Sunday, October 4, 2009

Short Sea Shipping Not Coming to Fall River

I have long heard of Fall River's desire to host a short sea shipping port. In May 2008, Lt. Governor Tim Murray visited Fall River to discuss short sea shipping with Mayor Robert Correia. At that time, Mayor Correia expressed an interest in short sea shipping. Short sea shipping would be highly beneficial to the city and would likely bring hundreds of jobs to Fall River. Therefore, it was rather unsettling to learn that Fall River will not be in the running for federal stimulus money to develop a short sea shipping port. According to the Providence Journal, Providence, RI; Quonset, RI; and New Bedford, MA have applied for the federal stimulus money under the America’s Marine Highway program. According to the three proposals, the jobs created are estimated from 500 in Quonset to over 1,000 in Providence and New Bedford.

Fall River needs jobs.

Fall River needs Jobs for Fall River, Inc. (aka Fall River Office of Economic Development) to succeed in attracting jobs for Fall River!

While Rhode Island submitted both of its proposals to the federal Department for Transportation for consideration, Massachusetts chose to only submit one proposal. The Projo article does not state who made the decision to drop the Fall River proposal from consideration.

We elected a 30 year State Representative as Mayor for his promise that his experience would provide “Leadership that gets things done.” How can Fall River’s proposal for short sea shipping be eliminated at the state level and not even submitted to the federal government?

Once Fall River’s proposal was submitted to the state agency, did either Mayor Correia or Ken Fiola follow-up the proposal with a call to determine whether the proposal would be submitted to the federal government?

So, since Fall River’s proposal for short sea shipping was not submitted, there will be no federal stimulus funds for Fall River to develop its port. The residents of Fall River are owed an explanation regarding what happened with the city’s proposal. All we are left with is this quote from Ken Fiola, “It’s a shame. The state should have applied for both and let the feds pick and choose.”

Fall River is out of contention to receive stimulus funds for short sea shipping. Hundreds of short sea shipping jobs won’t come to Fall River.

…. It’s a shame, indeed.


Anonymous said...

So they knew about this but did nothing?? This is an outrage and no incumbents nor FROED should have jobs after November 3rd.

W.J. Bloggah said...

Ken Fiola is a dickhead. People really trust this guy to create jobs? The only job this guy is familiar with is...oh, never mind.

Seriously, Ken Fiola, Nick Christ, John Almeida, crooks and dickheads, one and all. I hope they are enjoying their taxpayer-paid salaries to continue all this good work they are doing. Way to go guys!

Anonymous said...

True dat

Anonymous said...

Where was Cathy Ann on this? A city councilor with eyes on the 6th floor should have been all over this. Was she too preoccupied with promoting herself to the city to actually represent it?


Anonymous said...

It is time that Fiola begin working in the private sector. Has any of the mayoral candidates mentioned a change in that office. With Cordeiro and Company with Will, I am sure Will would keep Kenny.

Anonymous said...

MadMomma, Where does Will stand? By the looks of it, he is standing rather firmly with the status quo. Tony Cordeiro and the likes...

Good luck getting any real change there.

Anonymous said...

Fiola is not needed by any of them!! He is easily replaced by whomever is in office.

Anonymous said...

Will, will keep Fiola.. and the rest of the lot... sorry.. just the facts.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hats off to Kenny. You think it’s easy to screw up constantly? The 64 Durfee St. fiasco continues and now this. Kenny is a master of incompetence. But can he walk and chew gum at the same time? Oh, wait, that’s all the job requires for 150K a year.

Anonymous said...

This isn't just a matter that Fall River is not in the running for short sea shipping.

We need to know why this happened. Who at the state level rejected our proposal? Why didn't FROED fight harder for these 500+ jobs?

Perhaps Fall River was the worst of the four proposals, but we should know why we were eliminated.

It doesn't take too many Google searches to see that New Bedford's Port Director and Mayor Scott Lang are pushing hard for short sea shipping.

Just check out this page dedicated to short sea shipping.

See also this Letter of Support.

and a PowerPoint Presentation.

Now ask yourself, who is fighting for short sea shipping for Fall River?

Anonymous said...

