Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LNG Action Alert from Green Futures

URGENT ACTION ALERT FOR NARRAGANSETT BAY, MOUNT HOPE BAY, TAUNTON RIVER - Pelletier endorses flawed LNG project At last evening's Fall River City Council Meeting, March 10, Councilor Leo Pelletier stated that due to the dire economic straits "we need the Weaver's Cove LNG project," here in Fall River and Somerset, because "it will pay four million dollars in taxes." He also said, "Maybe they will give us four million dollars in advance ...before the project is built." Leo also mentioned all of the construction jobs that the project would provide and also the "spin-off" jobs. He seemed fixated on the four million dollar figure and mentioned it numerous times. It appears Hess Weaver's Cove has gotten to Leo.

PLEASE CALL/WRITE LEO AND HAVE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, ETC. CALL/WRITE HIM TOO. Tell Leo how disappointed you are in him. After six years of fighting this LNG monster we are very close to killing it once and for all. This is not the time to give up! All local, state, and our federal delegation too (BOTH MASSACHUSETTS AND RHODE ISLAND) oppose this dangerous and environmentally damaging project. If you know Leo personally, please meet with him and explain the foolishness of what he proposes.



Anonymous said...

Leo predicted that Green Futures would "give him static" today!

50 fathomsdown said...

Wow maybe we can make a switch now. Talk him into a bomb factory. It employs a lot more workers. And it's a bang up product right now for export to a lot of Persian Gulf countries.

Anonymous said...

what is leos city cell phone number????

Tom Paine said...

I think we should all help Leo out with ideas to raise revenue.

Biological Weapons plant. Not only would we increase revenue - oopps, not really we will give the a TIFF.

But there will be jobs, and the poor can earn money by getting hired as guinea pigs.

johnybfallriver said...

There is only one thing that makes someone change course like this, yup inside deals, I am sure he had a nice dinner and other things, maybe some job spots for his buddies this guy has been in it too long I am sure he has more hands in his pockets then he knows what to do with.

Anonymous said...

ask kozak how much money he owes leo.

Anonymous said...

to his bookie, that is why he had to leave.

Anonymous said...

kozak owes $$ to leo's bookie brother in law.

Anonymous said...

so kozak had to resign.

Anonymous said...

Senior Member

Leo Pelletier change of heart on LNG


I am placing this here after what I heard on the radio this morning. How could you be so off the mark Leo?
Here are some facts for you to digest. And I didn't get any of them from Mr. Grasso either.

You were speaking to Ric Oliviera this morning on the radio talking about you now favoring the LNG siting in Fall River.

Your quote in the Herald News:
“Is it safe?” Pelletier asked of the LNG project. Citing figures from Grasso, he said there are 96 LNG terminals in the U.S., including 43 in New England, and 22 approved in Europe.

You reiterated this number today when talking to Ric Oliveira
What Weaver's Cove will be is an import facility correct? If so there are only FIVE import facilities in CONUS right now:

Excelerate Energy's Gulf Gateways Energy Bridge offshore Louisiana, the newest North American LNG terminal;

Dominion's Cove Point LNG in Lusby, MD;

Suez Energy North America's Everett LNG terminal in Everett, MA;

El Paso Corp.'s Elba Island LNG terminal in Elba Island, GA; and

Southern Union's Trunkline LNG terminal in Lake Charles, LA.

My reference for that is:

I beleive your number includes local shaving facilities used to boost line pressure when needed.

I found all of the following information on the 'net in 30 minutes.

What we have in Fall River now is a peak shaving facility.

What is a peak shaving facility you ask?

"LNG peak-shaving facilities are used for storing surplus natural gas that is to be used to meet the requirements of peak consumption later during winter or summer. Each peak-shaving facility has a regasification unit attached but may or may not have a liquefaction unit. These facilities without a liquefaction unit depend upon tank trucks to bring LNG from other nearby sources to them. Of the approximate 113 active LNG facilities in the United States, 57 are peak-shaving facilities….."

My reference for that is

Now as far as the difference in size of the tanks the shaving tanks are a tea cup in comparison to the LNG import tanks that they will want to build in Weaver's Cove.

And for the size of each tank they will install. If a tank holds 200,000 cubic meters of LNG than that tank would be about 238 feet in diameter. That is the INSIDE DAMETER which makes it as about as high as the maximum clearance that exists under the Braga Bridge. Not so little now is it?

My references for tank size is:

Misinformation is the main tool when one group wants to take advantage of another group isn't it. Fall River is once again in the second group it seems and is getting misled from within.

Anonymous said...

he also wants to build very high end houses in the reservation!!! He said the mayor and Mr. Sullivan won't give him the easement because it would kill wildlife and come dangerously close to our drinking water supply!! Has this man lost his mind!!! I hear Hague want to get rid of some jobs they ok'ed I think Mr. Sullivan is one on his mind. Coincidence. Not Get rid of Sullivan, Get some one I know in Pelletier gets his houses built! Some one should look into who is donating to his re election!

FRC said...

I viewed the City Council meeting and did not hear Mr. Sullivan mentioned as one of the administrators that Ray Hague wants to cut.