our neighborhoods.... A criminal activity that funds the purchase of illegal drugs and makes drug dealers rich in our community. It is particularly inexcusable for an elected official who is charged with bettering our city.

In my opinion, Brian Bigelow was never an effective councilor to begin with; starting at that low point, he has only gotten worse. In the past week Bigelow missed the Arts United meeting, which he is supposed to attend in his role as City Council arts liason. He then missed last night's finance committee meeting. In the meetings he has attended since his arrest and subsequent plea to the crime, he only gave input one time.

As a reminder, Bigelow voted against allowing strip clubs in Fall River because of the harm he alleged they would do to our neighborhoods. What kind of hypocrite liar votes against allowing partially nude people in completely private facilities yet contributes to public nakedness, and publicly visible oral sex for money?

In light of everything I just said, and as a disgruntled voter in Fall River, I am demanding Brian Bigelow's resignation from the city council. I have a strong group of voters supporting me on this demand. If Bigelow does not resign by this time next week, we will begin the recall process whereby he can be ousted from office.

Who's with us?!


ThisCityBlows said...

you got my vote. clearly enough he is an arrogant asshole, as are most of the city councilors.

unfortunately, the city is populated by two types of people - morons who vote, and morons who don't. caveat emptor, my friend. the devil you know may be better than the one that replaces him.

Puck said...

I am with you. As you said, he was a do-nothing councilor before the arrest, but now seems to be totally disengaged at council meetings, rocking in his chair, mumbling to himself and playing with his chin hairs. His body is there but his mind--such as it is--sure ain't.

Skoorey said...

As I stated on the Herald News comment section, the recall should happen. Prostitution is NOT a victimless crime.

Shamrock, while your analysis of the damage this crime can do to citizens of Fall River by way of funneling money to drugs, you did neglect one very important point---the victims here are women.

In recent days, comments by citizens on the spate of stories regarding Brian Bigelow's arrest and guilty plea on solicitation charges have included a discouraging stance: that prostitution is a victimless crime and should be legalized.

This simplistic description of prostitution is what happens in a Beaver Cleaver, idealistic universe. Behind the scenes of the lives of these women there are pimps and drugs and desperation. Those things force women to hook. Those ills of society, once taken away, would reduce the victim-ness of the transaction. But, I fear, those ills are here to stay.

That said, a married man who visits prostitutes is a liar and a cheat and can not be trusted. They are lying to their wife, their kids, their employer, and their friends. And when they are elected officials, and even serving on committees that address public safety, then they are especially hypocritical and should not hold public office again.

When Brian cheated on his wife and broke the vows of marriage in this illegal act, he also broke the vows of any elected official. He has disgraced his office. He should resign immediately.

We don't feel sorry for Brian Bigelow. We feel bad for his wife, his kids, his closest friends---because they trusted him the most, and they were betrayed.

Brian Bigelow is not being a MAN by not resigning, he is being a STUBBORN MAN who really and truly believes that he knows best for the city of Fall River. Well, Mr. B., your judgment is in question with this arrest, and that should inform your decision to leave. Digging your heels in now is not only foolish, it is inappropriate.

Instead of worrying about Brian Bigelow, how about worrying about the damage that he has left in his wake. He didn't think about any of this when he went looking for a whore that night. He was even so blind to reality that he didn't notice that the undercover prostitute was the very same woman who had appeared before the city council and told her tale of being let go from her job as a Kuss resource officer because of lack of funding.

I remember that night, and I remember her. She is a memorable person. And that is just it, isn't it Mr. Bigelow. You didn't see the whore you wanted as person. You couldn't recognize her because she was just a piece of flesh to you. She wasn't a resource officer who you personally spoke to that night. She was a thing you have your $20 way with, and then throw away. You were contributing to a woman's crack habit. You were contributing to her pain.

Thanks, Mr. Councilor, for all you do for the women of this city. I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Where can I sign up for this for this recall?
I am happy that he is no longer on the Diman School Committe. Now a removal from THe City Council is in order.

Bigelow is not above the Law!


Anonymous said...

Of course he isn't going to resign on his own, the council job is his only source of income and health insurance at this point. I agree that he didn't do much for the council before this incident and now does even less. With all that said it is sad in a way because he is hardly the worst councilor.

It Said said...

None of you have suggested how you're going to pay for an election that would likely cost five figures to hold..and that few if any voters would show up for..

If you lose Bigelow, you get the 0 for 3 Dave that really an improvement? Or does it really matter at this point?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is an improvement. BECAUSE, the numbers are now switched. We would have 5-4 progressive. 5 not in the mayor's corner instead of 4. We would be able to hold the mayor accountable. Right now, it is 5 for whatever the mayor wants. So, yes, it is important to get dimmie dimwit mayor's ass kissing Bigelow the hell out.