How do you know for a "fact" Flanagan will keep fiola and the lot ?????

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:55

Tony Cordeiro has known Will for many years and believes in his ablities. The others you allude to weren't there until Flanagan made it through the preliminary. He made it there on his own merits and hard work. That said, campaigns don't run unfunded. Is he expected to turn every potential backer away because a few people might harbor ill feelings?

Will's record speaks for itself.
While CAV was a part of the administration and turned her head as Bobbo broke laws. Will Flanagan was paying attention and forced Bob to abide by the law.

Funny little fact about CAV, she and Bobbo have something else in common, they both tend to do their own personal business outside of the city. Until last week all of CAV's signs and bumper stickers were printed by an out of town print company. She only started using a printer in the city because the Rhode Island guy was going to take too long. I wonder, will she hold fundraisers in Westport like Bobbo as well.


ScrewThisPlace said...

Pardon my language, but I'm starting to think this city really sucks. We are "led" by some of the most idea-less, self-serving, idiotic people I have ever met in my life. And what's even worse is that even dumber people vote for them (the few that vote, that is)! Nowhere is underachievement so much the norm. I would be ashamed and angry if I was an elected official and I represented such a shithole of an area. Where's the outrage? I think it's time for a one-way ticket outta here...I'll trade my residency with a section 8 newcomer lowlife. Any objections?

Tom Paine said...

Enough of the rhetoric.

When it comes to the state pier, where is the Seaport Bond Bill money? Forget the stimulus money, Bob Correia supposedly had the state set aside at least $18 million for the state pier.

As far as Fiola is concerned, you have to find out how long is his contract? 1year, 2 years, 3years?

It does not matter if it is Will or Cathy, he is under contract.

Anonymous said...

I just read the article. It would be interesting to get a copy of what Fall River submitted. Plus, does anyone know if our local delegation was informed about this? If they were, did they push for it....if there were not informed WHY NOT???

Anonymous said...

Fiola has threatened to sue in the past because he had a contract.

Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe it has to do with the fact that Fall River already got the largest chunk of stimulus money for the Route 24 interchange plus additional funds for the extension of Riggenbach Road and the bio-manufacturing center(over 80 million dollars). That's money that New Bedford didn't get. Not every dollar available belongs to Fall River.

The bio-park has the potential to create many more jobs and more tax base expansion than short sea shipping will. Given a choice I'll take the bio-park over short sea shipping funding which may or may not happen. Also, Fall River's interest in short sea shipping wasn't contingent on getting recently enacted stimulus funding. Fall River can still pursue it.

Anonymous said...

So karam and jay clarkin are backing cathy anne what will they do with the waterfront and industrial park??? They are looking to replace bob with cathy .

Anonymous said...

Is it true Joanie is worried about her re-election campaign and will finally fight for funds to bring back public safety in fall river?

Big dog and pony show in town tomorrow .

Anonymous said...

We probably fave up on short sea shipping ideas because we prefer a "Wild and Scenic" river.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:22,

If Fall River was eliminated from receiving Short sea shipping funds because we already received too much stimulus dollars, that is fine, but there should be an explanation. However, if that was the explanation, why didn't Fiola say that in the ProJo article?

While I understand that Fall River's interest in short sea shipping was not contingent on federal stimulus dollars, all 3 of the proposals requested tens of millions of stimulus funds. How will Fall River receive tens of millions of dollars to pursue its short sea shipping interest?

The City certainly wanted the money or otherwise it would not have applied for it and if the City had a backup plan Fiola would have mentioned the Plan B instead of saying that this was a shame.

Anon 12:00,

Short sea shipping at the State Pier was not affected by the Wild and Scenic designation which is in place north of the Braga Bridge.

Anonymous said...

I just viewed the Mayoral debate on television and Cathy Ann touted the wonderful benefits of short sea shipping!

I would love to hear her reaction to the news that Fall River's proposal was rejected.

In addition, I understand the Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring an upcoming debate as well. I would love to hear the Chamber's thoughts on Fall River missing out on the opportunity for 500+ jobs.

Anonymous said...

especially as a sitting city councilor, hello where were you I thought you were brining in jobs to fall river?????????

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this in The Sterile Snooze? Oh yeah, it's not a real paper

Anonymous said...

loose cannon

WESTPORT -- Cathy Ann Viveiros has already been a three-time city councilor, mayoral candidate, model, retail department manager, cable talk show host, school teacher and lottery winner.
This spring, she hopes to add Westport selectman to her list.
Ms. Viveiros, 52, Fall River's former three-time city councilor and twice-defeated mayoral candidate, took out election papers for the one open seat on the Board of Selectmen this week, ending a 20-year hibernation from political office.
"I thought I was going into political retirement when I moved to Westport (five years ago)," she said yesterday. "But when you have that kind of political interest, you can't stay away. I will definitely be turning in my papers on Feb. 17."
Ms. Viveiros knows that she will be campaigning in a town long known for its vicious, faction-ruled politics and a recent fiscal crisis.
"I'm ready," she said.
Her name has gotten a lot of newspaper ink, according to Standard-Times archives.
Ms. Viveiros served on the Fall River City Council from 1977 through 1983, taking office when she was 25, and was the first City Council member to serve while pregnant.
On the Fall River mayoral campaign trail, she, along with five others, was arrested in 1983 for distributing a 6-month-old police report alleging that the then-Fall River mayor, Carlton Viveiros, knew about gaming in the city.
Before tossing her hat into the city councilor's ring in 1977, she challenged the Fall River School Committee to public debate over its hiring and firing practices, according to archives.
As general manager of the North Dartmouth Mall, she railed against regional hiring practices in 1986, saying that skilled locals often were overlooked.
She co-hosted a local cable talk show, "Dollars and Sense," created by the National Federation of Independent Business in 1996, according to archives.
In 1994, Ms. Viveiros -- then chief executive officer of Plymouth's largest development site, Cordage Park Management Inc. -- proposed a $125 million dockside casino, museum, hotel and conference center on the Plymouth waterfront.
And in 1994, she and her father, Louis Viveiros, hit the Mass Cash lottery for $1 million.
A Democrat-turned-Republican, she has been outspoken about streamlining city government.
In her second unsuccessful run for mayor of Fall River in 1993, Ms. Viveiros said she would trim staff to save money, starting with a $70,000-per-year administrator's position, according to archives.
She plans to bring the same zeal to her upcoming campaign, she said.
"I have been stopping by town departments and talking with people," she said. "I think they are ready for somebody new."
Ms. Viveiros will make efficiency in government her top priority, she said.
"I have a background in business administration and I think the town could benefit from some management experience," she said.

This story appeared on Page A12 of The Standard-Times on February 11, 2004

Anonymous said...

FALL RIVER — Today’s wet and windy weather has resulted in 1,463 National Grid customers losing power this morning as of 10:15 a.m. According to a company spokeswoman, all power was restored as of 10:30 a.m.

A spokeswoman for the company said the outage started at 9:35 a.m. The cause of the outage was a downed tree limb on Robinson Street.

She said the outage is in the city’s North End and includes Robinson, Montgomery, Weetomoe and Langley streets.

Robinson? Weetomoe?
Way to go Sterile Snooze

Anonymous said...

Guess 1983 was full of ups and downs. CAV receives her MBA and gets a new job as Mall Cop in Dartmouth and she gets herself arrested trying to sling mud at her opponant. Now that's a busy lady!

And I thought you had to be smart to get a degree. LOL

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the names of the other five people arrested. Wasn't she rather intimate with Ray Mitchell at the time?

Anonymous said...

and fired at the mall.

Anonymous said...

I believe one of the people arrested with her is currently the head of Save Our Neighborhood!! And he is a big supporter of her in this race. YES!

Anonymous said...

I hsve been told that Save Our Neighborhood chaqnged the ground rules of the debate on the day of the debate. Funny, that the leader of S.O.N. would change the ground rules of the debate on Monday. MMM?? And he is a supporter of CAV. And was arrested with her in 1983. This election is starting to smell real bad.

Anonymous said...

Check that out Shamrock. I think you will find that is all accurate.

Anonymous said...

Al Lima, an urban planner who co-chairs the Save Our Neighborhoods group with Jeff Carpenter.

