Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Anonymous said...

Our motto at home was always, "What's a Portuguese Feast or Holiday without a little alcohol and violence"
Yes, I', portuguese so don't get offended. Ha, ha

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and Budweiser. What are two things that don't belong together?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Budweiser was intending to sponsor Herren's basketball team and needed something else to sponsor when that went bust.

Oooh maybe Mike Rodriques can get some beer/booze company sponsorship for his senate run. "Rodriques for Senate!!!! Brought to you by the fine sellers of New Hampshire booze"

Anonymous said...

Our local long time bully\woman beater is claiming that Marcucci's, Swindy'and some car lot called Prestige (just call Jeff to voice your disdain)is supporting him.

It Said said...

What's funnier still is that he's on begging for a female co host as he restarts whatever his career is..I guess he really is that delusional..and he's also started his own blog, after threatning to silence bloggers..sometimes by physical force..the question is..does anyone care?

shamrock said...

I did read his dissertation on "haters"...or should I say his ghost writer's dissertation. Very amusing - me thinks it is an attempt to get comments since he only has 1 so far on his blog - seems odd since he had 40 million thousand hits on his internet radio site.

I'm sorry if you don't like the mean comments people leave about you in the Herald News articles about your arrest for beating a woman on crutches. A sure fire way to make it stop is to stop beating women....just a suggestion. But what do I know, I am just a hater because he gets more herald news coverage than me.

This year has been non-stop for me and I apologize for my infrequent blogging, but i'll be back to blogging full force starting next week!

Anonymous said...

Key pols fly coop during casino talks
By Hillary Chabot, Dave Wedge and Jessica Van Sack
Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Updated 3 hours ago

E-mail Print (32) Comments Text size Share Buzz up!Key Bay State lawmakers flew out of town this week to hobnob with lobbyists at a bourbon-swilling hoedown in the home of the Kentucky Derby - blowing a crucial deadline last night meant to break the stalemate on legalized casinos.

“I think it’s outrageous that at this critical point in the legislative session that they’re down there to be wined and dined,” said Thomas Whalen, a political professor at Boston University. “It just looks bad all around.”

At least three state lawmakers -including Senate President Therese Murray - hit Louisville for the National Conference of State Legislatures’ annual summit this week despite another looming deadline - the July 31 end of the legislative session.

The four-day taxpayer-funded junket featured a private serenade by Wynonna Judd and Loretta Lynn and a night of bourbon sipping and live horse racing at Churchill Downs’ “Millionaires Row,” according to the group’s Web site.

Sen. Stanley C. Rosenberg (D-Amherst) - one of the lead negotiators charged with breaking the deadlock on casinos - bolted Tuesday night and spent most of yesterday in Louisville to receive a “leadership in the arts” award.

“This is a lifetime achievement award,” Rosenberg boasted, adding that he was on the phone with conferees before and after his award ceremony. He returned to Beacon Hill last night. “I’m sorry. I’m entitled to take four hours. I worked on (casinos) for three years.”

With many critical bills bottlenecked in the Legislature, lawmakers last night again failed to hammer out a compromise on casino legislation even though they set themselves an 8 p.m. deadline. They also cut out at 5 p.m. sharp Tuesday.

Sen. Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge) went to the Kentucky blowout Saturday and stayed all week as he prepared to be crowned the new president of the NCSL. He plans to return to Boston today.

“He’s certainly been apprised of everything. It’s not like he’s in another universe,” said spokesman Jared Cain.

Murray attended the confab Saturday and Sunday while House and Senate lawmakers were in tense negotiations about the casino legislation.

“(Murray and I) were in touch by phone constantly - the technology makes it totally possible,” said Rosenberg, who added that he talked with Murray “seven or eight” times Sunday.

Meanwhile, workers at the state’s racetracks held a rally yesterday inside the State House, begging lawmakers to save their jobs by legalizing slot machines - a potential deal-killer for Gov. Deval Patrick.

For his part, Patrick urged Beacon Hill leaders to extend the legislative session yesterday to ensure vital bills are passed.

“I hope it can get done at the end of the day on Saturday. . . . But if it doesn’t, the Legislature needs to stay in session. I’m calling on them to do just that,” Patrick said.

Anonymous said...

shamrock you are truly an idiot..hurricanes blog is hot and gets 20x the traffic you get and hes been on for just 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

he asked people to sign up for southcoast united....a basketball team and when that tanked because he went to jail he just changed the name to his radio station instead of getting people to sign on..... and they like watching another train wreck.

Anonymous said...

Return of the drunken, drug addled, woman beating pest....haven't you and your crew of obsequious fawning moron, psychpaths and mental defectors (that means you Lil General)figured out that a woman beating no-life loudmouth and legend in his own mind is the most hated man in Fall River...only IDIOTS would advertise with's enough to have the rest of Fall River BOYCOTT your advertisers...WHAT A GREAT IDEA...KILL the Hurricane's FALL RIVER Internet Dreams by BOYCOTTING HIS ADVERTISERS....goodbye ratings sheet'll be like the failed basketball team, dead before it gets off the ground...and that's a sad story for a middle AGED MAN....

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea...then maybe he'll move to Seekonk, the international land of dead persona's!

Anonymous said...

Hurricane and Mel Gibson seperated at birth???

shamrock said...

Anon 17:47
I haven't blogged in about a month you stupid piece of dung. Even then I haven't consistently blogged this entire year. SOOO kudos to the Hurricane for allegedly getting more traffic than someone who has posted 10 times this year WOO HOO! That is like telling a 4 year old you can out run them, or a woman 1/2 your size that you are stronger than them.

Also, how do we know he is getting "20x" the traffic? He could always put a counter on his blog to prove it, but he hasn't, any reason for that?

And on that note, HI Y'ALL I am back :)

Anonymous said...

I checked out herrens blog. the comments read like a teenagers fb. the same three or four people repeating the hating jealous theme. very staged and ego driven. its obvious that someone else is writing the articles,probably pete daley. if you want a chuckle you should read but a second visit would be tedious. looking forward to some new stuff shamrock!