Friday, August 22, 2008

Are We This Hard Up for Cash?

Advertisement on the city website:

City trolley available for private functions. 8-19-08 The City of Fall River, department of Community Maintenance, would like to announce the availability of trolley service for hire. The trolley is available for private functions 7 days a week, after 3:00pm Monday thru Friday and anytime during the weekends. The hourly rate will be $72.00 per hour during the weekdays and $85.00 per hour on the weekends. There will be a four-hour minimum rental time. This service will be provided as a first come first serve basis with a payment in full before the schedule event. For more information please contact Ken Pacheco at 508-324-2585.

Are we that hard up for cash that we need to get into the private transportation business? Won't this open the city up to unnecessary liability - especially if transporting people where alcohol is involved?

Does this availability of trolleys mean that Bob's only campaign brain child, restaurant row, isn't a go?

I can understand that there is probably a huge demand for trolley rentals that the city is just cashing in on. And who wouldn't want to rent this city trolley I spotted at the incinerator today:

You'll have to trust me that it is a trolley since this was as close as I could get.


puck said...

Oh so many thoughts on this:

1. Will the trolley take us anywhere or do we have to sit in the weeds for the whole 4 hours? (If it's just the weeds, that will require much more wine onboard.)

2. Lucky Ken Pacheco draws the short straw again. The beleaguered DPW director recently told the city council he has no money or manpower to fix pot holes, let alone clean up the highway ramps. Now he's won the role of Mr. Rogers and gets to run the trolley business.

3. Wait, I have a better idea. Let Thelma and Louise--I mean Cathy Ann and Pat C.--use the trolley on their next trash-trolling road trip. Instead of just doing a National Geographic style photo essay, they could actually make themselves useful and pick up the trash themselves instead of just whining about it. There's lots of room on that big ol' trolley!

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Maybe we can use these trolleys for something useful. We seem to need school buses according to this article: