Sunday, September 14, 2008

Linda Pereira - A brief history

November 1995 - Linda is voted off of the Fall River City Council

February 5, 1996 - Linda attends a party for outgoing City Councilors where she made a grossly racist and insulting comment that she characterized as a "joke" ("Why do black people have sex on their minds? Because they have pubic hair on their heads.") This statement was subsequently reported in the Fall River Herald News

February 1996 - Department of Social Services terminated Linda for her racial comment because of her "joke." An excerpt from the Commissioner of the Dept. of Social Services letter of termination to Linda:

"the joke was insulting, it expresses views which are contrary to one of the fundamental principles under which the Department of Social Services operates: that all people who come into contact with the Department will be treated with respect, dignity and fairness. To have such sentiments expressed by an employee of the department damages the ability of the agency to perform its mission, and to maintain public confidence that investigations of allegations of child abuse and neglect will be handled fairly and impartially. Your racist comment, adversely affected the ability of your fellow DSS employees . . . to perform their duties, and its impact is so serious that it is no longer possible for you to continue to perform your duties as a Social Worker III for the Area Office."

September 1996 - Linda sues the Department of Social Services seeking her job back and claiming that her civil rights/freedom of speech were violated.

August 2000 - Counsel for Pereira characterizes her statement as "stupid," "racist," and "unthinking" - the Supreme Judicial Court of MA ruled that Linda's civil rights were NOT violated. For some reason DSS eventually gave Linda her job back which proved to be a mistake (see Pereira under DSS scrutiny 1/28/06).

January 2006 - Linda divulges information to the Herald News about a DSS case she was investigating involving the rape claim of a minor in foster care. Linda said, "I didn’t feel the kid was credible. The whole story was out of whack. She was all over the place and it was obvious to me that the child was making this stuff up." ...So much for confidentiality.

January 2008 to present - Linda has voted in step with the Sycophant 6 on the city council to pass the majority of Mayor Correia's proposals. Most notably she ignored the voices of thousands of city voters by supporting a contract fire chief per Mayor Correia's instruction.

Campaign for State Rep 2008
  • Linda claims she is pro casino in the city but voted in the past against having a mere bingo hall located here
  • According to Linda's campaign site "Linda is a full time investigator in the Abuse Prosecution Unit. Linda gives 150% to her duties. Due to her seeking the office of State Representative Linda has taken a leave of absence." Isn't that contradictory? Or is it 150% until a better opportunity comes along
  • As an employee of the Bristol County DA her job may be partially funded with federal funds. If this is the case she would be violating the Hatch Act by running for partisan office. Perhaps this is the real reason behind her leave of absence.
  • If Linda is the superior candidate, why did Linda donate to Dave Sullivan's campaign for state rep this year? 2/9/2008 Pereira, Linda99 No. Odgen St. Fall River, MA 02723 Sullivan, David B. $80.00


Anonymous said...

Great points, especially the stuff on the Hatch Act. If I recall the Lambert Administration tried to use that against Poulin and cite that as the reason they were getting rid of him when he ran for Mayor but the Hatch Act allows public employees to run for non-partisan office such as the Mayor's Office where there is no Republican or Democratic primary. In a State Rep race there is definitely a Republican and Democratic primary and it is a partisan and not a non-partisan election so Linda couldn't work and run for office.

I work for the federal government but I live in Fall River so this type of stuff interests me, no one seems to understand it but it is so simple. I find your blog informative so keep up the great work, I definitely would vote for Dave Sullivan over Linda Pereira if I lived in that district. I can't believe anyone would ever vote for her even for City Councilor, I wouldn't even elect her to be dogcatcher.

Anonymous said...

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Erica Gervasio said...

I think all anyone needs to know about Linda Periera is that she is not afraid to speak up!! And thats what a State Representative needs to be! There is no stronger person to advocate for the people!

Even if people want to twist stories around and make Linda look bad, the good she has done for the City of Fall River out ways it greatly.

rhymenocerous said...

All anyone needs to know about Linda Pereira is that she is a moron. Not afraid to speak up? That would actually mean something if the person speaking had something other than an empty space between their ears. Puh-lease. I'd rather have a horse as a State Rep.

Anonymous said...

I think Linda is pretty good at making Linda look bad and no one has to twist any stories about her telling racist jokes or having attempted to lie and cover up the fact that she exposed a DSS client, those issues are all facts and not speculation.

So I should elect Linda because she is loud and not afraid to give people a piece of her mind? Maybe that's the problem, maybe she has given away so many pieces of her mind over the years that there is nothing left.

I appreciate people being loudmouths when they have some intelligence behind it and are using their voice to get change. I don't elect people who are loud just because they are loud. Hey let's all vote for the guy or gal that can scream the loudest, it doesn't even matter that they have no brains behind the screaming or no actual point to make.

Anonymous said...

Linda got crushed!

Anonymous said...

First of all, your criticizing a woman for telling a joke, and you put it in quotations as if it wasn't. What person would say that seriously? No person would. Your taking things she says and does and putting it into a negative light, like no one has told a joke before about blacks, whites, the portuguese, french, italian? I mean c'mon people!

Who are any of you to say whether she is bad at what she does or not? Yes she said she gives 150% percent and she did go on a leave of absence to run for state representative, and thats because when shes really trying for something she likes to give it her all! Thats what she was trying to do for our state. She took all of her energy and put it towards running for State Representative because she felt she could do some good for us in that position, and personally I think she would've been great. It's not that she's looking for better opportuinities for herself, she's trying to do things that will better us, the people who reside in Massachusetts and Fall River.

Your at your computers right now typing all these negative things about her but you forget to leave out all the good shes done for our city. It takes a caring and loving person to work for DSS or to be a city councilor. Your always thinking about someone else, so how about you actually get to know her before you start your judgements. This woman has done a lot for her family, for the children shes worked with that are in neglectful environments, and for the city of fall river. Think about that before you start breaking down her reputation over a joke she made 11 years ago. Get over it people!

Anonymous said...

why are you just commenting on this post a year later???

get over it, you should have left the topic alone.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9/9/09 10:36,

Linda Pereira did not take a leave of absence from her job at the DA's office while she ran for State Rep because she wanted to "give it her all."

The fact is that the law does not allow her to be an employee of the DA and simultaneously run for an elected office.

Instead of just writing that Linda Pereira has done a lot for Fall River, why don't you reply with a top 10 list of her accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

the only reason she still has her (hopfully temp) job at the DA's Office is that she is in bed with anyone in government that she doesn't have dirt on. a girl has got to have her standards. i have first hand knowlege of her stupid antics. can't be discussing them here because my family and i are already being completely and unfairly harrassed by her and her Office. evil is as evil does, the TRUTH about this harrassment and blatant cronyism is only beginning to reach the common people. and we will all know about the depth of corruption in the fall river-new bedford area.

Anonymous said...

Linda Pereira should resign her position on the Fall River city council, once again she is under investigation by the state ethics committee!!!While under investigation DA, Sam Sutter should remove Linda Pereira from her job as an "Investigator"? for the Bristol county DA's office?

Anonymous said...

Could someone contact me about Linda pereira, I need to know more about her history, preverably anonymous at