Friday, May 23, 2008

Very Funny!


Anonymous said...


Now you need one for every majority councilor and the mayor.

Maybe a sat night skit!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could fluff up the slide show of the fall river attractions as the opening .

This is the great thing about technology today, you can't squash this in the paper and on radio.

It is public information.

Anonymous said...,item,1368940794.aspx

another Lund video- is this legal?

shamrock said...

I wasn't able to access the link that anonymous posted, however, the Cathy Ann and Lund videos I have posted are both completely legal in addition to being completely hysterical. There is nothing illegal about posting video documenting the ignorant things public officials say at public city council meetings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shamrock,

What I meant about the second lund
video is it implies he was voting from his business address in fall
river- is that leagal when he was a swansea resident????

Anonymous said...

hey shamrock,

Did you know they opened a new
bar/restaurant at Borden Light
Marina ??? Interesting did they
already have one of those 10
liquor liscenses that were
found laying around??????

Is there anywhere to find out who
just opened new bars that don't have a liscense???

shamrock said...

I believe all bar/restaurants serving alcohol must clearly post their license. You could go check or contact the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. Their contact info is at:

I would presume it is a matter of public information. I didn't realize they had a new restaurant there but that explains Lund's desire to get his property in the Arts overlay district.

Anonymous said...


shamrock said...

Thanks for the link. The video didn't work for me but I enjoyed the article! I am out of the country and sadly missed the 20/20 airing of the mma report.