Thursday, November 12, 2009

Awesome Tourism Video


W.J. Bloggah said...

LOL, I saw this on Metafilter. Didn't this guy have like a few million dollar budget and 6 months lead time, and then he did this like a week before it was due? Sounds like me in college!

Seriouly though, wasn't there supposed to be a big Fall River tourism video coming out by the "Usual Suspects"? I bet I can guess where the budget for that went...

Anonymous said...

No need to promote Fall River when FROED will now be promoting Freetown, Somerset, and Westport.

Successful cities draw people into the city, not out of the city. You want people to earn their money in the city (where they work) and spend their money in the city (where they shop).

Anonymous said...

Hmm, It's a big world outside of Fall River. Same as it's ever been.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love the song! This could be Fall River, no, wait, it's better, I can just picture our video. We can get Tom's Towney Tunes to write the lyrics. ROTFLMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Posted on the front page of the on line HN. Today hidden in the HN, time for a new blog on Joan.

Coogan, president of Fall River firefighters union, could challenge Menard in 2010.

By Michael Holtzman
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Nov 19, 2009 @ 07:21 PM


FALL RIVER — .Michael Coogan, a city fire lieutenant and president of the firefighters union, said he’s seriously considering a run for the Senate seat held by veteran legislator Joan A. Menard.

“I’m exploring the possibility. I’m talking to people. I’m talking to my family. I haven’t made a commitment one way or the other,” Coogan said this week. “I’ll be making up my mind in the next couple of weeks.”

He raised the possibility of a run this week at a meeting of Local 1314 of the International Association of Firefighters, and has talked about it for weeks.

Coogan, 42, is chairman of the city’s Insurance Advisory Committee and was elected as a member of the board of directors of the Fall River Retirement Board.

Menard, D-Fall River, a 32-year legislator in the House and Senate, is the assistant majority leader and has held several leadership positions. She represents Fall River, Freetown, Lakeville, Rochester, Somerset, Swansea and Westport.

During 16 times running for office, she’s had token or no opposition roughly a dozen times, she estimated. She said her toughest race was in 2000, when she defeated Barry McDonald for her first full Senate term.

Menard said she was not ready to announce a re-election bid. Every two years she makes that decision about February or March, she said.

She’d heard the rumors about Coogan’s interest in the seat, saying she did not understand he had formed a campaign committee.

Coogan has purchased a Web site domain name, but said he said that wasn't necessarily an indication that he'll run. He declined to comment about Menard.

“There’s some issues with incumbents,” he said.

E-mail Michael Holtzman at

W.J. Bloggah said...

Also, Charlotte Despard made a good point in one of the comments: Isn't almost time for Bob and Joan to "pay back" their raises?

Seeing as how the Herald likes to steals article ideas from your blog, Shamrock, maybe you could come up with something about this issue so it receives the attention it deserves. It would be criminal, literally and figuratively, to let them walk away with the money they "promised" to give back.

They should also pay back whatever interest they've been earning on that money, but that's a whole other story...