Sunday, August 8, 2010

Deuce Bigelow against strip clubs in the neighborhoods

Councilor Brian Bigelow, saying he grew up in that neighborhood, showed his opposition to a neighborhood strip club in a dramatic way. “Put LNG (the proposed liquefied natural gas terminal) in the middle of the ocean, put in a pole with a strip club on top of it, and blow it up.”

“I would not want a strip club in any neighborhood,” Bigelow said to cheers.
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But its ok to buy a hooker in someone elses neighborhood?

RESIGN NOW DEUCE. If you do not, your scrutiny in the public eye will only get worse.


Anonymous said...

Irony sweet irony.

Anonymous said...

was the mayor really on the "detail" if so there is more irony for you....only he pays in jobs, instead of $$ 's ...

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a rats ass about his party affilation? Is he more guilty either way?lol Bigelow needs to resign now from the City Council! Also Sheriff Tom needs to remove him from his daily operation at the Bristol County Sheriffs Office ASAP!!!! Tom u dont need people like this on your staff? Yeah I'm sure this was'nt his first time picking up hookers in that area!!! I can only imagine how he explained to his wife? How he was working? with the police and the arrest was a secret plan? lol His poor wife, I guess a hooker was bed in bed? lol Will she be able 2 live with that? I'm sure her family says enough is enough!! Leave that bastard!!!

Puck said...

Another bit of irony...Bigelow is on the Council's Public Safety Committee. I know a lot of people have joked in the HN comments that he will try to say he was doing research, conducting his own sting, etc., but I think he's delusional enough to believe he can get away with these excuses. Oh, and he's Chair of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee. All the more reason for him to check out the quality of this particular tourist attraction.

I know Flanagan needs this "yes man" on the Council, but if he doesn't convince Bigelow to resign, it's going to reflect badly on Flanagan too.

How many moral misfits do we want on the Council? Leo the Felon, Linda the Racist/Liar/Vigilante, Joe Justice, Brad the Bully, Lund the Scoflaw...enough already!!!

Sadly, these Councilors are proof that if Bigelow doesn't resign, he will get reelected. Fall River loves its lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

Puck- I agree Mayor Flanagan needs 2 ask for him 2 resign now!! I hear the city council will take the steps to remove him, if he doesn't leave on his own!! Brian the only way this will save your family life is 4 u too step down!!! ASAP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really anon 10:54, you think the council has the backbone it takes to remove him?

I'm not sure they have a recourse to do it, but I don't see them even talking about it, or pressuring him.

Anonymous said...

Look Like Sheirff is moving forward 2 terminate Brian Bigelow from the Bristol County Sheirffs Office. He really cant have this at the prison!!!How could Tom support this kind of action by Brian Bigelow?

Anonymous said...

Brian Bigelow think of the kids!! U have tarnished the fine name of their school!! It's finally time for you 2 think you the good of others!! And resign!!! Before removed!!! U decide but the clock is ticking!! And people are working 2 get rid of you legally!!

Anonymous said...

An Urgent Message From the Southeast Massachusetts Building Trades Council
The Fall River City Council is attempting to repeal the new Responsible Employer Ordinance that was passed in April because of a pending lawsuit by the Utility Contractors of New England. The Ordinance Committee voted last Tuesday to repeal and the motion will now go before the Full Council this Tuesday, August 10 at 7:00 pm.
We're asking all union members to support the Trades by coming to the Fall River City Council Chamber by 6:30 and showing the Council the REO should not be repealed. Many Trades members will be there and representatives from the Trades will be speaking during public input.
If members can't come, please call:
Brian Bigelow at 508-676-0995 and thank him for siding with Fall River working families and legitimate contractors by voting against the repeal and preamble on last June 29th and ask him to do it again.
Linda Pereira at 508-965-8266 and tell her you can't understand how she was such a strong proponent of the REO back in April and is now going against it. Ask her to stand on her principles and vote against repealing. Ask her to at least vote against the emergency preamble for now so the 2 parties to the lawsuit can have time to work out a compromise on the issue. Mention the city was on the right track with the new REO and the Council looks foolish by repealing it so fast....all it needs is some tweaking.
Pat Casey at 508-320-9569 and tell her you're extremely disappointed that she did an about face on the issue after voting for it in April. Ask her also to at least vote against the emergency preamble for now so the 2 parties to the lawsuit can have time to work out a compromise on the issue. Mention the city was on the right track with the new REO and the Council looks foolish by repealing it so fast...all it needs is some tweaking. Also remind her that Attorney Steve Torres mentioned in the Ord. Comm. meeting that if the 2 parties can reach a consent agreement before 10/1/10, there's no cost to city.
In solidarity,

Jim Pimental
Southeastern Mass Building Trades Council
508-677-7358 (c)
508-672-6302 (f

Anonymous said...

