Monday, August 25, 2008

Jumping the Gun

Bob and the ZBA
1/2008 - Building inspector denies a permit for the YMCA housing project
2/21/08 - Zoning Board unanimously rejects the special permit request for the YMCA housing project saying, "“the non-residentially zoned area would be adversely affected by such residential use.”
- YMCA requests the zoning board reconsider their propose project
3/13/08 - Despite Massachusetts General Laws stating that zoning boards may not reconsider a rejected permit for two years without “specific and material changes in the conditions upon which they are based,” A letter is faxed to the zoning board, from city hall, on city letterhead, arguably from Bob stating that zoning was denied in February but that reversal seemed imminent.
8/20/08 - Zoning board meeting is scheduled to rehear the YMCA project before the zoning ever waived its 2 year rule to allow the issue to be heard.

Bob and Home Rule Petition
7/17/08 - Correia errantly announces that Governor Patrick signed the fire chief Home Rule petition removing the chief from civil service before it happened.

Budget 2009
Bob jumps the gun planning the budget on the presumption that his CSO storm water fee increases will pass for revenue in the amount of $2.2 million

Bob nearly doubles Arthur Frank's salary in the budget before getting approval for the raise from the city council

City press releases announcing things that have not passed, as discussed by Kevin Aguiar:


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good stuff, I am starting to like Kevin Aguiar more and more.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't know how to square this with Aguiar's response about the signatures gathered for the Fire Chief's issue.

Why was he adimant about ingnoring the signatures yet he seems to be speaking as an independent here?

He was clear to everyone in his office that it didn't matter how many signatures there were...he had to do what the Mayor wanted him to do.

shamrock said...

Anonymous-I know, I don't get this behavior either! This is probably just an anomaly because I can't understand what motive he would have for biting the hand that feeds him (but I have no problem with it).

If only he exhibited the same chutzpah with the fire chief issue.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that he is at the state level and up for re-election he is going to show some chutzpah with the mayor. If you look at previous school committee meeting videos he has gone head to head with Correia. Correia may need him more than he needs the mayor !!