Monday, November 3, 2008

Dumb Quote of the Day

"Voting is the one American right that no one can take away from you."
-Mayor Robert Correia (on wsar ad)


puck said...

Bill of Rights? What Bill of Rights?

Anonymous said...

No Shamrock, your posting this is what is dumb. Don't you have anything constructive to do rather than taking cheap shots at the mayor? How long is your temper tantrum going to last?

Lefty said...

My guess is at least another 365 days, 2 hrs and a handful of minutes. At least according to the countdown on the right.

General said...

How about a couple more:

I have known him for 45 years, but have not talked to him in 40.


I hope things will get better before they get worst, but I dont think so.

puck said...

Cheap shots? More like public service! Guess it all depends on your point of view and willingness to put up with mediocrity.

ThirdMate said...

Good catch. I heard that yesterday and thought it speaks volumes about quality control at WSAR and their inability to even suggest reality.

Plus, the coot's voice makes my ears throw up a little.

Anonymous said...

“My position is this,” Correia said Thursday: “I have no personal interest in who gets it as long as they meet the requirements and we get the property back on the tax rolls.”

Does this hold true to the Highland School that Karam wants to bad???

shamrock said...

That sounds like code for "Im going to sell it to a friend for $1 to 'get it back on the tax rolls'"

It does matter what happens to these properties and not just that they are back on the tax rolls....I wish bob (and the majority of the City council would see that)

Anonymous said...

Word is the owner of Highland fence is starting a watchdog group to keep an eye on the development of the Highland School.

Looking for more information on that.

Anonymous said...

Today's Dumb Quote of the Day from the Herald News . Another "surprise" :

Correia, who had one meeting last summer with Tetreault and a board member after initial discussions, said nothing had been resolved and he was surprised to learn the Retirement Board was moving out.
“I didn’t know this was imminent,” Correia said, until receiving a letter from Tetreault on Oct. 6.

Anonymous said...

and yet another surprise proposal at the school committee meeting:

Yet in the same HN article you said you were made aware of an email. But not a proposal??

Then, on Wednesday, The Herald News received the following email from Correia’s chief of staff:
To all.

I was made aware of an e-mail Superintendent Fischer sent to you dated Sunday, November 9 at 8:51 AM in regards to Sunday’s Editorial in the Herald News “Get It Together Already.”

I find it very discerning (sic) that the Superintendent claims to have presented several sets of proposals when he has not made a proposal in weeks. The last proposal, I was informed, was developed after meetings with School Committeeman Kevin Aguiar and the first I saw of that proposal was when I sat down at the School Committee meeting. Thus, I had no opportunity to verify that proposal.