Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brian Bigelow Explains


Anonymous said...

This may be more plausible that the defense that the councilor will come up with on his own. (I can't wait!) In fact, he very well may use your idea! Nice job.

Skoorey said...

So good! So right! So funny!

Puck said...

And they say the sequel is never as good as the original! You crack me up, Shamrock.

Anonymous said...

OK Puck I mean and your family are perfect. I do not think so!!!! You are trash!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous think we can smell Hurricane stank when it waltzes into a random room and start insulting people...what's wrong Mike, sorry you got the heave ho and nop are facing yet another disaster with your internet radio farce of an adventure.... oh yeah, internet radio in Fall River - just another set of words to describe a Sylvanagan propaganda machine and free food for the Hurrixcane for that porcine drunkard thew hurricane...Hey mike, haven't heard anymore claims of how much clean and sober time you have...fall of the wagon?...AGAIN!?

SKoorey said...

Off topic but not that much off topic: Yesterday I attended the big LNG announcement thing at the Narrows. A lot of the local and state pols were there. Mayor Flanagan walked by and gave me the most inhuman hand shake I have ever felt.

Body language;
1. He was moving away as he shook my hand.
2. He had zero emotion as he said hello
3. He cupped his palm with the shake, thereby not making full contact with his hand in mine
4. He did not smile, thereby letting me know he was not pleased to see me, a constituent
5. very robotic hello, how are you to my "good morning, Mr. Mayor"

Creepy really. Creepy.

Kash said...


DA WORDZ are by me Ka$hMaN and my Homie and DJ Sex-0n-8

This jam is going out to a scandalous fellow

who likes ladies of the night and his jazz mellow

A man who got problems yeah he got a beef

with the blogers making fun of his crooked teeth

voted against a strip club club ROLMAO

cuz he don't like ladies dancing on a pole

but he think they lookin fly under a lamp post

of all the CC members he got the most

flash and style and a jimmy that dont quit

maybe he be into freaky shit and his wife can't handle it

all of a sudden the rumors are flyin but just like OJ Brian is Lying

in his mug shot he lookin all dejected like a sleepy billy joel that just got arrested

next time he runs gonna sweep the election

i hope when he's on the campaign trail he wears protection

i don't know a lot of facts but i heard a lot of rumors

that be spreading through the riv like a cancerous tumor

i heard he was wearin boxer shorts and makin on some hoe with the genital warts

another thing i heard was he was wearing ladies panties

inquiring minds want to know if they were thong or they were granny

i heard something else but homeboy please

tell me he didn't mug my great aunt louise

i heard he knocked her out but he didn't steal her purse

he took her brand new glasses and u know whats worse

when he showed up to arraignment he had them on his face even though there were cameras all over the place

if that aint cold i dont know what is

BAM BAM Bigelow the kind of freak he is.

Compared to Marv Albert he's A OK now he's out of the job but he still making pay

Or maybe Brian had a 1am craving when he heard what the chef at TA was making

Morgan Street is a nice place to go for a happily married man to take a 1am stroll.

Officer, it was all a mistake he didnt want a hand job he just wanted a hand shake

cuz he down with the constituents even if they inject barbitchates

I hear all the ladies of the night call him biggie smalls and it don't have to do with the fact he ain't tall

biggest news story all the bloggers had a ball

dethroned the Hurricane for most posts of all

I know some people got a problem with Leo

But he never used $40 to form the Brian Bigelow Trio

Bangin da hoes what else he hiding

get him off the CC and school committee at Diman

Skoorey said...

Very inventive! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

The voters of the district might want to check the SUPERIOR court records about COOGAN!! He is being sued for taking $33,000 from a friend of mine without authorization.He was supposed to remodel her house. He made a transfer of $33,000 from her construction escrow into his own account WITHOUT HER AUTHORIZATION or signature because he was on the bank's board of directors. He never paid it back and never did the job.

Puck said...

Funny stuff, Kash!!!

shamrock said...

Ka$h, always an honor to host your premieres! As fantastic as ever. Keep them coming :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From a Victoria's Secret ad?

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear anything about Mike Herren's trial?

It was scheduled to start yesterday.