Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ken Fiola's Salary

In a March 2009 article in the Herald News, Fall River Office of Economic Development (FROED) (legally incorporated as Jobs for Fall River, Inc.) president, Alan Amaral was asked about Fiola's salary. Amaral said the board has a legal contract and he’d release it with Fiola’s permission. Amaral said it is at least $100,000 and “is commensurate with his abilities and experience.”

Amaral's answer is scummy because FROED is a non-profit and as a result, Ken Fiola's salary is public record.

Without further ado:
2005 $156,699.00 plus an additional $6,262 in deferred payments
2006 $155,209.00 plus an additional $6,217 in deferred payments
2007 $162,257.00 plus an additional $6,429 in deferred payments

Ken Fiola's Taunton counterpart earns approximately $70,000. That is $100,000.00 less then Fiola. To add further insult, Taunton is actually doing well so their money is well spent on their economic development director. is a free service (you just need to set up an account and password) that offers information on non-profits. FROED's IRS 990's are available on that site. The 990's indicate where FROED's money is spent, salaries, director information, and much more - check it out.


Skoorey said...

Excellent post Shamrock. This is exactly what is wrong with Fall River. People with their hands in the till while folks are suffering, while the economy tanks, while public servants are laid off. Time to renegotiate that contract, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

why would he renegotiate? He has a CONTRACT and the whole point is to protect him. Stick to planting flowers at our parks please and leave the serious stuff to those capable. Whether he is overpaid or not is irrelevant

Anonymous said...

You didn't waste any time with those personal goals shamrock!


Skoorey said...

Anon 11:55, thanks for putting me down. I hadn't had enough of that already by overly sensitive politicians and public officials. Yes, resign me to the flower beds while you BIG BOYS fix the system. Right on!

Oh, and thanks for being a misogynist. There aren't enough of those around here. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

wether he is over paid is absolutely the point. If he actually brought in 8000 jobs for fall river there might not be a discussion. What is his batting average?

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are joking Anon 11:55...

How is whether he is overpaid or underpaid irrelevant? I suppose it is true, that if he isn't doing the job, it doesn't matter at all. And Fiola is very much NOT doing the job. So perhaps you are right.

I don't quite understand your attack about planting flowers at the parks. But, it is likely just a red herring to hide the fact that you have no clue.

Anonymous said...

The BIG question here is what is Will going to do with Fiola.

Anonymous said...

Flanagan will do nothing with Fiola. Flanagan's handlers are all in nice and cozy with Fiola so don't expect anything to change there. On the other hand, the Long family supported Flanagan very strongly so you may see Jeff Santos out and Steve Long back as Community Development Director. At least he is more qualified than Santos.

Overpaid, you know how to spell it - F - I - O - L -A

Anonymous said...

This sure brings a different light to the 'hard time' article the paper wrote last May...

Cake anyone?

Anonymous said...

So who actually pays fiolas salary? Does he have a contract with the city? What is the talk abou quasi agency?

Skoorey said...


Anonymous said...

Funded by the state?

SouthCoast Development Partnership steering committee
The SouthCoast Development Partnership was created in 1999 as a regional, business-led collaborative to promote the SouthCoast region of Massachusetts as the next wave in economic opportunity. With headquarters on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the Partnership is affirmation that regionalism works both as a marketing approach and as a strategy for sustainable economic development.

SouthCoast Development Partnership Membership
Thomas F. Lyons, Co-Chair
President, BankFive

Peter Kavanaugh, Co-Chair
President, Kavanaugh Development

Dr. Jean MacCormack
Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Mayor Scott W. Lang
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Mayor Robert Correia
Fall River, Massachusetts

Attorney Kenneth Fiola, Jr.
Executive Vice President, Fall River Office of Economic Development

Matthew Morrissey
Executive Director, New Bedford Economic Development Council

State Representative Michael Rodrigues

State Senator Mark C. W. Montigny

Thomas Davis
Executive Director, Greater New Bedford Industrial Foundation

Steven Karam
Greater Fall River Development Corporation

Robert Mellion
President, Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce

Roy Nascimento
President, New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce

Scott Costa
Co-owner/Treasurer, Bufftree Building Company

Dennis Galvam

Lisa A. Hermenau
National Grid

Arthur Motta
Executive Director, Southeastern Massachusetts Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mark Reilly

Lisa Lundy Kusinitz
Dominion Energy, Brayton Point

Michael Metzler
Retired Hospital CEO

Ex Officio
Greg Bialecki
Secretary of Housing and Development

Martin Walsh
Executive Director
Mass Office of Business Development

Buddy Rocha
Regional Director, Mass Office of Business Development

Paul Vigeant
Assistant Chancellor for Economic Development
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

James Mathes
Executive Director, SouthCoast Mentoring Initiative for Learning Education & Service (SMILES)

Paul Burke
Insurit Agency Inc.