Labor to Labor Literature Drop for William Flanagan for Mayor of Fall River
Start: 10/24/2009 - 9:00am
Meet at the Carpenters Local 1305 at 239 Bedford St. in Fall River and start the drop at 9:00. Please be there by 8:30 to be briefed and receive materials. There will be coffee and doughnuts before and sandwiches and beverages when done.

There will not be knocking on doors and speaking with voters, only dropping off materials on their doorsteps. Please contact Jim Pimental asap with numbers of how many members from your local will be participating.


Jim Pimental
Southeastern Mass Building Trades Council
508-677-7358 (c)
508-672-6302 (f)

shamrock said...

This explains why the administration proposed an ordinance that is patently unconstitutional and is now getting the city sued.

The labor union can picket all they want but it wont make the ordinance legal.

Anonymous said...

I think there is more to the story. Parts of the ordinance may be legal and other parts illegal. It looks like both sides need to reach an agreement before Oct. 1st.

I watched the council meetings on this and hiring local tradespeople on jobs and having apprenticeship programs aren't bad things they are just things that cut into a company's profits but there are some things more important than the bottom line.

Perhaps Flanagan and Torres could've done a good thing here but botched the execution of yet another issue like they have done with so many others?

Anonymous said...

Torres is a pompous know it all ass who will likely continue to get the city in trouble until Flanagan is booted from office.

Anonymous said...

Flanagan and Torres can't execute? Well duh! Understatement of the year! Whatever they do gets botched. They can't even get a simple thing right like if you want to locate a BioPark in Freetown maybe you ought to actually talk to the people in Freetown. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Hand those 2 a lump of gold and they will turn it into a lump of crap in no time flat!

Anonymous said...

Just in? There is a guy telling a story, he had sex with Brian Bigelow? And Brian is bi-sexual!! I bet his family already knows? Sad how they cover these things up! But if you know Brian, you can understand he's always been behind the 8 ball!! Boy wait until the media gets a hold of this guy now?

It Said said...

Annon 14:30..this is Fall River..the ultimate Peyton Place..there are plenty of stories going around..its all in what you choose to believe.

I have $20 for anybody right now, that not only will Brian not resign from council, but he will run in 2011 and win re election...

Fall River voters are the same voters who return Barney Frank to Congress, despite the fact that a former boyfriend was running a prostition operation out of their D-C apartment, that returned Ted Kennedy to the Senate, despite that fact that Kennedy committed manslaughter when the car went in the water, containing one of Bobby's staffers, who could have been saved if he'd given a damn , and with the Kennedy machine on the Cape, was able to cover it up, and that return Kevin Augiar to Beacon Hill, in spite of the fact that he was running numbers for the mob.

Brian just has to apologize, hit rehab for a while, and he'll be a hero to voters..just gotta get the drum kit and the Subway Sandwhiches on the campaign trail..simple really..

Anonymous said...

"It Said"- Not sure if you herd the last news? But they are looking into Brian Bigelow's computer at work, this is part of the on going investigation at the BCSO!! And the media in no time will ask what was found? Under the "Public Information Act"!! And Sheirff Tom Hodgson will have to release the report!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope he wasn't blogging lol!

Anonymous said...

Puck...I mean...fat ass is back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a job and a boyfriend you jerk!!

I talk bad French said...

Anon 21:15, Are you confusing your Shakespearean characters?

Seems like you have a hard time attacking Puck's argument so you attack the person.

Anonymous said...

I over herd a conversation? That the Bristol County Sheirffs Office, may be looking into Brian Bigelow's work computer? I wonder what they will find? After all it is a 'Public' piece of property!!! I believe they don't even need a search warrant!!! Kiss that job good bye!!! I guess the media stations, are wanting to know under 'public discloser act' whats on there? Ch12 is working this story 2 day!! Should be real interresting to watch how Sheriff Thomas Hodgson handles this one?

Anonymous said...

We need the recall process to begin!