Tom Paine said...

Did S.O.N. change the ground rules of the debate on the day of the debate??

Is the head of S.O.N. a supporter of CAV?

Were they arrested together in 1983?

All I can say is that this is becoming an interesting election.

Is there a way to verify these accusations?

shamrock said...

anon 20:31
I am not a fan of unsubstantiated accusations. If it is true, feel free to provide some evidence. If not, I will thank you not to throw shit at the wall and expect me to research it.

Anonymous said...

Shamrock you have been very quiet of late on the campaign, any particular reason ?? You were very vocal in past elections, do you want to divulge who your candidate is??

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I didn't get to watch, what were the changes in the debate structure?

Is any change too much for Flanagan to handle, that he has to go on a negative attack?


Anonymous said...

Both of them were weak at the debate. Hopefully they will both bring their A games to the next debate.

shamrock said...

Sure anon,
I am voting for Cathy Ann Viveiros.

I also realize I was a little harsh in my last comment. I just don't want my blog to turn into the Herald News comments where unsubstantiated rumors are flying around to no end. I have stopped reading many of them because they are so nasty. Give me a link to something!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think that WAS Flanagan's A game...

Skoorey said...

No rules were changed for the debate. The candidates both had the questions ahead of time so they could answer them intelligently. They had a time limit to answer.

When the committee from SON made up the questions we were careful not to play any favorites, to ask fair questions, and not attack any candidate by those questions.

Members of SON are not all supporting one candidate over another. The group does not endorse anyone. We are all free as individuals to support who we wish.

SON has expressed no endorsement. Of anyone. We ask all candidates questions that concern neighborhood issues. Our issues.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shamrock said...

You don't like who I am voting for so you are going to (unsuccessfully) try to out me?

While I didn't agree with several votes Cathy Ann took, while on the council, that does not automatically make Will the better candidate. Her decision to ignore the 7,000+ voter signatures on the referendum petition was just dumb. That being said, she made the decision on her own.

I like Cathy, I think she is the best choice for Mayor. Someone asked me and I answered. If you would like a further blog on the subject enumerating my reasons, I would be happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

by all means plese do blog about it.

puck said...

I REALLY wish I could vote for Will, since CAV spent the first year and a half of Bob's reign as one of his most devoted sycophants, especially in her disdain for the voice of 7,000 voters. Her response to them was a smug video lecture posted on the Herald News proclaiming civil servants as lazy, do-nothings who simply put their time in and wait for one promotion after another. She said she, on the other hand, has always had to work for a living. I get angry even now as I recall her arrogance.

But I watched the forum the other night, and as much as I HATE to vote for CAV, Flanagan’s performance was pitiful. There is no way he has the capacity to run this city. Sadly, I will be voting for CAV. At least she talks a good game. And maybe if she's elected, she'll remember what it was like to be an idealistic young city counselor who seemed to have the city's best interests at heart rather than her own.

Tom Paine said...

Skoorey is wrong. There was a change. I spoke to a member of SON who said he did attend the SON meeting on Thursday night. He told me directly that when he left that evening there was a 2 minute time limit for the answers.

He then told me that he had no knowledge of the time limit being changed to 3 minutes. He also did not realize this change was made the day of the debate.

Big deal? Maybe not. But do not go around saying there was no changes when there was a change, and it was done on the day of the debate.

When you make a change like that, and even your own membership does not know about it, it stinks.

So why is SON denying that it happened when one of their own members told me this?? WHY?

Skoorey said...

We had a list of questions we worked on. We were debating how many questions to ask and the number was important because it was the measure of how many minutes each candidate could answer.

We wanted the debate to be a certain length, in the beginning, so we combined some questions and cut others. Then we had to decide how much time to give each candidate for closing---5 or 6 minutes.

When we left the meeting we had I think 16 questions, but we neglected to decide on one of them, whether to combine it or omit it.

Believe me, there is no conspiracy here. It was all about timing. Nothing nefarious. The number of questions was reduced so the time we could give to each candidate was increased.

This is silly. It means nothing. Promise!

Jefferson said...

