Sunday, November 7, 2010

Casino is not on the Governor's agenda

I wish Will Flanagan had played some Sim City before, without having any relevant experience to his name, he opted to run for mayor of Fall River. Sim City would have allowed him to act out his city building fantasies without actually harming real people.

Flanagan's current fantasy plans for a casino in Fall River were knocked down, yet another peg*, today when Governor Deval Patrick, in an interview with the Boston Globe, stated that he has no intention to put casinos on his agenda this term.

*Hurdles to casino-topia
1) Casino Gaming in MA is illegal
2) Taxpayer 10 lawsuit
3) Open bidding law violations
4) Referendum vote of Fall River residents
5) Legislature needs to select Fall River as the region's location for a casino,
over Taunton, New Bedford, etc.
6) Funding for a casino needs to come through despite the horrible gaming economy
7) Governor has no plans to work on legalizing casino gambling this term


Anonymous said...

It is Deval's final term so his agenda is different than the cling-on administration betting on their "close relationship"with Beacon Hill.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare question U.S. Senator Will Flanagan. You can see his announcement soon on Flanagan TV, Channel 18. He controls the tv station and some would say the paper and the radio too. Comrade Flanagan, soon to be Senator Flanagan.

Anonymous said...

So he is already a lame duck mayor. did he really buy a menard/deval cadillac?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the court date today?

Skoorey said...

I was there. The judge heard arguments by both sides. It was really interesting. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so the judge isn't going to decide then. Maybe Friday or Monday? They claim that it is some sort of "emergency" for the city to sell this land (probably because they owe Fiola so much back pay, plus the lawyer's fees!).

Who knows how it will go. Justice is blind and law is COMPLICATED.

Anonymous said...

It's an emergency because they were going to use the money from the sale of some of the land to buy the new location for the biopark.

Anonymous said...

sorry if i'm ignorant but i thought we've got his salary funded??

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