Thursday, December 18, 2008


Please read today's post by Fall River Community entitled "Facts Are Stubborn Things."

FRC clearly establishes that Mayor Bob Correia is either misinformed OR the alternative that I subscribe to - Bob Correia is lying about the condition of Miller Square to cover his ass. The pictures FRC provides evidences the fact that the square was in good condition recently and NOT in the dirty/disgusting condition that Correia is purporting.

Perhaps someone can let Barry Richards know since he told his audience that the pictures were from the 1950's, which at first glance is even silly because there are modern cars.


puck said...

The truth is a beautiful thing. Not that the appearance of Cpl. Miller square has ever been the real issue, but, as the FRC blogger reveals, the mapping program that shows Cpl. Miller Green also shows the beginning of construction on the new courthouse and the completed Meditech building.

Further, I just played with the map and found that the Letourneau and Viveiros schools appear to be completed or near completion. Those schools opened in September of this year.

FRC has proven beyond a doubt that Cpl. Miller's memorial was NOT the overgrown eyesore Blind Bob would like everyone to think it was before he desecrated it.

Just one more lie from The Mendacious One.

shamrock said...

Thank you for the new word addition to my vocabulary....I can see myself using it often to describe all things Bob.

Tom Paine said...

It comes down to this, once you allow Miller's Square to be changed, then what is next?

Bob is setting a precedent and he knows that full well.

This city contains many small parcels of land dedicated to veterans. Once we allow it to happen to Cpl Miller, it can happen to any of the other squares and islands.

We must draw the line in the sand now!

Anonymous said...

The McGovern family will back off...Correia won't

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Watch everything Bob does with an eye of caution. Check, Check and double check anything the city tells you. Follow up on anything the Clerk says. None of them are to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

He is running out of time to pay back favors on the backs of the citizens of fall river. He has had a failure of a first term as a mayor and it is doubtful he will recover. He has to work fast now in case he does not get re-elected.

It's also very interesting to see so many investigations and indictments on the national and boston level lately. He sure fits the profile of : I can get away with anything I want and they wont't notice down there in little suppressed Fall River.

Keep the light on

Anonymous said...


Do the Letourneau and Viveiros schools still have the same name on them in the picture?! I'm sure the Viveiros sign is still there !

Anonymous said...




Chapter 272: Section 73. Tombs, graves, memorials, trees, plants; injuring, removing

Section 73. Whoever wilfully destroys, mutilates, defaces, injures or removes a tomb, monument, gravestone, veterans grave marker or metal plaque, veterans flag holder that commemorates a particular war, conflict or period of service or flag, or other structure or thing which is placed or designed for a memorial of the dead, or a fence railing, curb or other thing which is intended for the protection or ornament of a structure or thing before mentioned or of an enclosure for the burial of the dead, or wilfully removes, destroys, mutilates, cuts, breaks or injures a tree, shrub or plant placed or being within such enclosure, or wantonly or maliciously disturbs the contents of a tomb or a grave, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than five years or by imprisonment in the jail or house of correction for not more than two and one-half years and by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars.

Anonymous said...

Care to take a whack at this letter to the editor from
E.Michel Edwards???????

It baffles me that you chose to omit your first name Mr Edwards of the south end,. would that be
CharlotteDespard8 hours ago
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Fall River Complying with a July 10 deadline, Mayor Robert Correia last week made nine appointments on several boards and commissions, and issued recommendations on a dozen other appointments that require City Council ratification.

Council approval is needed for the following five seats on the Planning Board: Karen Medeiros of 411 London St. (term expiring June 1), Albert Nadeau of 405 Quincy St. (term expiring June 1, 2011) and Mario Lucciola of 54 Chavenson St., (term expiring June 1, 2012); and new appointments, Ernest M. Edwards of 1875 Bay St. and Alan Silvia of 684 Woodman St. Their terms will expire June 1, 2013.

Several appointments are close relations to Correias staff. Janice Santos is the wife of the mayors administrative assistant Jeff Santos, and their son, Eric, was recently appointed to the Licensing Board. Silvia, Janice Santos brother, chaired Correias inauguration committee and was a city police officer who retired after 20 years in 1996.

Edwards is the husband of Kathy Edwards, Correias chief of staff.

When asked about the ties, Kathy Edwards said, Janice and Jeff and Alan and I all know the mayor since we were 12 to 13 years old We all know him through the CYO program at Our Lady of Angels parish.

She and Jeff Santos worked for Correia as state representative for well over 20 years each.
Other ratifications before the council include:

CharlotteDespard8 hours ago
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2007 Year-end Report (ND)
Robert Correia
1/1/2007 through 12/31/2007
Filed on 12/11/2008


CPF ID#: 10106
Office Sought: 7th Bristol District
Residential Address: 1290 Plymouth Ave. Fall River MA 02721
Committee Name: Comm. to Elect Bob Correia
Treasurer Name: Ernest Edwards
Committee Address: 1875 Bay Street Fall River MA 02724

Amendment? Yes, click to see previous report.
Amendment Reason: Response to auditors letter of 9-19-08 regarding year end report
This report has been amended, click to see the amendment.

Beginning Balance: $12,563.97
Total Receipts this period: $293,253.21
Subtotal: $305,817.18
Total Expenditures this period: $305,121.41
Ending Balance: $695.77

Total Inkind contributions this period: $600.00
Total Outstanding Liabilities: $25,000.00
Name of Bank(s) Used: St. Anne's Credit Union

Anonymous said...

did anyone hear pat casey this morning /

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i don't know why that was posted 3 times, but it was clearly an error.