Ms. Koorey-
While it may not have been intentional, the change in the timing can affect the candidate's game, so to speak. While I did not attend, I also understand it was very noisy on the floor above? This was not fair to either candidate.
I would not question you impartiality in designing questions. But if Al Lima is working closely with her, was he allowed to prep her? Just wondering.

Tom Paine said...

Again, I say was it a big deal, and again I say maybe not...BUT

1. I was told there was a change from Thursday night to Monday morning, and this was told to me by a member. You seem now to confirm it.

2. Once ground rules are set and given to the candidates, I was told this was done Friday, they are set in stone.

3. Reason ground rules are set in stone is so that there is no hint of being with one candidate or the other. By changing the ground rules you demonstrated your lack of profesionalism in setting up a debate. I have watched city politics for years and never heard of changing ground rules on the day of the debate.

4. Although there might not have been anything underhanded you must be naive to think there would not have been that perception.

The member I talked to was there on Thursday night and he was not informed of the change. He was not happy about it and also felt it should not have been changed. I will print this entire exchange and give it to him.

And please, when there is a change to the ground rules, next time do not say there was no changes. Just that alone makes one wonder.

Tom Paine said...

One last item:

Whenever SON does a debate or forum, the participants must realize that the rules of the debate by your organization cannot be called ground rules.

They must be called ground suggestions, and that they can be changed anytime prior to the debate. Then and only then with this understanding should you be able to run a debate.

reality check said...

What it comes down to is credibility, and SON's has taken a hit. Changing the debate format the day of the debate is wrong. If it was so above board why were these changes made without the knowledge of all your members. S Koorey said nothing nefarious was going on, maybe not, maybe it was just plain old incompetence.

Skoorey said...

It seems to me that the posters here who are finding conspiracies where none exist are supporting Flanagan. I may be wrong, but it appears that way. If your candidate did not do as well as you wished, perhaps it is the candidate's fault and not SON.

And by the way, it is really annoying to not have people give there real names---like the person you said was upset.

I am who I say I am. Who are all of you? And why, oh why, do you lurk in the shadows of anonymity--casting aspersions on one candidate or the other without speaking with your own name?

It is so easy to say anything, from gossip, half-truths, and lectures, when you speak in the dark.

I have heard on this blog comment area that the Karems are behind Flanagan and then another anonymous voice said they were behind CAV. I have heard tell here that Flanagan was born Silvia, but no explanation, which might be so ordinary and natural, as to why he is now Flanagan.

I have read info about Al Lima being arrested, but you know no details of this arrest---it could have been for civil disobedience.

I think it would be a great idea if 1) you all would say who you are so we can talk to each other for real, and 2) we discuss the positives of our candidates (whomever they are) instead of attacking each other for really odd and unimportant things.

Political discourse is important. This is a great place to do that, but too much of what you all write is terribly mean spirited and sometimes misinformed.

I am all for speaking truth to power and put my money where my mouth is when I did so at two of the Mayor's forums. Did anyone in that audience back me up? I don't know why you all must remain so silent. If you have something to say, say it, but say it from your name, proud of your comments, and proud of your opinions.

Anonymity and monikers are used by those who are afraid to be known. I don't get it. Maybe all of you can explain it to me. Why can't you be real?

Tom Paine said...

You doth protest too much, Steph.

I talked about perception and if you do not realize that then you are way too naive.

As I said, I will be giving this printout to the person I know. Knowing him he will talk to you or another member of the organization. I am not at liberty to give his name without his permission.

In addition, I have held myself to a high standard on these blogs. You can ask Shamrock, I will not speak unless I have proof of what I am saying.

And when it comes to conspiracies, what is a person to think when one finds out there was a change, and then another member blurts out there was no change, and then that member recants her story.

And then that member tries to place the blame on the person who is stating the facts.

I am surprised that you even did that.

Tom Paine said...

And when you speak of anonymity, are you saying that you think Shamrock should tell us who he is?? How about Lefty??? Are you going to demand that they come forward? Are you going to out them?

Your defense of this action is weak. To turn it around as you did is shameful.

Anonymous said...

I suppose civil obedience is a defense or perhaps you are now playing the blame game as in

Bob Correia- it's not my fault ???


