Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Stupidest Bet Ever

So City Councilors Pat Casey and Ray Mitchell triumphantly turn in over 1,000 signatures to the Mayor because a local activist Stefani Koorey dared her to.

Obviously the thought of Casey, who bears a striking resemblance to Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls, shuffling around town trying to collect 1,000 signatures in one day, was too humorous for Koorey to pass up. This stupid bet had the virtue of being amusing until a couple of councilors took it a bit too seriously and made the goal 1,000 signatures at all cost! It wasn’t Pat alone anymore; nope Ray manned his post at Stop and Shop collecting signatures from patrons who were probably relieved all he wanted was a signature and not some money or a ride somewhere. The two of them collected 900 signatures, so Team Pat also had a handful of other volunteers collecting signatures so they could reach the goal! So it was no longer just Pat and it doesn’t even seem like was just one day. She told the Herald she did it all on Monday but apparently was going around getting signatures the day before!

What did this prove?

Um.. that at least 1,000 people in a city of 90,000 want a casino. Big shock! Did anybody doubt that you could get 1,000 signatures? THE CHALLENGE was to do it herself in ONE day.
Um... that Pat didn’t understand the terms of her own bet because she is the one who boasted that SHE (alone) could get 1,000 signatures in one day. What other things does Pat say that really doesn’t understand?

That Ray Mitchell is the smarter of the two. While Pat went around for hours going door to door Ray went to where a bunch of people were. Maybe if Pat had simply gone to Wal Mart on Black Friday she could have gotten these signatures all by her lonesome?
That if you’re a City Councilor and you’re going to stand in front of a store for a few hours maybe you should get a red kettle and collect some money and really do something that will benefit all these people you say need help. I now DARE both these councilors to do just that. I’m sure the Salvation Army would be grateful for their time and assistance.

That you can totally waste the time of TWO elected officials simply by DARING THEM to do something! THIS is fantastic and I am going to make it a point to DARE Will Flanagan to lick a flagpole on a freezing cold day. I might even see if I can get Joe Camara to lick his own elbow or Brian Bigelow to run around downtown in his undershorts. Oh, skip that last one.


Puck said...

Please oh please oh please dare them.

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read the story. The whole thing was ridiculous and a sign of the severe brain drain in our city.

Stefanie Koorey is definitely out there and Pat Casey isn't the brightest bulb. Like the blind leading the blind or in this case the dumb betting the dumb to do something dumb.

All I want for Christmas is intelligent so-called activists and intelligent politicians who are responsive to intelligent questions and challenges from intelligent activists. I guess that's too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

I don't think koorey is out there. I think she is showing casey and mitchell that they are silly silly people who will fall for anything. I think it is great that they did. Shows them to be total fools.

Lefty said...

How can anyone think that this "dare" was anything but a joke.

Pat said something stupid, something she meant but didn't mean. 'I can get a 1,000 signatures in a day'. It's kind of like saying 'I could eat a horse', nobody thinks you really mean it.

Stefani saw the joke in the statement and joked back that she "dared" Pat to try.

And Pat took it seriously!!

So seriously that she brought in help and spent at least parts of 2 days on it.

A thousand signatures mean nothing, were these folks Fall River residents? Were they registered voters? Should we now try to get 1,000 signatures against a casino? How about 1,000 signatures to recall Flanagan? I bet I could probably do that in 12 or 24 hrs., by myself but with help...

Anonymous said...

I double dare you !

Anonymous said...

It takes two stupid people to make a stupid bet, the person making the bet and the person accepting the bet.

This is why the city is going to hell in a handbasket, you have "nice" people like Pat Casey that have no business being in elected office that get elected because they are nice and not because they are smart and can produce results and you have activists that instead of commenting intelligently on an issue to convince people to their side make ridiculous bets and make ridiculous statements like a casino in Fall River will blot out the night sky. Oh horror of horrors! Seriously, are these 2 the best that Fall River has to offer? Mark me down as fed up with the antics of people in this city both elected and unelected.

Ka$hMaN said...

Anyone know what happened at Hurricane's Trial yesterday?

Anonymous said...

It is not a crazy concept. If you had done your homework instead of making her statements out to be "ridiculous"---you are one who seems ignorant now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Light Pollution
Casinos typically have huge light outputs, 24 hours a day. Most animal species depend on light and dark for some portion of their daily or seasonal life cycle. Increased night lighting associated with development disrupts important behaviors and physiological processes, with significant ecological consequences. Insects, amphibians, and birds are highly sensitive. Lights at night are especially disruptive to wetland birds and land animals, which use light reflected off of water to orient themselves. Migratory songbirds are also vulnerable, and are killed in large numbers when night-lit buildings attract them off their course. Some animals can not forage or find mates because they cannot hide from their predators. Owls, foxes, and other predators who hunt by sight may thrive where night lights are strong.

Anonymous said...;jsessionid=A59D383EA8E42B7EADB3A35698E7BFFD.mc1?sitePageId=119791

Do you revise your statement Anon 13:39? Or are you still insisting the casino will not bring in light pollution?

Anonymous said...

Light pollution exists for sure but I agree with the previous comments, that shouldn't be your go to comment in arguing against the casino, it shouldn't even be on the list. Perception is everything and if you throw around an argument like that you had better believe that most people are going to view you as batshit crazy.

I otherwise disagree with the negativity displayed by earlier comments because I think there are a few bright spots in elected office in Fall River though not many and there are bright spots in the anti-casino debate, maybe not Ms. Koorey but Mr. Lima and Mr. Carvalho are two community activists that can make an intelligent argument without resorting to lowest common denominator antics like silly bets and overly exaggerated arguments about light pollution. Maybe Ms. Koorey discredits their efforts somewhat but she shouldn't be viewed as representative of everyone that is anti-casino anymore than Pat Casey should be viewed as representative of the entire city council.

skoorey said...

Oooh, somebody anonymous doesn't like me.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't say that they don't like you Stephanie, I think it just says that they think you are a bit weird. Keep speaking out though because it is important that everyone be heard although I do agree that the people mentioned like Al Lima and Joe Carvalho do a better job of making their points. Refrain from any additional crazy antics and shenanigans with Pat Casey and any claims that stretch the truth too far and most people shouldn't have an issue with you unless they have a vendetta or you stomped on their toes, lol.

Faye Musselman said...

It takes a village of clowns to make a circus.

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

New Residency for council president?


PROPERTY TRANSFERS: FALL RIVER Article October 05, 2010 11:25 AM

700 Shore Dr Unit 316 $245,000.

Sherry M. Lesco to Michael and Darlene Lund

ProudUSARECWife said...

Having just moved here, maybe I don't have a say, but I would really hate to see the city of Fall River get a casino.

Sure, it may bring in SOME jobs, but at what costs, and I don't mean just financially.

Although we have loved living in Fall River since moving here in AUG, and have found the people we have met to be nice and helpful, I do not think a casino would be in the best interest for the city.

Just reading the paper, parts of the city have serious crimes such as shooting at Robenson & Pine a couple weeks ago and it is no secret that there are gangs and drugs in the city. It isn't wide spread thankfully, but why help the crime get worse? This town is great overall and I would hate to see it decline even further.

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