Ex Officio
State Representative Kevin Aguiar
State Representative Antonio Cabral
State Representative Stephen Canessa
State Representative Steven D’Amico
State Representative Patricia Haddad
State Representative Robert Koczera
State Senator Joan M. Menard
State Representative John F. Quinn
State Representative William Straus
State Representative David B. Sullivan
State Senator James Timilty

Jennifer J. Menard
Executive Director, SouthCoast Development Partnership

Anonymous said...

They need to be held accountable and report what they are doing to bring jobs to the southcoast.

This should be updated to the taxpayers and public information.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work Shamrock!

This contract needs to be renegotiated. I am all for paying people what they are worth, God knows I demand to be paid what I am worth.

Ken Fiola is extremely overpaid.

I hope that our new mayor will ignore his merry band of handlers and do what is right for the city even if it is not popular with the old boys network.

W.J. Bloggah said...

Ken Fiola isn't worth the sweat on the collective hairy balls of Fall River. If he worked for free, he'd still be overpaid. What's his track record on job creation????


Anonymous said...

There in lies the problem WJ !! If they worked on a "sales commission" basis like private industry what would his annual salary be??

How about a volunteer organization to find possible employers for fall river and a finders fee for successful referrals?

Strict guidelines, don't give away the farm with TIF agreements, make sure they hire fall river residents and offer training.


Anonymous said...

Fiola's salary alone equals approximately 38% of the the total revenues for FROED, according to the IRS 990. Now, where is that contract between FR RDA (a Government entity?) and FROED?

Anonymous said...

Will Flangan stated multiple times that we can't expect change by returning the same people back to office.

I hope Flanagan keeps that in mind in his dealings with FROED. Let's look back at the past 20 years to review FROED's accomplishments.

Mayor Flanagan will have the opportunity to lead Fall River's economic development efforts in a new direction.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same people are also on the WIB another quasi-agency.

Anonymous said...

Kudo's Shamrock. This is just the kind of information that Kenny the cockroach didn't want out. Watch him scurry now that the light is on him.

Alan Amaral needs to explain why, in his mind. $160K+ is "commensurate with his abilities and experience." Otherwise, I don't want him entrusted in any of the public's funds.

Kenny cried (literally) when Mayor Mitchell tried to get rid of him and let him keep his job. Mayor Lambert (and Correia) understood the importance of $ (just check the campaign contributions during their terms) and Kenny survived yet again.

Will, it's you turn to do what's right.

Anonymous said...

supposedly he had a "contract" another one to look into.

FROED could hire at least 2 productive & effective people for that salary.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard that story of Kenny crying in Mayor Mitchell's office when Mitchell was going to fire Kenny. Mitchell told me personally and I quote..."the biggest mistake I made as Mayor, was not firing Fiola"...Fiola only gives CASH donations to all "Good Chance" candidates. Mike Plasski also wants him fired...IE: Time to work in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Fiola is a TOOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has added two new members to its board. Lisa Strattan has been editor in chief of The Herald News since 2003.

Check the relationship between this group, the Southeast Mass Deleopment Partnership and other groups and you'll see why the Sterile does NOTHING to investigate FROED.

Conflict of interest!!!! This paper has no trust in this community

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Will might do. He is very close to Lambert and Kenny and lambert were close friends!!

Lazurusisus said...

Dear Shamrock:

I wish I had discovered the complete roster of names and interdependent familial relationships the infest this City and assocaited administrative underpinnings...Instead of the quote from Richard III "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse", perhaps a similar quote should be in order for Fall River: "An honest politician, an honest politician, my City for an honest politician!"
I wonder how much of the $160K salary Kenny "No Tie" Fiola kicks back to local pols? Has to be alot because in every picture I've ever seen him in he lacks any kind of neckwear what-so-ever...Hey Kenny, got a permanent neck rash? Herpes sore that irritates easily? Christ, can't you even wear a lousy bolo tie? Someone give this idiot some trutle wax for his chrome dome! If he won't use his head for thinking, at least make sure it looks good!