As much as you hate to vote for CAV you say:

I will be voting for CAV. At least she talks a good game ????

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big deal here is... So what, there was an extra minute. My guess is that Will has no substance, and therefore had all he could do to fill the 2 minutes? And now you are all pissed about this?

Lefty said...

Hey Steph, I hope you learned your lesson, from now on no changing of the ground rules.

Seriously how about THANKING S.O.N. for hosting multiple forums/debates during an election season that has been woefully undercovered.

And Shamock, you're Jason?? I thought I was Jason! Now I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

No your Jason Shamrock is burns.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I'm confused, becuase I always thought Shamrock was Will? Is Will not voting for himself?

Anonymous said...

no shamrock is with S.O.N.

Anonymous said...

Shamrock is a super hero in a red cape and tights.

puck said...

Hi Anon 9:03:

I know that saying CAV “talks a good game” sounds trite, but Flanagan couldn’t even do that in most of his responses. That’s my point. I really wanted him to convince me to vote for him, but he couldn’t. I’m trying not to be unkind here, but I need a mayor who at least presents him/herself as thoughtful and intelligent. I DON’T want to vote for CAV, but in spite of that, Will hasn’t shown me anything that would help me overcome my revulsion for her self-serving politics.

While even my cute little dog would be a better—and definitely much perkier—mayor than Bob, it’s just too bad that our only choice is CAV or Will. Believe me, CAV is not the person I want to have running our city, but to me, Flanagan is even less desirable due, in part, to his inability to articulate a believable philosophy of governing. He kept saying he would surround himself with the best & brightest, but then said that doing so wouldn’t make him a better mayor. HUH? What the heck does that mean? He steals ideas from people without giving them credit: the 311 complaint line is straight from the Sullivan campaign, and his reasoning behind repealing the “rain tax” came right from Shamrock’s blog post months ago. Yes, CAV has done that too, (e.g. Waltzing Waters) but Will is telling us to vote form him because he’s NOT like the others.

Believe me, I’m not saying CAV is the answer to our city’s woes…she is in this race for her own glorification. But in her early years, she had the spark of idealism that I hope will be rekindled once she achieves her life’s dream of FINALLY being elected mayor of our dear but desperate little city. And if not, we’ve seen that even slimy mayors, like Buddy Cianci, can do great things.

To Will:
Sorry, I wish you could sway me. I’ll keep watching the forums and reading up on you in hope of finding some reason to vote for you.

Anonymous said...

What about a write-in Puck? If these candidates are so bad then tell us who is so great?

Skoorey said...

Both candidates were given the questions ahead of time. It was to be 2 min responses. When SON realized they had more time when it was divided out, they informed BOTH candidates Monday morning that they now had 3 minutes, if they chose to use it.

If SON had taken away some time, then you can rightly say the "ground rules" were broken.

But to think that ADDING a minute is changing the rules is ridiculous. Three minutes is optional. If Flanagan had prepared, he could have hit is two minute mark and been done. No change in plans. You guys are so far off base with this one, you can't even see how adding a minute is NOTHING. It should be considered a good thing for a politician to have more time. Not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Good point so cathy anne had plenty of time to explain this
at the debate:

Sick of Flannagan Supporters said...

Did Flanagan run out of cliches? He couldn't find enough to fill an extra minute?

An informed candidate would welcome an extra minute to get their message across and share their vision.

Anonymous said...

Viveiros responded to Flanagan’s claims by saying she made the statement within the limited time constraints allowed for the closing statement during the forum. She said Thursday she is aware there are a variety of loans, which she said ranged from zero percent to 2 percent, but that producing savings from those loans would not make a significant difference

Anonymous said...

Did Cathy respond to the loan information or blame it on time constraints?????

Anonymous said...

Typical Flanagan move. He finds one nugget of a fact, and has his propaganda machine go after it over and over again.

Given his past performance, I'd say he probably stole this from somewhere too.

puck said...