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 that have been for whatever the mayor wants, Casey and Bigelow are probably the only ones with a 90-100% voting record with Flanagan. When Flanagan has gotten up to 5 votes it was through votes from Lund, Mitchell and Poulin. Mitchell is starting to swing more and more toward Flanagan but I hardly see that with Lund and Poulin, I would call those swing votes.

And are you seriously calling Leo Pelletier and Joe Camara and Linda Pereira progressives? I could see where maybe that would apply to Kilby but Pelletier, Camara and Pereira are 3 of the least progressive and most backward councilors we have.

Camara and Pereria should've been dumped when Correia was because they were 2 that voted 100% with him. Just because they are beating up Flanagan all the time don't hold them up as heroes. There is no merit to voting against someone all the time anymore then there is voting for someone all the time.

We need a bunch of new councilors period. Joe and Linda might be trying to re-invent themselves this time around but I'm not falling for it, they have been on the council for years and years and done nothing. They are part of the problem.

And Dennis isn't a huge fan of Flanagan from what I've heard so you are right about that one but don't forget about his friendship with Poulin because it would mean you might see the two of them working together on some issues instead of fighting one another.

ThisCityBlows said...

First of all, the person suggesting that none us told how an election is going to be paid for needs to wise up.

First of all, in the City Council, there would be no election, the 10th place finisher gets his spot.

Secondly, even in cases where there would be a special election in any race, we would pay for it via taxes - what do you think, a car wash would be held?

Holding elections costs money. That's the price of living in a democratic republic.

I don't see the logic in complaining about the costs of a special election, ever, for two reasons. Firstly, the total cost versus the size of the budgets they come out of are minuscule, and Secondly, because people like you don't think logically and really need to think about moving to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kilby runs!!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Kilby has been running since day one of the Flanagan administration.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Flanagan was in cahoots with Richard Bacarri before day one of running for mayor?

And Bacarris daughter is married to the son of Caprio for governor of Rhode Island?

Anonymous said...

This is who Flanagan is dealing with for the biopark land??

John Doe #2 aka Bacarri in the FBI affadavit:

During the February 9, 2009 consensually recorded conversation between CS#1 and ZAMBARANO, ZAMBARANO went on to explain how the Stop & Shop bribe would be executed, indicating that JOHN DOE #2 would only pay after the vote. “He [JOHN DOE #2] said „That's the way I do business.‟ He‟s not giving us anything until after the meeting... I‟m getting it tomorrow night... I‟m meeting him and [JOHN DOE #1] about an hour after the meeting... So I‟ll get it... I‟ll give everybody theirs too... and then Wednesday after work I‟ll give you the $4,000. But Ray [DOUGLAS] says to me „He‟s not gonna make this hard for us tomorrow night is he?‟” ZAMBARANO then asked CS#1 “You‟re going to vote for it right?” to which CS#1 replied "Yeah."

Anonymous said...

FBI affadavit .......Richard Bacarri owner of land the city wants to buy or he is going to "donate" if you believe that I have a rusty bridge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Richard Bacarri John Doe:

FBI affadavit

The next day, Wednesday February 11, 2009, ZAMBARANO met with CS#1 in CS#1's vehicle and delivered $4,000 in cash to CS#1. During the cash delivery, the FBI recorded the meeting between CS#1 and ZAMBARANO using audio and video recording. While paying CS#1's portion of the bribe, ZAMBARANO again described to CS#1 how the scheme came about. “I went down to [JOHN DOE #2‟s]. ...What happened was... I‟m very close to JOHN DOE #1. I‟m very close to him and he said to me 'If youse want something... you‟re the guy that‟s gonna do the deal... He [JOHN DOE #2] doesn‟t want to talk to anyone else about it.' So I went down there... so I said 'Alright, how does twenty-five sound?' He [JOHN DOE #2] said 'Fine.'”

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how the double secret negotiations with the mayor and rda are going

youse guys

Anonymous said...

JOHN DOE #2, whose true identity is known to the FBI, is the principal of a Rhode Island real estate development company, (herein after "JOHN DOE #2's Company"). JOHN DOE #2's Company operates in interstate commerce in the acquisition, development, construction and management of office, industrial, retail, and residential properties in New England and other states

Anonymous said...

KILBY would be a strong cand. We shall see!!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Kilby sounds good to me. Smart guy and is 45 ...better than 29!!!! Oh and he does not RENT??

Anonymous said...

Kilby would be a disaster.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kilby might be able to make it close but no way he would win. If he was going to run he should've done it in 2009 and maybe he would've had a chance.

So how's that recall coming along? Guess it was just all talk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is the recall? Lets get that moving, Ill sign second right under you shamrock

shamrock said...

Gosh anonymous, I am sorry I haven't checked in with you. Recalls don't happen overnight, but, worry you not, it is in the works.