Anonymous said...

its absurd that this position makes more than the CEO of fall river...????

Anonymous said...

I am basing my next vote for Mayor on what Will does with Kenny.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it disgusting how Herren carries The Bobfathers water?? Isnt it a conflict that Herren and the granddaughter Krysten are all over the city bars slobbering over one another??

Anonymous said...

The Hurricane and The runaway bride Fall Rivers first How much different in age anyone know??

Anonymous said...

We have a Hurricane sighting. He posts here to try to get people talking about him and he thinks it creates interest in his show and draws traffic. What a pathetic cry for attention, what an attention whore. Everybody knows the truth by now, the Hurricane and WSAR are irrelevant, neutered, no balls, no power, nothing. If they had any juice at all then Bob Correia would still be mayor. Hate on the Herald News all you want and all of us do from time to time but they really are the only game in town.

Anonymous said...

Is Umass a non-profit I couldn't find you salary.

shamrock said...

Huh? I know you are trying to be snarky, however, the best way to find someone that works at UMass would be to look at the state payroll link I have listed on the right side of the blog.

shamrock said...

oh and "anon" 17:53: I would think you would want me exposing Fiola...guess I was wrong about you.

Anonymous said...

this post deleted by author

Anonymous said...

Even his own daughter bitch slapped him for being so overpaid.

Anonymous said...

shamrock you are a do you sleep at night?? i hope you get exposed and i believe you will,then i want you to look in the eye the people you have trashed over and over again..we will see how brave you are!!

Anonymous said...

Why does Shamrock tossing out Fiola's salary make him a creep? The guy is overpaid, period.
If your comment was written in regards to his recent altercation with his daughter up on HN rest easy, Shamrock went on the article blog with a thumbs down.
The fact that her parents courted the HN to cover her fab prom nite may have somthing to do with their call regarding posting the story.
Sorry, publicity goes both ways.

Anonymous said...


shamrock said...

Dear no caps and ALL CAPS,

As you may have noticed, this is public information. Why are you so pissed off by facts and information? Also, I posted this 3 months ago - why the sudden interest?

I believe FROED is ineffective. FROED does not advance the city in a beneficial direction. Prove me wrong. Prove me wrong. Cite to a FROED success.

Anonymous said...

If you want to target the underachieving you should start at Government Center, then you can walk right over to the Herald News, and from there a quick car ride to WSAR!

If Shamrock is underachieving chances are he MUST work in one of those places!

Anonymous said...


shamrock said...

Please know that I am not intimidated by your threat. You are very emotional over something that is public record.

Good luck on your "mission," although there are a few more noble causes out there than "exposing" my family. I will start you off on your investigation: no one in my family is sucking off the teet of Fall River, none of them have been arrested, none of them have jobs as a result of nepotism, and they are all private figures entitled to a higher level of privacy and defamation protection.

Anonymous said...

Shamrock, Dear,

That angry Anonymous with the big letters and the small brain sounds like he needs to go sit in the time-out chair for a very, very long time. But if he's really going to expose us do you think I should get my hair done? Maybe I should buy a pretty new dress, too. Oh, my, this is sounding like fun! Could it be a reality show? We could film it in the basement now that you've moved out.

Oh, goodness, there's nothing like an angry has-been Durfee ex-jock to liven up a boring January in Fall River!

Well, dear, that's all for now. I'm off to the kitchen to bake some yummy cookies in case ALL-CAPS drops by. And you know how much the Dobermans like cookies…almost as much as they like cranky visitors!


Anonymous said...

Poor guy got hurt playing mediocre basketball at best so Fall River taxpayers have to overpay him for the rest of his life. $32,500/year talent at best based on intelligence and work ethic. His daughter slapped him for being such as loser.

Anonymous said...

He is a joke. Robert Correia was a low level aggorant, igornant monkey and the city continues to be a disater due to the stupidity of the people that vote in the same useless folls in time and time again. They dont need any brains only a portuguese surname( last name. Wake up and smell the favas.

Tod Baxter said...

Underachieving money grabber. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

For 2009 Fiola's salary at JOBS FOR FALL RIVER INC was :

142,319 Base
7932 BONUS


Anonymous said...

Is this why Fall River isn't going in the correct direction? I can bring Jobs to the city in the next 3 months. Fiola is doing his best to hold that up! I think it's time for the citizens of the city to smarten up. City hall don't give a dam about you, do you know why? I'll tell you because there getting a paycheck every week.