Thanks, Anon 13:08. Maybe a write-in would be a good idea, just to make a point. Who is so great, you ask. Do you remember a former council president named Mark Gustafson? If I recall correctly, he was never afraid to buck the Lambert administration, especially in regards to Lambert's desire to turn land over to the Wampanoags for a casino and for anything else they chose to do with it. He also fought Lambert very hard on expansion of the dump. Anyway, I guess that's ancient history, but I always found Gustafson to be a man of integrity and honesty. He would make a great mayor!

Anonymous said...

Gustafson? Are you kidding? You do realize his political career ended in shame right? Because of a lack of integrity. And we should vote for him because he was the guy that killed the casino? That casino could've brought jobs and revenue to the city and would have been much more desirable than a LNG facility or a strip club. Thanks for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Since we are all talking about Viveiros and Flanagan, let's hear their thoughts on the topic at hand, short sea shipping.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You have to pick Will or Cathy. No write-ins. If Poulin got 100 write-in votes and someone were to lose the election by 100 votes then who do you think people would be mad at? Think about it.

puck said...

Seriously, anon 19:08,you're kidding, right? Mark Gustafson left the council of his own accord in order to spend more time with his young children. There was never any question of his integrity except perhaps by those greedy, short-sighted fools who would have given up the land for a "casino." Yet, the contract with the tribe would have allowed unconstrained use of the land. I believe Yankee magazine wrote an article about the controversy and highlighted Gustafson's and the late Steve Walsh's gutsy stance in opposing this give-away. So, yeah, he would have been a great mayor.

Anonymous said...

He left over the faked memo incident,everyone knows it except for you I guess Puck. He claimed he had a memo with sinister notes written on it by Ed Lambert and it turned out to be a fake. Yeah that's the kind of guy you want as mayor, one that shoots from the hip and runs around with wild accusations and conspiracy theories that turn out to be bogus.

puck said...

Anon, you are sounding very much like Joe Camara who had a vested interest in seeing the landfill expand even though it was then, and is still, polluting our water supply. I vaguely remember Camara having a tantrum during the council meeting where Gustafson produced some piece of evidence that showed Lambert was aware of problems with the landfill. I believe Gustafson was trying to protect the water supply at risk to his political life. If that's not integrity, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

For all of you trying to guess who Shamrock is, he used to work in the Mayor's office... As far as Lefty I heard that its Frank Wing

Chouricowoman said...

Anon 22:15 -
What is your goal here? To divert the conversation from Will Flanagan sucking? Too obvious. Mark Gustafson was one of the finest public servants Fall River has ever been lucky enough to elect.

By the way, the memo that you falsely claim was forged was so freaking REAL that Lambert claimed someone took it from his office.

shamrock said...

Cool news! Which Mayor did I work for? Are there any benefits I can apply for? Do I have a retirement package?

Anonymous said... Lefty is a former talk show host who likes to to take pictures and Shamrock is a female who I do not believe is even Irish. Very dissappointing!

shamrock said...

Damn, that IS disappointing.

Anonymous said...

and frc was jeff carpentar.

Anonymous said...

You can ask the radio station he went on as a blogger guest .

Anonymous said...

Lefty that is, was afraid of hurricane because he knew his identity. The herald knows the blogger identities,

Lefty said...

If the Herald knows our identities they should throw us some cash to do some guest columns or something.

I am NOT Frank Wing. I'm rather insulted by that.

I'm flattered by the former talk show host suggestion.

How come I can't be the one who worked in the Mayor's office with benefits and a pension??

I am not an Irish woman either.

I have never met Mike Herren.

The FRC is Jeff Carpenter suggestion is very clever, but very wrong.

Anonymous said...

I saw Shamrock leap over a tall building today and stop bullets with their chest!

I thouhgt Shamrock was Cathy Anne Vivieros?

Anonymous said...

Shamrock is Gus Suneson from the grave!!

Anonymous said...

memo was real but lambert didn't write on it like gustafson said he did. that was the bogus part.

no one knows who writes the blogs, seems like every guess so far has been wrong. get back to the topic of the blog, cav vs. flanny.

Anonymous said...

The topic was actually short sea shipping.

