Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Stuff

Some of my favorite city related links:

City Police Scanner
Someday I will buy a police scanner that broadcasts only Fall River, but in the meantime this site is great! It is free and it scans all the local towns. I wish it was only Fall River because Fall River calls are the best but I can manage the variety for now.

This Saturday the site locked and only broadcast Fall River calls. It was especially enjoyable to hear all of the events that the Herald News would never report:
· Police following the blood drip trail of a suspect to find him – the trail ended in the Walgreens on Rodman (probably buying band-aids)
· Someone “accidentally” stabbing herself in the thigh at 2am
· Guy beating his girlfriend while, at the same time, pumping his gas at the Hess station on Pleasant Street
It is interesting to hear all of the events that occur in Fall River that I will never read about in the Herald News.

Campaign Contributions
With every new appointment Bob Correia made, I was able to curiously research the appointee and find out how much they donated to Bob’s campaign to buy their position. This site yielded some very interesting information. It is understandable that a new mayor would want to appoint people that have supported his campaign, but I don’t think it should be a prerequisite to getting a municipal appointment.

This link also showed me that Jay Cashman (LNG proponent/former Weavers Cove owner/Sal DiMasi cohort) donated the maximum allowed by law to Correia’s mayoral campaign:

State Employee Salaries
This site offers the salaries of all state employees. Some fun information I retrieved was the salary of Correia’s personal driver when Correia was state representative (search: Colleen Whipp). I was able to compare Bob’s driver’s state salary with the amount she is now earning as a city employee and discovered that his driver has gotten a pretty nice raise compliments of the city of Fall River.

Fall River City Website
It has a long way to come, but it does offer city specific links such as volunteer opportunities, city budget information, and mayoral announcements.

My favorite part of the city site is the link to the property information. It provides information on who the owner is, how much their tax assessment is, how much they paid for it, etc.


Anonymous said...

What is Whipp earning now?

Lefty said...

It's great to see you blogging again!

shamrock said...

Colleen Whipp now makes $52,000 a year (according to the Herald News)compared to the $46,935.00 she was being paid as a state employee.