I am a blogger of my word and I certainly intended to back up what I said. Also, I am not delusional enough to think Bigelow would have stepped down on his own at my request.

FiolaIsAFuckwad said...

On another note...want some proof that New Bedford has it so much more together than Fall River? Read this article.

Anonymous said...

Just read the Herald News today and what companies they have loaned money to bring in and maintain jobs!

No numbers of course but look who they employ.

Nat'l Title - Don Berube
Fall river ford -
Griffin mgr

all many new jobs did they bring in to Fall River other than jobs for themselves???

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Little Theater of Fall River is plugging and buying ad time from I beat women radio, very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the loan FROED:

Northeast Food & Beverage LLC
ownver Riley Sanders doing business as:

Pour Decisions - (Jan. 05, 2009) - Herald News
Posted: January 05, 2009
By Jay Pateakos

Most bar and restaurant owners don't have the time to scrutinize the volume of beverages poured in their establishments each week. But for many of them, the amount of liquor distributed from their business free - sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars worth - would be staggering.

With two dozen years of hospitality and restaurant management experience behind him, Riley W. Sanders, owner of the newly created Bevinco of Bristol County, knows
all about the what goes on behind a bar - theft, over-pouring, lack of training and inability of owners to set a standards for bartenders, to name a few concerns.

Bevinco, a Toronto, Canada-based franchise that uses a computerized system to help restaurants detect how alcohol disperses from bars or restaurants, starts with a number of visits to the establishment.

FiolaIsAFuckwad said...

I don't think it's fair to criticize businesses, regardless of their connections. Business owners do what they have to in order to survive, and in business-unfriendly Massachusetts and Fall River in particular, some have decided to play the political game to help secure funding. The only exception to this would any owners that also serve on FROED's board should not be eligible for assistance or loans of any kind.

FROED on the other hand, is not run by bankers or anyone with experience in financial analysis. For this reason, they should not be allowed to make SBA loans. It's a failure on may levels - the SBA for having such low standards as to who is eligible to make these loans, and in the local economy, since these are loans that should be written by local banks under more stringent underwriting guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Griffin Mfg seemed to be doing just fine before FROED

By Jay Pateakos
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Jan 27, 2009 @ 11:18 PM
Fall River —

Despite a high unemployment rate not seen since the end of President Bill Clinton’s first term, a number of local businesses are looking to hire dozens of people and are struggling to find employees to fill them.

Griffin Manufacturing, maker of fire-retardant military clothing on Bedford Street, is looking to hire an additional 30 full-time stitchers to complement its existing work force of 100, and company president Gene Laudon said it likely they won’t end there. But the question isn’t how many he will hire, it’s how many will apply. And if history is any indication, he won’t get many bites.

“It’s tough to come by good workers in the apparel business, and it’s like that with many of these businesses. I don’t know where these people have gone. I’m looking for people with skills in sewing that can sit down at a sewing machine with a little bit of explanation and start to sew,” said Laudon. “We’re looking to hire 30 now, and if things continue, we could probably hire another 30 easily. But if we can’t find the people to fill these orders continuously, we won’t be able to take on these contracts.”

Laudon said many of his 100 employees have been working overtime each week, and this past Saturday, they worked the entire day — their sixth in a row, something that will continue if more help isn’t hired. He said he knew that many of the hundreds of Quaker workers are receiving unemployment assistance and getting retrained into some other career, but much of what his company does would suit Quaker workers perfectly. Laudon said interested parties can just come to his front door of the main office, fill out an application and take a sewing test.

Anonymous said...

What has changed???

P.O. BOX 9516
FACSIMILE 508-324-2626
March 31, 2009
Mayor Robert Correia
City Hall
1 Government Center
Fall River, MA 02722

Dear Mayor Correia:
The current economic state of our city has left me with the impression that your administration has failed to budget properly for fiscal year 2009. During this fiscal year the city has faced layoffs, cuts in programs, and a decrease in services. I am also concerned that your financial team has failed to properly discuss the state of the city’s finances with its citizens. Therefore, I am calling upon you to host a town hall meeting regarding the state of the city’s finances.
The city’s budget should be a transparent document. The citizens of our city deserve to know how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent and how your administration assembled the current budget. A town hall meeting will give you and your financial team an opportunity to openly review the city’s budget with its citizenry. A town hall meeting will give the citizens of our great city an opportunity to listen to your financial team and ask questions regarding the current state of the city’s finances.
In addition a town hall meeting would serve as an opportunity for you to solicit public input on the projected 2010 budget. Due to the recent uncertainty surrounding our finances, I strongly believe that a town hall meeting regarding our budget will positively serve our city. As a candidate for mayor you ran on a platform of making city hall more open and responsive to the needs of citizens, this is an opportunity to fulfill that promise.
Will Flanagan
Candidate for Mayor