Anonymous said...

aren't poulin and gustafson friendly? i remember they both appeared in an ad endorsing dave sullivan for mayor a couple years ago. so you think gustafson is a do-gooder? i think poulin's people think he is too and poulin probably thinks he is too. poulin is the most dangerous cuz it seems he has nothing to lose anymore. if he does get in he is in for an awakening that people don't really like things changed and they definitely don't like change to come quickly.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for change on the city council and a lot of other people are too. Deal with it! Hopefully enough of us will go out to vote on November 3rd and we will get new city councilors and more than just those 3 empty seats and we want new blood and not recycled councilors either!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

bill and steffi? lousy guesses i think. and when will the comments return to actually being related to the topic of the blog which was short sea shipping? or maybe it's time to move on and create a new topic? hello Shamrock? R u there?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Shamrock, dear, you could have told me you were getting a sex change! I'm going to have to rethink my Christmas presents for you! Love, Mom

shamrock said...

Sorry mom. Can I still live In your basement?

Lefty said...

I think I'd still want to be the one who worked in the Mayor's office with benefits and a pension.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you guys are and I really don't care. You both do a great job and blog about things that would otherwise never see the light of day.

I think it's hillarious and hypacritical that all the people trying to figure out who you are, are all anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Wow you Flanagan Kool Aid drinkers suck!

Trying to out someone because he isn't voting for your guy?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Hometown Bill, I used to love listening to him on the radio?

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Will, or his supporters. Is your old boss Sam Sutter backing you? Cuz I haven't seen hide nor hair of him in your campaign... weird... very weird...

Anonymous said...

We're going to hear every name from A to Z apparently and none of it is relevant to short sea shipping.

Anonymous said...

Who is Charlotte? Who is Tom Paine? Who is FearandLoathing? Who is WJ Bloggah?

The world needs to know!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is shamrock and who is lefty? It's like how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. The world may never know.

Anonymous said...

Lefty & Shamrock
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Doesn't matter, as long they remain fair and open.


Anonymous said...

Of course you can live in the basement, my dear. And bring Lefty, Rocky & Bullwinkle, too! Love, Mom

Lefty said...


Thanks Mom!!

Lord knows I aint making enough money on this blogging thing to keep a roof over my head.

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, Lefty! Shamrock's Mom

Tom Paine said...

Really, who cares who anybody is?? Shamrock, Lefty, have both stuck to the facts as they see them. They have uncovered information that none of us would know about if their blogs did not exist. Wanting to know who is who does nothing to further what their goal is, and that is get info out and then discuss it.

Keep blogging guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice try Charlotte. Any other guesses? Maybe we should make some guesses about you.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Tom, I agree with your sentiment. I know you have been a big Will supporter. I can respect that. However, why have other Will supporters gone so negative? Some of us are only asking questions. Questions that apparently his campaign don't like. OneMadMomma is a great example, she talks a good game, but then when it comes down to it, and someone says something she doesn't like, she will go completely negative.

Mr Nuts is another example.

So, why can't the Flannies keep it civil?

Lefty said...


I think it's obvious why someone would want to 'out' us, to get us to keep quiet.

You've said it yourself, as bloggers we are willing to post on topics and host conversations on topics that the local media won't touch.

If we are 'outed' it will be that much tougher for us to talk to city leaders and attend meetings. It will be tougher for us to be objective and honest.

We don't have the 'prestige' of the mainstream media and we don't have the protection. We don't earn money from this we do it because of our passion and interest.

What is very sad here is that this 'firestorm' took place because Shamrock was honest about who he would be voting for on November 3rd. This on a post about short sea shipping. Meanwhile I have a much more critical post up that hasn't generated nearly the same reaction. Nor has it really generated much defense for Mr. Flanagan.

I guess for some supporters it is easier to attack.

Anonymous said...

Lefty the critical top you posted was Sick of Flannagan Supporters.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Silence Dogood would think of all this?

Shamrock, maybe you should give out the IP addresses of anyone who throws names out there willy nilly.

shamrock said...

Seriously! I just deleted a name thrown out there and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

I just need a couple more names and i have all of you fooled. i am lefty and Shamrock and Charlette and Morgan and W.J. Bloggah. In fact I am almost all the anonymous postings. I am the apostrophe and put the ggggg in blogg...oh the absurdity of asking a masked man their true identity. and don't forget to vote for me in November

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